Arrakis... Dune... wasteland of the Empire, and the most valuable planet in the universe. Because it is here — and only here — where spice is found. The spice. Without it there is no commerce in the Empire, there is no civilization. Arrakis... Dune... home of the spice, greatest of treasure in the universe. And he who controls it, controls our destiny. - Princess Irulan

Happy Halloween everyone! In this much needed blog we have the new Carryall & Harvester logic, House Atreides Building interiors and House Atreides Remote & Timed explosives!

Posted by TeamWolf on Oct 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! Without anymore hesitation I'll crack on with the update!

House Atreides Remote & Timed Explosives

We've been busy working finishing off the House Atreides weapons and the most recent two are the Remote and Timed explosives. These charges are only properly effective against building Main Frames.

The remote explosive works very straight forward, you throw it with left click and detonate it with the right click. The timed explosive is thrown with the left click and explodes after 30 seconds of being placed.

Model and texture by Venom775

House Atreides Remote & Timed Explosives

Carryall Demo

triattack has been hard at work reworking our new Carryall & Harvester logic. Our old Harvester script was fairly clunky and didn't really work how we wanted it, so triattack has remade it to be more flexibly and more to how we need it.

Here's a video showing off how it basically works.

House Atreides Interiors

We have also been busy with House Atreides building interiors. A nice set of basement tiles have been put together, courtesy of Venom775. He has been creating and keeping a very nice style for the Atreides, which is shown in the video below!

House Ordos Not Making the Cut!

Now, some sad news. As you may guess from the above title, House Ordos are not making it into first release. Now this was seriously not an easy choice to make, seeing as it's one of the 3 major Houses in the game.

This decision was heavily based on the fact that they are the most under finished House, we have been working on this game for long enough without more setbacks and we've really like to give this House as much attention and care as we have given the other two.

This isn't to say they are cut completely. We are going to get them in the game via a patch or the 2nd main release, so DON'T PANIC! We just feel that we can still make a good first release with the force from the Atreides and Harkonnen fighting it out. Ordos will come in soon enough after, in the true glory they deserve.

Sorry for those House Ordos fans out there, but please keep the faith until their return!

Folding Space

Well this is the end of this blog's journey. Be sure to keep following us here, on our site, Facebook and Twitter!

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evgenidb Nov 2 2013 says:

Is there any other difference in the explosives than one being timed and the other triggered? Such as destructive power or the classes who carry them?

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TeamWolf Author
TeamWolf Nov 4 2013 replied:

The remote will be weaker than the timed, due to how quickly you can detonate it and only Engineers will be able to carry them for building destruction.

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evgenidb Nov 4 2013 replied:

Will it be possible for the opponents to disarm, say, the timed bombs with engineer?

+1 vote     reply to comment
TeamWolf Author
TeamWolf May 1 2014 replied:

Late reply but.. Yes Engineers and Technician class units will be able to disarm explosives.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DaWhuper Nov 19 2013 says:

Are the terrain textures going to be improved? The interior is crazy good, it would be a shame to out side to not compliment that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TeamWolf Author
TeamWolf May 1 2014 replied:

The terrain textures normally get updated when something better is generally found, but we do try and keep things looking nice and have plans for new terrain textures in the future.

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