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I tried to keep a regular pace with these media updates but it seems that recently development of version 3.0 has it's ups and downs.

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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their support. We have recently hit 1000 fans on our Facebook page. It's great to know that so many people are interested in this small project of ours.

It's finally time for another media update in which we'll show you some of the remaining units in game and the final episode of Hero Spotlight. No big surprises here: Scorpion Cell and Pacific Front heroes. Were you able to predict what they'd do?

The Allied Infantry page has been updated with new intel on Tanya and the Pacific Front hero Norio. With this, all heroes for the 9 subfactions are revealed.

Tanya, Siegfried, Norio, Volkov, Chitzkoi, Morales, Yunru, Libra, Malver, Rahn

Another update on the website: Allied Units are finally up and boy, it's a big one. I'm actually wondering if any other page will top this one with the amount of content it has. Two units are not complete and will have their pictures uploaded later. There've been several other minor updates too, you can check them on the Website Changelog page.

So yeah, there are several units which haven't been shown before on that page before - fresh from Azri's war factory and no, we did not limit the update to Allied units only. Just take a look at the new pictures.

Zephyr Artillery



Colossus (AA mode)

Ghost Miner



Siege Chopper

Siege Chopper (deployed)

There's a big chance that in the next update we'll show you the final set of 3.0 units! Well, at least the ones we want you to know about at the start.

In other news, as I've written on our Facebook page some time ago, we're happy to announce that Mental Omega 3.0 will use music by Black Ice 9 for the Epsilon side. That's right, each side in 3.0 will have its own music in game. You can preview two of Black Ice 9's tracks below, or just head to his website or Facebook profile for more.

As a bonus.. two installation pictures! Thanks to Banderi and SecondWtq we'll have several nice pictures for you to see and they will be included in our installer which will try to mimic the original Red Alert 2 at least a bit.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Holy ****...



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epic! can't wait for 3.0

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Speeder wrote: It's great to know that so many people are interested in this small project of ours.

SMALL MY -- Er, you get the picture.

...Tanya with a laser...Lol. As if she wasn't badass already. xD

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i cant wait for 3.0 also if i had a facebook id like this.

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Moddb.com fan art from me^^...Also noticed that now the siege chopper is able to deploy in any direction...

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Sadly it will deploy on the same direction as vanilla.

BTW, nice art. I like it.

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hmmm...Well considering that idea who knows it may give it a range advantage or quick deployment ability...But I still like it^^...Its more close to the original concept and looks quite bulky...Thank you I'm just making one of Yunru...her's will be complete body >w<...

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Congratulations for have create an incredible invincible AI on skimirsh. It's completely IMPOSSIBLE to win versus them. She always win despite all of my efforts.

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And where is the download to download the mod 3.0

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