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The PC Master Race
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Kalga Creator

The mods and indie games of course! I love having the option of paying the minimal (or not at all) to play awesome games.

That being said, a lot of mods and indie games have better stories/lore/plot as they are not constraint by political correctness or need to appeal to the largest market (i.e. lowest common denominator).

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λpone Online

I've converted many of my friends to PC gaming. Those who do not convert shall perish!

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there are also many other enemies to PC games ...TABLETS AND SMART PHONES! -_-

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ElfFriend Creator

Usually it's mostly a joke in my opinion but that being said console players aren't used to the same frame rates, sound, openness (mods), resolution, responsiveness, etc as hardened PC gamers. Therefore in that sense we are superior but it's not the same superiority that nobles had over peasants as in this case the peasants could become superior. If we were to put this into a Feudalistic System I would expect something like:
___/\Gabe (Lord of gaming:D)
__/__\PC gamers (Nobility)
_/____\Console players (Peasants)
/______\Casuals (Beggars)
Ignore the _ ModDB was being annoying:(

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ComradeWinston Author

I have a pyramid of my own as well.

Company/Developer Pyramid
_____/\ Valve (Ruling Family of the PC Master Race)
____/__\ PC Dedicated (Royal Families)
___/____\ Platform Neutral (Citizenry)
__/______\ Console Dedicated (Peasants)
_/________\ Bad/Late Console Porters (Heretics)
/__________\ Facebook Game Creators (Xenos)

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_____/\ Console-PC Hybrid (Ascended Lords)
____/__\ Platform Neutral (Royal Families/Middle Class)
___/____\ Console/PC Dedicated (Extremists)
__/______\ Bad/Late Console Porters (Peasants)
_/________\ Casual Gamers (Lower-Class)
/__________\ iPhone/Facebook Gamers (Beggers)

That's the real pyramid for gaming. If you have only one system then you're either an extremist or can't afford to infest in another. Most likely it's normally the former. There are flaws in both the PC and console and I shall begin with addressing the PC's first, below:

-Digital Rights Management (DRM). This plagues many PC games and can often make them unplayable (see: Assassin's Creed or GTA IV) and imposes restrictions too that console games don't have. DRM's are normally restricted to AAA mainstream games and while more and more big developers are removing DRM's there are still just as many who aren't.

-Long-installation times and installation problems/errors/incompatibilities. Consoles games are practically "plug'n'play" while PC games can take hours to install depending on their size and where their installation is coming from. Due to server size and the number of users, downloading a game from a site such as Steam or GoG - for example - can take hours. This is ignoring the many problems you can run into such as installing a game in the wrong area of your computer so errors occur or another program causing conflicts.

Newer operating systems such as Windows 8 can also struggle to play older games and can need third-party patches which you have to hunt down and download just to play an old game. Even Windows 7 struggles with some games such as the Thief series (from the first one to the third one released in 2004) due to program incompatibility.

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-No split-screen co-op. Do I really need to explain how this is a flaw in itself? If I have friends round or family, I can play console games with them without the use of another piece of hardware. This isn't so for the PC.

-Smaller screen. Unless you've got the space and your room is perfect to have your computer sitting next to your TV screen, a connection between computer and TV is not going to happen.

-More expensive. And for what? Better graphics? Moddable games? Many games aren't shipped with toolsets any longer and others use engines too complicated for anyone to bother modding. Others can't be modded due to DRM preventing access to the files.

"Games are less expensive on PC.."

TBH you'll only say that if you've been buying from Gamestop or GAME. Console games on Amazon drop in price rather quickly after three months. Unless you buy every game on release date you'll be snatching up similar bargains on Amazon for console games.

Even games which do ship with toolsets don't always end up with hundreds of campaigns or mods. Look at Dragon Age: Origins which only has several campaign mods (totaling over 7 hours) compared to NWN which has thousands, many of which are full-length RPG's. I think the same can be said for The Witcher series judging by the entries on its Nexus (which are mostly texture replacements and some items, and I'm talking about The Witcher 1 here which has been out for several years with its toolset and only has a few fan-made adventures which are relatively short).

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-Keyboard controls. For me this only works well with some games but try playing Lords of Shadow (which just released on PC) with a keyboard. Asides from being awkward, it makes the game much harder. Try Dark Souls on keyboard. You *will* die a million times. These games thankfully have gamepad support but there are others that don't. PC at this point becomes like the Wii where some games work well on a certain type of controller and others don't. This is the reason why most people hate the Wii (myself included).

According to Giantbomb, there are nearly 500 games that can be played with a controller on PC. There are over 2,000 action games on the PC. The majority of which do not use the controller.

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So no, IMO, the PC is not the perfect gaming machine. The many annoyances, problems, errors and incompatibility faults means it just isn't reliant or convenient for me.

If you've got the time to search for the correct keygen and compatibility for Windows 7 for Thief: Deadly Shadows then good on you but others don't or are unable to.

Obviously the console has many flaws (longer-loading screens, inferior graphics, worst controls than some PC games such as RPG's or RTS games - i.e Dragon Age: Origins, Warhammer: Battlemarch - dumbdowned non-customizable interfaces, subscription-driven multiplayer, worst lagging in multiplayer games, emphasis on social media cross over features and terrible apps (Internet and YouTube) which work better on the PC and a smaller gaming library and limited console lifespan) but for me it's more convenient.

The true lord recognizes the pros of both and isn't driven by extremism or blind misplaced loyalty.

"By being a PC gamer I am fighting against rich organizations! HUR DUR!"

Said Mr.******* as he started up his Windows operating system (the only OS at the moment that actually runs most games without problem. MAC and Unix have ports - for the most part - and many games working on these OS run into more problems).

(I just wanted to address that because I've seen some PC gamers use that argument)

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And yes I am aware that my comments make me look like I'm holding the console up as the best hardware ever invented but I'm not. Since the opposition is against the console, I have to defend it being a PC-Console hybrid gamer. I'd defend the PC too were a console gamer to attack it (but that's not happening here).

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ComradeWinston Author

In the name of Emperor Gaben you are charged with the crime of Tech heresy and public affront to the Holy PC Master Race.

You have the right to confess your crimes or repent your sins against the PC Master Race. Any and all pleas for leniency are futile.

Speak, heretic. Lest you intend to pay here and now for your crimes.

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You'll never take me alive!

And to correct myself:

Bad/Late Console Porters (Lower-Class)
Casual Gamers (Peasants)

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For me it's just a joke that creates a lot of creative and funny comments.

I was going to write the reason why we are superior but ElfFriend wrote it already.


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I'm i the only heretic here? I have absolutely nothing against consoles except their inability to mod. Its great being able to have a few mates around for some split screen fun, and that is something you simply cant have on pc.

All that being said I still prefer PC. Its better, faster and stronger, but consoles still have there place. However there can't mod them so let me try...

Death to the console infidels? All kneel before the PC master race!

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus


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You cant? You can! It just depends on the game you are playing. Emulated console games for example work just fine in split screen. One uses the keyboard and the other uses the gamepad. And there is also the possibility to use multiple gamepads on one PC afaik.

With that being said, I have to agree with Crazy:


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Master Beggars*

Fixed that for you :|

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For what reasons are we the Master Race, what is the true nature of our superiority? Discuss, my fellow superior beings.

Open System(stimulates creativity)
Better Interface(mouse & keyboard)
Larger Games(Battlefield, Total War, ect)

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