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I still need some good texture maker and worldbuilder scripter

Command and Conquer: Tank Warfare

all models are made by me (Beckett), idea and information taken from


Release Tank models: Done!!

Release Tank Textures/To do: 24/57

I changed Medium Tank/Tank destroyer feature...

Models with Big wheels (t34, t54, bt7 patton and others) will have 3d wheels
Models with small wheels (T1 cuningham, T1 Heavy, Maus etc) will have 2d wheels

NEWS from front:

this link change Tier X mediums and TDs... I need to remade tier X and change a lot...

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C&C Tank Warfare Q&A

3 years ago News 8 comments

-UNI- Apr 13 2012, 8:22pm says: so is this mod about tanks only?
Not only - SPGs and TDs also

t95blackeagle Apr 13 2012, 11:16pm says: but how can you buliding tank you have to make some bulding

yes of course - you will build all tanks like in normal C&C
Artarious 6hours 35mins ago says: I see your adding the Easy 8 but what about the Jumbo? The amount of bouncing that happens with its frontal armor kinda makes it a decent mid game tank.

The full tree will be like in WoT,
the first 3 pics are Release Trees, next tanks will be added in patches

tom111 Apr 13 2012, 8:00pm says: I love the models, this is awesome
are inspired by world of tanks?

Yes - also i tired to add something from me (like changed turret of pz4, add tier 10 meds etc)
stukatankkiller 43mins 24secs ago says: There isn't gonna be a tier 9 spg in WOT only tier 10 TDs and Mediums

about tier X meds -
M48 - its the next patton/pershing family tank... also T95MT already finished
T62 - It looks veery similar like t54 - I want different tank
amx30 - ATM i dont add french tanks... maybe after release i wll think about it
plans are changed and Tier X German MT will be E79 Panther 3
reason? i want tier 10 meds as prototype tanks (like tier X HTs)

e100 krokodil will be Tier X German TD
if I will foud blueprints of O268 - of course I will add it aswell
USA t10 TD will be propably T58 - m103 hull with 155mm autoloader gun

and as I said - Its not a WoT - only idea and tank info I get from WoT

Arty tier 9 - it will be not added

Something about Tanks in C&C Tank Warfare

Something about Tanks in C&C Tank Warfare

3 years ago Feature 5 comments

Most of tanks you should know from World of Tanks but here there is a tier X Medium Tanks Line lets see:

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thomasking15 Jun 30 2012 replied:

Oh good to know!
I thought this mod was dead ^.^

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V.Metalic Jun 18 2012 says:

Cant you use as cameo for tanks the icons from WoT instead? They are more visible and detailed than yours :) Examples

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Beckett Creator
Beckett Jun 18 2012 replied:

devs from wot said that I can use only stuff from free content pack (one time they release fankit pack)

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V.Metalic Jun 18 2012 replied:

Huh? They mind this at all? ... Nvm.

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Beckett Creator
Beckett Jun 14 2012 says:

OK... i have big problem...

Generals Engine can have max 128 different upgrades.
every tank here has 3 upgrades (gun, tracks, turret)
as result in beta version will be 57 vehicles (57*3 = 171)

I need to find soluton or start find other engine...

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Beckett Creator
Beckett Jun 14 2012 replied:

I think i will put one upgrade per tank (instead of 3)

also I will release only french, german, usa, ussr and brits tank trees

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V.Metalic Jun 14 2012 replied:

Make it more as "skills" rather than upgrades. Like a Battle/Scout Drone of USA vehicles.

And upgrades amke more overall, for unlocking, like in USSR factory an upgrade to unlock "KV-2 -> IS-4" tanks, or "KV-1S -> IS-7", than upgrades for "Soviet High Caliber (122mm and more) Tank Guns" when you upgrade to KV-3, IS or SU-152 (or this one will be for Tank Destroyer Guns" upgrade).

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Beckett Creator
Beckett Jun 15 2012 replied:

i will make global upgrade:
example: tier 3 gun (every tank Tier 3 will have that upgrade) will cost 200cred and every tier 3 tank gwill have that upgrade... now for example pz38t gun cost 220, pz3a cost 250 etc...

it will give only ~30 upgrades used for mod

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V.Metalic Jun 16 2012 replied:

And the turrets could be individual improvements... and the tracks/engines, thought I think tracks are not needed, since most of the tanks in real-life werent improvement much in this way (I dotn say they didnt, only it wasnt that often at all).

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nolivy Jun 13 2012 says:

Hi there gamers, well I just would like to ask if anybody here played the milkzh mod? I am having hard time defeating general leang on general's challenge, i am playing laser general. Thanks

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