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Its actually kinda scary...

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It's scary that she can't fire straight due to looking on either side of the iron sights from her cross-eyed point of view, haha. I understand why though thanks to your description.

As far as technicality goes. Her legs look too thin and pinch oddly near the crotch. They might not look so out of place if the knee weren't so big. The bust is a bit ridiculous and her hands are way too big. Correct these, give her some real eye's and some hair and I think you might have something here. Try to sell the character with lighting too. Realistic is find but she's obviously something with a certain weight and demeanor about her. Experiment with lights and try to make it match her character. It may seem that realistic lighting makes us perceive things realistically but in actuality our ability to comprehend reality is fickle. Things that appear too real are hard for us to comprehend. That's the reason the 3-point lighting technique has survived so long.

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Lol Tifa's outfit...

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hmm one thing i noticed apart from the eyes shape and hair is the fact the skin seems to look like plastercine to me but i think its getting there and that ure on for a good model if u stick with it

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cant really crit anything cause its al been said, good to hear that youve already made changes, get the new pic up

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BunnyJen Creator

DeviantGerman has it all there...What I see a lot on these sites is people jumping straight into the technical side of things with no firm grounding of basic anatomy. Often people jump straight into the 3D and technical side which is great if you pick it up, I'm personally awful at it haha, but it's all made 100% stronger if you first understand simple anatomy,lighting, form etc. I reccomend you study anatomy and in all honesty I think everyone should attend life drawing classes, they really change how you see things... or they did for me anyway. As DeviantGerman said, her form is a little unrealistic and that's fine if you're going for a fantasy/cartoony style. But there generally needs to be a sense that she could exist otherwise it just feels awkward and uncomfy to look at. Anyway it seems you've addressed all the problems already, but just throwing it in there that it'll all come much more naturally if you look into studying a bit of anatomy beforehand, you get used to what looks right and wrong and it really speeds up your workflow. Keep at it, great to see you taking on board the crit, it's not always easy to do but it really makes a difference in the long run! :-)

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Uncanny valley for f@#/* sake! D:

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Recent Work.

HDRI work on BMW 850i, I recently posted here at 3D Artists Group.
Its tagged due to it being a free one from some company, Anyone know I site with free HDRIs?

And the Lady with the Revolver, Really need to friz the hair on it cause it does not look natural at all. Also the eyes are thanks to Photoshop. She normally does not have any :P

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