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Post news Report RSS Tiberian Conquest v3.0 with the South American war theatre sees the daylight!

Another version of Tiberian Conquest is released, this time with the South American war theatre and 3 new naval units for each faction.

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The release 3.0 contains a new war theatre, South America, along with new naval units.

A new war theatre, an incomplete, large part of South America:
v3.0 || New map: South America v3.0 || New map: South America

3 naval units were added, variously, either destroyer, carrier, submarine, or cruiser. Each faction have submarines, and consequently, also destroyers (to counter subs).

New naval units:
New naval Nod units, v3.0 New naval Scrin units, v3.0

Suggestions how to organise networked games would be welcome.

Below you can download the new war theatre and updated maps:
Tiberian Conquest 3.0
Source files v3.0

To install you simply need to copy folders (tiberian_conquest_sa, tiberian_conquest_au, tiberian_conquest_eu) from the main release zip into your maps folder inside your main game TripleA directory (or in your Documents folder where you have your TripleA saves/maps folders). You may overwrite existing folders in order to have the latest version installed.

A grand turn-based strategy game at its core, TripleA is a free open-source game and you can download it directly here on IndieDB/ModDB:
TripleA download

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