Oppressed peoples, enslaved to the Capitalist beast, rise from the bottom and revolt for the equality you truly deserve!

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holymosesgreatscott - - 2 comments

Stalin was a murderous thug that used an iron fist to eradicate competition. Who ever looks up to that tyrant is not for equality that’s for sure and should never be able to ever get into American politics.

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holymosesgreatscott - - 2 comments

Explain to me how freedom and less government isn’t a good thing for everyone? No one is equal under Marxism that’s a lie.

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Zeto55 - - 151 comments

April's 25th Portuguese Revolution. The spirit is alive.

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Zeto50 - - 8 comments

I've been studying this text (1936 or "Stalin's" Constitution) and found impressive points to argue against liberals, especially on articles 6 (State property is people's property) and 125 (freedom of speech, press, etc granted).

I'm turning more into Stalin's Legal point of view, even against Marx, Engles, Pashukanis and Lenin (particularly on State Theory and the Theory of the wither away of the State - somewhat bizarre and filled with unsolved contradictions, imho - the production of "legal subjects" sounds ok with the theory of value).

I find Jusmarxism interesting, I hope is ok to bring it around.

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deleted10101 - - 7,265 comments

* raises fist *

Hi and how are things these days with you comrades ?

About me if you're asking , i sniffed out a libtard nest someplace but i cannot tell exactly where and i had a rough run and almost got my hair messed in the process but i always stand up on my feet (:
The ridiculous in such people is big and i hate them a lot for good reasons

I leave you with this fine song

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Bost0n-KR33m - - 1,135 comments


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Zeto50 - - 8 comments

«For Peace, friendship and cooperation between peoples»

Commemorations of the 100 years of the October Revolution (in Portugal).

The Future is still a fight for Socialism.

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weaponsmith - - 134 comments

That is literately impossible. also are you Communist?

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YXBvbGx5b24wOTQ= - - 265 comments

Yes, Ытсн лучший от

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