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elMengu May 16 2014, 9:24am says:

I always held that science (including evolution) and Christianity are complementary. When I watched this scene at the cinema I thought it was a perfect representation of my views about it, perhaps my favourite part of the whole film.

Glad to see someone else in this group noticed how marvellous in its simplicity this scene is. Kudos to you.

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AirborneSn1p3r May 16 2014, 10:51am says:

Call me old fashioned but i take the bible at face value when it comes to creation accounts, thus some elements may be compatible but i do not believe in the THEORY of evolution or the Big Bang THEORY. God could easily have used an explosion to create the universe, but personally i doubt it, and evolution has a lot gaps in it (people are looking for evidence to fit the theory and not theory's to fit evidence) i do believe in the adaption of species as this is a scientific FACT, but it is also a fact that DNA runs checks which makes what is called evolution imposable.

P.S the film was rubbish lol :P

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TheTriangulum May 16 2014, 1:58pm replied:

The Big Bang is NOT an explosion.

The Big Bang is a mere description of the expansion of the universe from a single source:
The Big Bang (Whose name originated to undermine the theory) was posited due to the red shifting of cosmic objects which implies that there was a beginning or initial point many years ago in which the redshirting started.

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Commander Cody
Commander Cody Nov 28 2014, 1:24pm says:

Anyone ever consider asking God when they actually get to heaven?

Seems kinda pointless to go round about this when you could just ask him after you finish doing your duty.

But then again, there are those who like to have answers on the spot. Difficult to do when we as mere mortals only see through what could best be described as "a foggy glass jar".

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KnightofEquulei Author
KnightofEquulei 16hours 12mins ago replied:
Quote:Anyone ever consider asking God when they actually get to heaven?

Humanity wouldn't get anywhere in the pursuit of knowledge if we all applied this logic to everything.

I'm sure we'll all achieve spiritual and intellectual enlightenment automatically if we reach God so there would be no need to "ask" if the answers to everything we've ever wanted to know are instantly given to us. However, I don't see the problem in seeking for answers down here too.

If we were meant to simply senselessly serve, our brain wouldn't have a thirst for knowledge and answers.

The universe and all that is in it allows for us to study and understand it using science and mathematics. That cannot be merely coincidence.

And I don't believe the idea that one day, God will come down and take the whole of humanity away leaving no humanity left in the universe. I believe humanity will exist for as long as they can survive without being destroyed by nature or themselves. Therefore, all knowledge is essential for humanity's development and understanding of the universe for future generations.

Ultimately, humanity needs to develop technology to one day leave this planet and spread out amongst the stars.

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Commander Cody
Commander Cody 15hours 22mins ago replied:

Let me just correct that for you. Humanity, will know peace one day.

(The 3 ages)

The Church Age: The age we are currently living. This is the era of the dispensation of grace where we preach Christ crucified to those who need redemption. At the end of this age will be the last days before the second coming of Christ, and then the rapture where all faithful "Believers" will be taken to heaven and transformed. After this era is complete the great tribulation will begin for Israel.

The Kingdom Age: Occurs after the Great Tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ. During this era, God will move his headquarters from heaven to Earth the Capital being New Jerusalem. Satan and his lackeys will also be locked up during this time. All Believers from the previous age will also inhabit new Jersualem, a city being 1400 miles tall and wide. Again, God's ingenuity at work. At the end of this era right before the next, Satan and his lackeys will be released to instigate one last rebellion. But will fail.

The Perfect Age: After the final defeat of the Rebellion once and for all, will begin the Great White Thrown judgement. Even the angel of death himself will be judged and sentenced. All from the greatest to the smallest, will be judged. These individuals being those who did not accept Christ or believe God. After this, humanity will at long last know peace, order, and justice for all. There will be no more war, rebellion, famine, plague's, sorrow, despair, or sin. Only peace and prosperity. All because of the Lord's doing. The Lord will have also worked out humanity's "sin" problem. No more desire to do it, no more reason too. Earth will also be remade during this time, nothing being left from the old Earth Empires. All there will be is God's Empire. And it is infinite.

We may have curious minds, but there is no way we will ever know it all. Only God can. And yes, ultimately humanity will have to expand beyond Earth.

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The recent Noah movie included a stunning creation scene where religion and science mixes. It shows The Big Bang and then the natural formation of the galaxies and planets, later it shows the formation of the Earth and finally the formation and evolution of species on the planet all whilst Noah narrates suggesting a "day" to God is really a period of time.

So what's your thoughts? Is theistic evolution compatible with the narrative of Genesis? Does it invalidate religion? My personal belief is that it does not. I don't believe evolution, in any way, contradicts Christianity.

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May 16th, 2014
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