White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (화이트데이: 학교라는 이름의 미궁).

White Day stars a young Korean student who has a crush on a local beauty. A chance encounter leads into her forgetting to pick up her diary. Being a noble gentleman with a crush, he sneaks into the school at night to plant the diary and chocolates into her desk. The holiday White Day is upon them, which is similar to Valentine's Day, but in Korea (and some other areas in Asia) White Day is the day where boys gives girls chocolate, while Valentine's Day is the day girls give guys chocolate. But as he sneaks in, he gets involved into a story that runs deeper than the schools innocent exterior. Something is wrong. As the game goes on, the school slowly begins turning into some abstract and terrifying labyrinth that just continues to grow and grow into utter madness. Uncovering the secrets that have festered beneath rock and soil, long forgotten... but sometimes pain that runs this deep leaves traces...

I checked and searched as much as I could on many forums, but I don't think there was ever a mention of it on top horror game of all time lists. I found some threads on it but there was only a few responses here and there. This is understandable, as the game was released in 2000 for PC, and was only released in Korea... But it is a damn shame. For better or worse, it's here now.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School remains the scariest game I have ever played.

Before Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra, there was White Day. I mention those games as I feel Frictional borrowed a lot from the game White Day. They are incredibly similar in quite a few ways, though I feel White Day still remains far scarier than either of those franchises and pulled off the, 'I'm a defenseless hero hiding in the dark' mechanic far better 10 years before Amnesia came out. The game was incredibly ahead of it's time, using a lot of real-world logic for various actions and puzzles in the game and stirring up an atmosphere that I feel has been unmatched by any other game to this day.

The game was so terrifying that many people emailed the developers saying they couldn't complete the game because of how absolutely frightening it was. They released some patches for the game that changed the scare levels dependent on what difficulty you choose.. There are more healing items and far less scares on very easy mode, but less save points and items on Hard difficulty mode, but more story and scares. Though not all scares will be experienced in a single playthrough regardless, as the game features quite a few randomized scares that may or may not happen in a playthrough. And these aren't just 'booo did I scare you' jump scares, these have to be some of the most well-done psychological horror I've ever experienced.

The game essentially has forces working against us that we cannot contend with, even the darkness itself is not much better. Strange paranormal occurrences are happening in the school. In the dark is where things start to get really messed up, and anything from something crawling through the vents, noticing something move in your peripheral vision or the school itself fighting your presence. Your main source of light is a box of matches, which dim out quickly and only shine light about a foot or two in front of you. Full of progressively twists and turns, environment hazards, and is progressively getting stranger and more dangerous. Finally, if you play the game on Hard Mode, there's additional notes containing ghost stories, as well as the ghosts of these stories being in the school, also randomized somewhat. From all of this, you are completely defenseless.. run, hide, pray and never give up.

The game had a complete mastery of atmosphere, scares paying off, and though outdated graphically boasted some extremely ahead of their time ideas. The team unfortunately was disbanded shortly after the game was released, there was an English version planned at one point but it was cancelled as they went under.

The game became abandonware (after the closing of Korean developer Sonnori) and now there are no holders to its rights or any copyrights on it, making sense as it didn't sell well, only was sold in Korea, and had almost non-existent advertising.

And because of this, the game has become incredibly hard to find for sale and is relatively unknown still, though in several circles of horror enthusiast it is known as one of the, if not the, scariest games of all time, and in my opinion it's the scariest to exist (and I've played a lot of horror games).

However, because it is abandonware, the game is now free and even the developers have kept up the website unofficially to link people to download the full game. People have also worked on an English patch, so these days you can easily download it and experience it yourself.

It's almost time for the season of Halloween. I welcome everyone to test their wits against this game, and see if you can disagree that it isn't the scariest game of all time. Try the hard mode, and see how it goes for you. It only gets scarier the further along you get, and if you want a real challenge try 'Real' mode (even more scares, die once and you get a game over, have to escape the school before midnight or else you lose). I'm going to keep my own game diary of my events in the game. I think this could be fun and bring some attention to a hidden gem that really deserves it.

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Virus Detections

News 3 comments

People have been complaining about viruses while installing the game. They are false positives. It is most likely because the registry is being modified to make the game run properly when you install it, and probably because "WhiteDay - Start.exe" runs in batch script. The installer itself also uses a program called Clickteam install creator, which AVs might find suspicious.

I'm considering a re-do of the whole lot in a different environment somewhere in the future (if this becomes a big problem), but until then, this is completely safe despite the warnings you might receive.

I have reprogrammed WhiteDay - Start.exe from scratch in visual studio and it shall be released in v16. This should stop any virus warnings anyone gets.

v16 has been released.

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White Day v16.3 [Patch]

White Day v16.3 [Patch]

Patch 5 comments

Please click here for details on how to install this game:

White Day: Original Textures

White Day: Original Textures

Textures 3 comments

Here are most of the original textures for White Day! I have made them available for those who wish to try to edit and enhance the textures, which and...

White Day Textures v1.0 by Widderune

White Day Textures v1.0 by Widderune


I played and finished an earlier English version of the game, I think it was 1.6. It had a couple bugs, but I was able to figure out how to work around...

Patch FR + outil

Patch FR + outil

Patch FR + outil Patch

Le pack contient la traduction complète de white day partielle de ho jaemi. le nop tool. le lecteur mp3 les skin customisé. les traduction sont faite...

White Day [v15.4]

White Day [v15.4]

Full Version 13 comments

The 15.4 version of white day by unnamedstudios, Pulled a few months before the site's closing.

White Day v15.6 (Manual install)

White Day v15.6 (Manual install)

Patch 2 comments

The story of a young man's trip into school at the dead of night to deliver some candy in preparation for the Eastern Holiday of the same name, White...

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I'll be uploading newer updates to White Day here (newest version currently v16.1) from a different account ('aiyume'). I understand Windows 10 is causing all sorts of issues and I'm here to suss them out.

v16.1 should fix most issues, but v16.2 is also on the way.

Thanks everyone

Oh and the reason I'm using a different account is because I couldn't remember my login details for this one, and gave up. Turns out I remembered it after all but I'm just gonna commit to my new one now :|

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Thank you so much for fixing it up! I can now play this version while I wait for the remake. <(owo)>

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HELLO! This post is for everyone who's having trouble getting this game to work - just some things I've observed while trying to run it myself. I hope it helps.

First of all, if you're using the "manual installation" then it seems you're meant to run 'whiteday.reg' and 'applocale.exe' inside the WHITEDAY folder before you can play it. The "full installation" does this all for you it seems.

If you have the bug where there's no HUD and a floating doorknob, then here's what the problem is:

HF pApploc, the locale program that is bundled with this version of White Day, no longer works on Windows 10. So, we must use this program now instead: Github.com

Download it, and run "LEInstaller.exe", then open "LEGUI.exe", and create a profile for Korean, and make sure the settings look like this: I.imgur.com

Then, right click 'whiteday.exe' inside the WHITEDAY folder, and under 'Locale Emulator' select 'Korean'. You know it's worked when you can see Korean characters when you click on 'Device setting' on the launcher thingy, and not just gibberish.

Second problem: The game runs too fast!!
How to fix this: Open 'Device setting' on the launcher, and change DX8 to DX7.

I'm not sure how to get DX8 running the game at the correct FPS on Windows 10, but I barely notice the difference with DX7, so...

This game does work but I guess on Windows 10 is has some difficulties. I hope this helps you.

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The locale program you offered isn't installing, i try to run it, but the installation pop up never comes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Never mind about DX7 - that seems to just crash it.

To fix the gaming running too fast, put this in your WHITEDAY folder: Enbdev.com

Should fix that completely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That wrapper didn't work for me, but dgVoodoo did.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh, and I think if you still want to use the options on the 'White Day - Start.exe' launcher thingy, you can. Just open it and turn cheats on or off or whatever - you just can't launch White Day with it anymore if you're on Windows 10+.

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The game runs very slow for me, don't know why. On DX7 it runs 60fps, but crashes after the first cutscene. In dx8 is frustratingly laggy. Help?

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Scarier than Amnesia... Right now making a let's play of it, and I have to say this game is terrifying! It's long, has alot of complicated puzzles but the atmosphere is... oh god... If you are looking for a game in which you crap yourself, this is your game.

Jul 30 2013 by NightSshadeGaming

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