Remember the time when we all were obsessed with a game called Battlefront 2. Wow that game was amazing, its seemingly flawless campaign, and the true story behind the Jedi's demise. If they would only make another, to end this amazing trilogy.... Battlefront 3. Yes you heard correctly. This group will give you the insight on everything that is currently involved in the making of Battlefront 3. All your questions will be discussed, and answered by a small group of battlefront 3 experts. We did our research. Hours of constant google searches and looking through massive online forums, all for the Moddb Community. Please enjoy what we would like to call, one of the greatest games, almost made.

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Star Wars Battlefront Commander Beta V1.3 Final
Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Star Wars Battlefront Commander Beta V1.3 Final

May 14, 2014 Star Wars BattleFront Commander Demo (1,108.84mb) 73 comments

This contains content from patch 1.3 that will not be uploaded separate so you will need to re-download this here and remove any version of the mod you...

First Strike 1.6 Full Installer
Battlefield 2142

First Strike 1.6 Full Installer

Feb 14, 2014 First Strike Full Version (1,429.91mb) 17 comments

First Strike 1.6 full installer. Rather than having to install FS 1.5 and then update to 1.6, this new release will give you access to all of the content...

New First Strike Launcher Installer
Battlefield 2142

New First Strike Launcher Installer

Feb 6, 2014 First Strike Patch (1.00mb) 11 comments

New Launcher to be used with First Strike mod. New improved launcher to provide faster update downloads. Can be used to update a current First Strike...

Star Wars: Battlefront Power
Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront Power

Feb 11, 2012 The Battlefront Project Full Version (495.64mb) 31 comments

This mod has been years in the making. Included is a Geonosis map featuring in-game clone customization and destroyable ships. This mod adds "BFP" eras...

Sep 5, 2009
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