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GypsyBastard Author
GypsyBastard Sep 19 2015 says:

And here goes Saudies first impression.

Go Houties, go

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GypsyBastard Author
GypsyBastard Sep 19 2015 replied:

I feel sad for the crew. But if they park a Tank in the other country backyard. Then thats what you get. Same applied for USA

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Guest Oct 5 2015 replied:

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NationalGuard Sep 19 2015 says:

Apparently that M1A1 (like all of the export versions) doesn't have the Depleted Uranium armor that the American ones do, so they're much easier to destroy. Don't know why, but I'm not surprised by this :/...

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GypsyBastard Author
GypsyBastard Sep 19 2015 replied:

Same applied to Iraqi T-72.

Iraqi copies of export models of T-72. Yet America managed to make world believe that T-72 is a bad tank

And for Depleted Uranium . Does it leak Radioactivity when damaged ??

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NationalGuard Sep 20 2015 replied:

I really don't think Depleted Uranium Armor leaks when damaged, otherwise it wouldn't be safe for the crew. Many of the M1's that were "damaged beyond repair" in Iraq did see much of the crew survive.

Don't get me wrong, the T-72 is in fact a very good tank. The latest versions of them are comparable to tanks such as the Abrams. The export versions of the T-72 lacked the capabilities of the Soviet/Russian versions, thats why it gets a bad rep.

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OminousSpudd Sep 23 2015 replied:

I've seen some scary images of Abrams hulks being transported by train, or sitting abandoned in some forgotten siding, and they have radiation stickers plastered all over them.

Then you have Russia putting all their DU rounds into strict reserve for "extreme situations only", stating that they are a danger to their crews...

So I don't know. Maybe there is a danger when the stuff is thrown into the air in tiny bits.

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CommanderDef Sep 20 2015 replied:

Depleted uranium means that there is less than natural 0.7% of 235U isotope (the rest is 238). Half-life of 238 isotope is 4.5 billions of years, which means the radioactivity is minimal.

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GypsyBastard Author
GypsyBastard Sep 20 2015 replied:


Well I still rather preffer something simple as ERA
+1 for some Science λ

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CommanderDef Sep 20 2015 replied:

I wouldn't say ERA is simpler. Once you actually have depleted uranium, it is just a plate of superheavy metal between composites. That somehow makes it more passive and 'failure-proof' than ERA.

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NotHarm Sep 19 2015 says:

Iraq had several types of T-72. They T-72Ms built from spare parts, T-72Ms imported from countries like Poland and Czecholslovakia, and they had the domestic Assad Babil.

Pretty much stationary tank out in the open is vulnerable to an ATGM or AT fire whether it be a clunky T-55, a T-72, M1, Leopard 2,T-80/90, or T-14.

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Sep 29 2015 says:

I would argue that the T14 has better passive and active survival capabilities then most modern tanks on the battlefield. The T14 hasn't fought in any wars yet so this is all just speculation but so far from the specifications that the Russian Federation has released on paper the T14 looks to be one of the best protected tanks in the world.

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Sep 19th, 2015
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