A voxel based adventure and RPG. Vox is a highly customizable game where you can create, destroy, edit and build anything you desire. The whole world, every item and object within it, and even the characters and inhabitants of Vox are created using a custom 'Voxel Engine' that allows for an unparalleled level of creativity. Come and explore your imagination!

Report content Vox v0.20
Nov 10th, 2012
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Big update that contains a lot of new features and tons of bugfixes. New graphical shaders and enhancements to the world generation.

Vox V0.20
New Features:

  • Actionbar quick keys for the keyboard number keys.
  • Drag items from the inventory to the action bar to assign number keys.
  • Use the number keys to activate the quick items that have been assigned.
  • Allow for items to be stored in the chests - drag from inventory.
  • Improvements to the character stats screen.
  • Button on the HUD for the inventory and the character stats.
  • Switch over to using sphere bounding volumes for chunk frustum culling - more efficient.
  • Item placement mode, you can now place items in the world from your inventory - chests, signposts, ore, etc.
  • Display the coins collected count on the HUD.
  • Make skeleton archers have a bit of randomness in their shooting direction.
  • Item library - easily browse and edit all the vox files that have been created.
  • Random quest generation - Each time you accept a quest it is random with random objectives and enemies, etc.
  • After completing a quest NPC will generate a new random quest.
  • Import vox models into the world, during chunk creation stage.
  • Random tree generation algorithm. (Also works for cactuses!)
  • Add flag to particle editor to allow for random rotations on particles (or not).
  • Add Create world screen to the front-end. Link in world generation systems.
  • Smoother player movements - dont suddenly stop when finished walking, come to a gradual stop.
  • Create random world objects during chunk setup phase.
  • Add block sprite manager to chunk manager.
  • Re-use block sprites for world scenery generation.
  • Allow us to ignore the modify flag when importing world scenery, we dont want this to trigger a load/unload to file.
  • Depth of field shader!
  • Depth of field shader combined with SSAO.
  • Depth of field toggle on the options menu - Enable or disable the DOF effect.
  • New world for alpha version of Vox, Tanubis! Desert world with cactus world objects.
  • Different enemies spawning in different locations, i.e. forest enemies and desert enemies.
  • New ores - copper, iron, silver, gold.
  • Give player rewards and experience when completing quests.
  • Allow inventory and character stats screen to be open at the same time.
  • Player stats in player and points on leveling up.
  • Enemy target mode - activated by pressing the right mouse button when crosshair is on an enemy.
  • Item collection quests implemented.
  • Enemy targeting on the X360 control pad - Left sholder button.
  • Occlusion culling for the world, based on the bounding box of the chunks.
  • Add occluded cache flag to the chunks, so we only calculate the occlusion when the camera changes.
  • Outline rendering shader of the players target.
  • Hover outline rendering when the player is targetting an enemy with the cursor


  • Switch between shadow and non-shadow versions dynamically if shadow FBO can't be loaded.
  • Automatically turn off DOF and shadows if we fail to load the shaders.
  • Disable DOF in the options menu if not available.
  • Fix the bug where sometimes the inventory icons background would 'detact' from the icon.
  • Enemy and chest spawning within the proper world sizes, based on chunk size.
  • Make sure that ALL inventory GUI components are removed when the inventory is unloaded.
  • Unload the action bar when the front-end is selected.
  • Convert blocks to use an integer for colour rather than dumbly storing floats.
  • Remove the blocktype enum from being stored in Blocks, it wasnt being used anyway!
  • Don't crash the renderer if we try to load a texture that doesnt exist!
  • Fix bug where if we remove a GUI component while we are still interacting with it, mouse events still get sent (and crash).
  • Change the warning popup text, remove the references to 'demo'.
  • Better player alpha when shadow mode enabled/disabled.
  • Properly unset the player selection box render when switching between equipped items.
  • Use proper world folders for different world indexes, when loading/unloading chunks.
  • Use the scenery file in the front-end folder for loading the frontend scenery.
  • Remove the 2 smallest screen resoltuions from the options menu 640x480 and 800x600.
  • Increase options border size, so all GUI controls fit inside.
  • Dont import mouse clicks to the GUI is we are in player mode.
  • When importing world scenery, dont fill with empty (non-active) blocks - ignore them.
  • Dont allow selection movement in the speech manager if the current speech bubble doesnt have options.
  • Null pointer fix when getting the selection index from the speech bubble.
  • Don't show the button graphic on the speech bubbles.
  • Dont allow player movement from the X360 while we have a speech bubble open.
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Vox v0.20
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