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Most of tanks you should know from World of Tanks but here there is a tier X Medium Tanks Line lets see:

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Tier 10 USA Medium Tank T95

more info here:
It was the American project of medium tank looks similar to russian T54.

Tier 10 USSR Medium Tank Object430
It was a prototype of T64 tank... photo:

Tier 10 Germany Medium Tank SS Schwarzwolf
Codename E79 Panther III

Tier 10 French Medium Tank AMX 30
French MBT from 60s

Tier 10 Great Britain Medium Tank Centurion MK13
Successor of old Centurion tank armed with 120mm gun

Tier 10 Japanese Medium Tank STA 4
Japanese MBT project of Type 61 Tank

Tier 10 USA TD T58
Tank project based on M103 Heavy Tank armed with autoloder and 155mm T7 gun on Oscillating turret:

Tier 10 USSR TD Object268
Tank destroyer project based on IS8 chasis armed with 152mm Rifled Gun M-64

Tier 10 Germany TD STUG E100
Tank destroyer project based on E100 chasis armed with 170mm KWK44 L/71

Tier 10 Great Britain TD FV4005
Tank Destroyer on Conqueror Chasis armed with 183mm Autoloader Gun

No it dont will be OP:)... accuracy of gun, reload time and crap "turret" armor

Tier 9 SPGs will not be added
Other TDs i will make my project of tanks (propably based on heavy tanks tier 9,10)


There isn't gonna be a tier 9 spg in WOT only tier 10 TDs and Mediums

And this is way more likely than your idea

Medium tanks:
- us tier 10 med: m48 Patton
- ussr tier 10 med: t62
- german tier 10 med: Leopard 1
- france tier 10 med: amx 30 (it was designed in 1963 and I dunno about other french tanks that could fit the role)

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- us tier 10 TD: there were talks about a TD called t96 on the forums but I have no idea if it's real, sure WG will find something
- ussr tier 10 TD: object 268 (it is already in the supertest probably since there was a video where it was in the russian tree in one scene)
- german tier 10 TD: jagdpanzer 100 Krokodil with the 170mm gun (would be nice to add the stug E as tier 9 and this thing as tier 10)
- france: have no idea

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As for the sturmtiger the devs said that it will be a premium SPG, probabyl tier 6 I assume, why ? cause it will have idiotic reload time and poor accuracy, probably even range will be short.

Don't know where you got your ideas from , but WoT doesn't need more powerful SPGs, it has been said there won' be tier 9 or 10 SPGs and frankly the reload times would be too long to be fun , I mena the s51 has 40 secs and it's boring to wait for a shot, just imagine something with a 300mm gun :O

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sorry for all the grammar mistakes but I was in a hurry :P

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Beckett Author

Ty for your opinion... i make Q&A article where you will find answers:)

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