This group is exactly what the name implies. A group for people who are Christians. If you're a Christian then please join us. We're a place on ModDB for Christians to gather and talk. It's as simple as that.

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Regnerus Study on Biological v Same Sex Parenting
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Of course the don't. Was there any doubt that they can outcome nature?

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✧Joshua✧ Creator

Poverty, family problems, and mental illness typically play a role in those who identify as homosexual/bisexual/transgendered.

If I had to give a theorem, I'd say these are damaged members of society (which lets just face facts is quite common through all eras of history) typically lacking something in their lives, or even multiple things and seeking some form of happiness. If that gives it to them, they seize it. All it really does is lead to deeper forms of perversion.

When you take this into account, you can't see them as anything but victims of a distorted reality. The lack of order and structure in this world, and even empathy, just drives them deeper into these fantasies of theirs.

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Correlation != Causation. It'd be nice if people would understand this before spewing statistics that they believe "prove" their point. Bad arguments erode, discredit, and often even completely invalidate your conclusions.

Disclaimer: I couldn't care less about other people's lives. I just get annoyed by bad science/logic/arguments/etc.

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Why have you fallen to the dark side ElfFriend ?
Even if Joshua did not give an expert level of argument , his point is completely valid and true
Sodom and Gomorrah became what they became because they were two very-tolerant-for-depravity type of societies that were practically begging to God to destroy them

If we cannot have the normal which is taken away from us , barred from us to be achieved , we fall into embracing the abnormal in its place but that will never fulfill us or make us happy and then the end is all too familiar

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From my point of view the correlationists are evil :D

But you're right we could potentially be screwing people over by allowing them to be indoctrinated by those we consider to be unrighteous. However those people are still human beings and we can't just go around imposing our worldviews on them and those they chose to indoctrinate. It will only lead to conflict as I'm sure they feel the same way toward us. That we go around indoctrinating people and that they ought to keep us from doing that.

I mean Jesus told us to love our neighbours and to turn the other cheek and not to fight against this world so maybe we should just leave this fight to God?

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Maybe yes , maybe not , depends on the angle you choose to see things

You make a good point ElfFriend but is not like this
The other side , the opposers like i call them never ever stop or skip their job from trying to influence us towards the bad ways . The people of the devil work 24/7 year long to influence people to choose that direction , imposing their views on us , judging us if we follow the right path , ridiculing us if we resist their attempts , naysaying , making fun of sane knowledge we have and more

There is already a battle going , seen and unseen , a battle for our souls and i think God told us to fight them with all means necessary
He has said that to us but i bet He meant our loved ones , our own people , infighting among us Christians is a big problem and should stop , here we should unite all for the same goal
As for enemies , Lord Jesus always smited demons , banished them and promised God's wrath to those that oppose the Lord

I know very well what the enemies want us to become and where we to end up and i want no less the evil they want upon us , to be given to them instead

Suffer not the witch , the heretic to live , ElfFriend ! i would say , the Warhammer way :D
But of course , i realize not all of us are strong enough to stand up on their feet and instead cower in fear expecting God to solve everything for us though we should be aware by now that is not the case
We were told the last days before the Lord return will be the hardest to endure for us and that means effort not falling into multi culturalism and global tolerance illusionary utopias

Some say the world is not black and white but infact it is , in this regard
We are either with God or against Him , there is no other way and even cutting the enemy a bit of a slack in the same time it means opening up a new door for them to come in and persecute us and attempt to indoctrinate us in the ways of the devil

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✧Joshua✧ Creator

Elf, our job is to minister Christ crucified even if the whole world wants to kill us for it. That means also telling the world there's things wrong with it, it's lost, and people can only be saved through Christ. If we forfeit that responsibility we're basically ignoring the great commission.

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One of the main suggestions is that having homosexual parents increases significantly bad outcomes, but one positive outcome is that it seems to increase homophobia.

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