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The Nation of Israel.
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Clone Trooper Author
Clone Trooper Apr 15 2015, 5:27pm says:

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

That's Israel God was referring to when he said that. Whoever curses her, God will curse, whoever blesses her, God will bless. God made a promise with these people, and he doesn't make promises he knows he can't keep. What Israel is going through now is leading to the Great Tribulation and rise of the Anti-Christ. But I can tell you right now there will be no one to solve the Palestinian situation. That won't happen till the Anti-Christ makes his move.

For those of you who hate Israel, I can only tell you this. God made a promise with them. And that *little* nation, will one day be even bigger than the United States, Russia, and every other nation combined. There won't be a *Palestinian* state in it. There will only be every saint of God who has ever lived and gone on to be with the Lord. And her capitol, New Jerusalem, will be God's headquarters right here on Earth. All the nations of the Earth will be blessed through her, because the great knowledge she will have of the Word of God.

All of this because of a promise God made with Abraham thousands of years ago you ask? Yes.

That is the reward Abraham's children have received for his Faith. And because of Christ, anyone can be grafted into that inheritance and become not just children of Abraham, but children of God.

Already Israel lives again, as the Bible foretold.
Already her enemies ready themselves against her, as the Bible foretold.
And much worse awaits in the near future.

But it's always darkest just before the dawn.

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ElfFriend Apr 15 2015, 7:49pm says:

In my opinion Israel hasn't been doing that many things that could be considered as positive actions that are in accordance to what Jesus preached humans should be doing. Therefore I cannot support them.

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Clone Trooper Author
Clone Trooper Apr 15 2015, 9:20pm replied:

Jews don't believe in Christ as savior remember?
That's the entire reason they will go through the Great Tribulation, to lead them to Him.

Nonetheless it's our job to support them.
The Bible itself states to bless them.

And I must say, all is not as it appears as others would like you to believe.
I know for a fact Hamas has been using schools and hospitals for military purposes.
Hamas uses civilians as human shields constantly, and Israel is blamed for this?

Their constant rocket attacks on Israel have left the IDF little choice than to make military decisions that would result in civilian casualties. Underground tunneling, kidnappings, and guerrilla assaults have been quite common with groups like Hamas.

And the *innocent* Palestinians have violated their cease fires more than once.
Guess they aren't as peace loving as people were lead to believe.

Hamas has full support from the same Iran that has threatened time and again to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons as well as support militia and terrorists groups all over the Middle East.

You know, whenever I come on Moddb and I see this subject brought up, all the talking points are centered against Israel, and everyone's always cursing them out and or accusing them of crimes they either didn't commit or had no choice to as a result to defend themselves *usually from Muslim extremists*. And war is by no means clean for either side.

I felt the Lord lay it on my heart to address this issue, so Ive addressed it.
I support Israel and may God Bless them abundantly.

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Clone Trooper Author
Clone Trooper Apr 15 2015, 9:47pm replied:

Ive presented legitimate points, and Ive made the argument for Israel.
Not that I'm expecting much support here.

We've all made questionable choices and had bad days. Just like the nations we inhabit. Yet this charade of blaming and cursing continues. All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. That includes every nation of man that has existed here.

Not supporting one cause they've done some injustice?
Than by that logic you don't support any country.

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ElfFriend Apr 16 2015, 1:58am replied:

You certainly went through several iterations of that response. :P which is perfectly fine in my opinion.

Now just to be clear. My best friend is a Jew. So it's not like I have anything against the Jews it's just that their current leadership could certainly be better. In fact my Jewish friend himself told me that he can see the flaws in Israel's current leadership.

I'm sorry for not writing more earlier but I live a fairly busy life and time is a limited resource.

I won't support murder whether it's justified or not. End of story. That means that if either side was truly innocent I'd support them. Thing is that's not the case. Both sides want that land as it has ancestory meaning to them. Israelites lived there some 2000 years ago whole Palestinians lived there during that 2000 or so years that Israelites did not live there. I would be inclined to support the side that had lived the within that area most recently but I understand that Jews need a home country. All in all I won't support either side but neither will I hinder any side. Humanitarian aid is something I'd be compelled to do by Christ's teachings. Beyond that since it's no longer an eye for an eye but instead it's give the person your other eye I cannot support the idea of an eye for an eye. Even if by their reasoning that's the correct way of doing things; I simply refuse to support violence even if it's "justified" because that's not what Christ taught.

You're right. I don't support countries. Also I could have gone on a bit more about how horrible Israel and Palestine appear to be but I'm too lazy to gather sources and thus based my argument entirely on Christ's teachings and logic/morals.

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Clone Trooper Author
Clone Trooper Apr 16 2015, 2:29am replied:

I like to get it worded just right at times.
I'll write a comment, and then there are things I want to add, reword, even rearrange. Moddb's stingy 5 minute edit system should be extended or something, I get tired of having to delete and repost.


It's alright.

I get your viewpoint and I respect it.
I'm still going to support Israel, but that's just my stance. I do believe we should *even if they are fighting* still support/bless them when we can.

Israel has been going through a lot, and their people are still buy in large without Christ, so we should pray for their safety and salvation.

Same for the Palestinians. While I admit I show a biased against them at times I do believe we should still pray for those people. Groups like Hamas seriously need to go though...

All governments have problems sadly.

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CrazyOldTeenager Creator
CrazyOldTeenager Apr 18 2015, 11:41am says:

So, the Israel fetish is still alive and kicking, eh?

While I don't support the terror methods that groups like Hamas have used, I'm also not particularly fond of tyrannical regimes that favor their own ethnicity over the original inhabitants, ignore the human rights of said inhabitants when they see fit, and routinely engage engage in acts of discrimination, intimidation, and dehumanization in order to cow potentially deviant groups into submission.

Unless you're willing to dismiss demolishing local villages, ignoring the rights of the Palestinians in both the West Bank and within undisputed Israeli territory, indiscriminately bombing civilian targets, and undermining petitions to address human Israeli rights violations as nothing more than "necessary measures to accomplish the greater good", I don't see how you can in any good conscience support Israel's policies.

As for the whole "human shield" argument, the argument is overused and deeply hypocritical. While I would be surprised if Hamas never once used civilians as leverage against future incursions, the fact remains that the number of confirmed Palestinian crimes against civilians is much, much lower than the number of confirmed IDF crimes against civilians. While the overcrowded conditions of the West Bank mean that civilian casualties are an unavoidable consequence, Israel has the technological capability to minimize the occurrence of such incidents. Yet still, the atrocities continue.

In summary, I feel that I cannot take seriously people who unconditionally support either one of the sides. While both sides have committed terrible deeds in order to advance their agenda, the greater portion of my sympathies lie with the Palestinians, the clear underdog in the conflict.

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Clone Trooper Author
Clone Trooper Apr 19 2015, 6:12am replied:

With all due respect, your entire argument is overlooking something.

This is a small nation with no allies remaining, not even the United States. They aren't a massive nation like China or Russia that can accomplish whatever they like, good or bad, without criticism. And they aren't given the *technology* to be as precise as a nation like the United States, who keeps the best equipment for itself. What they have, they have to fight for every day of their existence.

Israel has been assaulted since it's reemergence in the 1950's, ranging from disgruntled Muslims, the PLO, and now Hamas. And you paint it as if they are the one's with no rights here. I can't help the fact that these groups in the region use civilians as leverage to gain a "moral advantage" over Israel. Israel is damned if they don't destroy the rocket sites, and damned if they do. Hamas DOES use Human shields to protect their military installations. Because then they know they can gain "sympathy" with the international community and gullible people all over the globe when Israel attacks.

It's a nation that has been fighting for it's existence since it's beginnings. And those who wish to inhabit it, don't want to share the land with Jews, they've made the abundantly clear. Israel has time and again pursued peace talks with the Palestinians over the last decade, and each time Palestine has made insane demands that could not be meet. And every year, rockets have been fired into Israeli territory like clock work.

I support Israel not for what they are, but what they will become.
Something far beyond what any of you can imagine.

If your so convinced against Israel than that's your decision.
I don't expect everyone to agree with me here and nor should you.

Ultimately, this will all culminate in the battle of Armageddon. And by then 2/3rds of the world's population will be dead, and the rest on the verge of extinction. So will it really matter anymore?

War is war, it never changes.

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Quagrunner Apr 20 2015, 6:50am says:

The plain fact of the matter is that, in the end, all nations will march against Israel, and everyone who does so will be destroyed. So regardless of whether their politics are 100% correct or not in the eyes of the media, I definitely don't want to be on the losing side at Armageddon.

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Ezekiel 37:11-14
"The Lord said: Ezekiel, the people of Israel are like dead bones. They complain that they are dried up and that they have no hope for the future. 12 So tell them, “I, the Lord God, promise to open your graves and set you free. I will bring you back to Israel, 13 and when that happens, you will realize that I am the Lord. 14 My Spirit will give you breath, and you will live again. I will bring you home, and you will know that I have kept my promise. I, the Lord, have spoken."

As the Lord promised, this has happened. Israel once again lives, and her native people return to her. Even the long dead language of the Israelis, Hebrew, is spoken once again in it's native lands.

Currently, Israel is being pressured by the world, and is surrounded by other nations that wish her destruction. Nations that know not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And as result, they curse Israel, they mock her, they spit upon her, and they defy her.

It was prophesied of this situation in the Bible. Eventually Israel will be isolated and on her own in this fight. Until the time comes that one called the Anti-Christ will somehow "peaceably resolve" the situation. Then Israel will herald this man as her Christ. Beginning the great Tribulation and Israel's eventual admission of Jesus Christ as her true savior. Only after being driven to near total annihilation by the Anti-Christ.

Much swings around this nation regarding Bible prophecy. Those who are wise, will treat them accordingly.

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