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Developer Banter, the only show you need for an insight into mods and indie game development. This time in the hot seat is Off Topic Productions.

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Developer Banter, the only show you need for an insight into mods and indie game development. This time in the hot seat is Offtopic Productions, talking about there highly anticipated, recently released mod for Deus Ex called The Nameless Mod. So join Lawrence, Jonas, Shane and the ModDB Staff as we discuss the development of TNM.

Just so everyone knows, the show was recorded before the release, not after.

The Nameless Mod New Screen The Nameless Mod New Screen
The Nameless Mod New Screen The Nameless Mod New Screen

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I like those modcasts when I'm cooking or doing something away from the PC. Still think the intro music is a bit long, but I always seem to have it with music these days ;)

Truly Nameless and nonetheless a great mod! I still haven't finished it entirely, but its always fun going back. Thanks for the interview, it would be really interesting to see the kind of design document(s) involved in the mod-making.

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Actually you can download our bonus material from here (or if you've got the .iso, it'll be part of the image) to see as much of the documentation as we kept:


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Very revealing.

Having spent 4 years on my own mod endeavour, i can relate to what your programmer says "spend one hour working on bugs and 2 hours on stuff that keeps you interested in the game" causes it to grow.

Well , congratulations on the release , i am still playing!

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I believe *I* said that in fact, and I am not the programmer, but the lead designer :)

Never-the-less, glad you agree.

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man, fixing bugs?? hahaha your game is still buggy... 2.5.1 is never gonna be out cause you can't fix all bugs =P nt.
Good Luck with the Retail version!!! nice screenshots

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Wow - 394 mb of development material. That's nice! I started creating a "Design Document\" Group, where we would upload (and discuss) all the different design docs we could find.
IsoTx from Warlord were interested in contributing, as were the Zeno Clash guys.
I thought it wasn't quite worth creating a group for just two projects, but now I believe we can actually find more mods and use some material found on the internet (from older games, like Grim Fandango, e.g.), as well.
I think such a group would be helpful to people, who start writing their project over and over and never get a grip on design at all.

Thanks for the bonus material, gonna dl and look into it.

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Wow, this actually looks great, to bad I don't have Duex Ex! :O

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Developer banter is very cool. I look forward to hearing more. It would be fun to have a slide show you could watch while listening...

I look forward to hearing how the Mod is received.

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when he said "Like fallout" did he mean like farcry lol, cus thats a desert/jungle xD

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