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For someone who knows about programming into Direct3D for generals, This is Possible, because in our world have some peoples doing that.

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This is for someone who want to initiate your carreer on Games, for start a uncomercial independent job, without payment, just for fun and experience.
For make that kind of programming needs Visual Studio 2008, or Another program that compile the Direct 3D library.

This is for change and enchance the gameplay and transform the old CNC Generals in something new, something like new command and conquer series, because the game engine is the same at all nowdays command and conquer. They just make some ajustments at engine processing and add some strings forms to active the physics and make realistic effects, but, that isnt the real objective.
The most important objective, is make the enchanced illumination, effective Bump mapping, new enviroment, and something that makes the visual effects.

If you intrested contact me at: or

This is a demonstration on Command and conquer usig Direct 3d features.

This "mod" is a demonstration of Direct 3d Library use:

MrTimm Creator

lol sgtmyer88 :P btw u copy the screen of the "take ones courage in both hands" mod right?

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Ligeiroart Author

The link is under the pic. Is that mod..

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MrTimm Creator

ohh i see soz my bad

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BigCheese256 Creator

NUB. D:<

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Oh... my name is there! o_0

Here comes the spam! :/ *hides*


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n5p29 Creator

where's the Direct3D anyway?
sorry, I'm unfamiliar with this things, but I want to know more :P

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Ligeiroart Author

Isnt where, but included at Game engine. The game engine compiles graphics, and the WestWood 3d engine compiles using Direct 3d. This is the way that you can see the graphics. And that compilation was implated limiteted, because at 2003 the pc's aren't good for graphis, was the first epoch for great videocards. But in nowdays we can see cheaps GC at stores, and this evolute too much, and the games too. I just want to program and "unlock" the engine for use that grapics. That is for include bumpmappings.

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