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Post addon Report content Strangereal Untold Stories part 2
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A few more skins of original Strangereal aces. Two on request, one by me.

Installation: copy both folders in "...Desura\Common\vector-thrust\Objects\Airplane\", click "Yes" when prompted to merge folders.

76th Air Army, 5th Special Aviation Regiment "Chimera". Request by laZardo.
The Belkans' initial blitzkrieg during the first days of the 1995 war left the air forces of FATO, Gebet and Recta thoroughly decimated. Under the terms of the East Osean Collective Defense (EOCD) treaty, the Yuktobanian government intervened by shipping in military personnel and hardware to bolster the Eastern countries' firepower. They also agreed to partially reorganize the shattered air forces under their command (i.e. do it all themselves), forming several Special Aviation Regiments consisting of a mix of Eastern pilots and always including one special "advisor" from the YAF.

One Special Aviation Regiment stood out. Consisting of FATO ace Alexandra Heylen, Gebeto Pieter Schaeffer and Rectan Henri Defosse as well as their advisor Vitaly Krylovich Ulanov, the 5th SAR all survived a fateful encounter against a Belkan ace squad and rallied together to lead the EOCD's counterattacks. By the time EOCD forces neared the border with Belka, the Chimera (an unofficial name inspired by the obvious monster) had revived morale and brought their representative air forces back into fighting form, leaving no need for mercenary pilots.

Sadly, all of the "Chimera" except Ulanov were reported to have been killed-in-action shortly after the nuclear detonations in an ambush by Belkan holdouts en route to provide air support for a daring raid on Dinsmark. Although he was honored as a national hero and stood near the Premier at the victory parade, the nuclear detonations completely jaded him to the reality of his government's policies.
In 1996 he took part in a short-lived mutiny and protest movement demanding reform that was crushed by the government, and he was relegated to an obscure post. Although reformists would later take power, Chimera's legacy would never leave obscurity outside military circles in their home countries.

Belkan Air Force JG 92 "Nachtigall". Request by laZardo

Brett Thompson's search for various Belkan War aces for his famous Warriors and the Belkan War documentary returned several with their data purged or otherwise missing. In the case of Annette "Nachtigall" Zweig, whose last documented flight in that war was over B7R, he noted that the data was removed under "special circumstances".]
Annette had been the ace pilot of a squadron for fairly new pilots who had graduated from the Academy but chose not to receive special training at "Boss" Kellerman's institution. Two months into the war she was suddenly transferred to the Grabacr Squadron where she assisted its squadron leader Ashley Bernitz in shooting down his former instructor before he could defect. However it is assumed that she had been coerced into helping Bernitz by the fascist-affiliated military hierarchy due to her ideological clash with the party and their Honor Guards, of whom Bernitz was a member.Records show that she requested a transfer to a transport flight based in Hammersmark AFB in South Belka. Unfortunately, she could not escape the consequences of her actions as her L-100 Transall aircraft was disabled in the EMP of a nuclear explosion. She managed to seek refuge in Stier Castle and was treated for her injuries and radiation poisoning at Sudentor General when transport convoys could reach the castle and the refugees huddled within.

Although reported missing and presumed dead following the post-Ulysses chaos that left the prison's district destroyed, she would later resurface with the reformed BAF in 2005 as a member of JG 92. OCIA intel suggests she may have participated in the Gray Men's plot during the Ceres Conflict due to a conspicuously-placed assignment to Estovakia with the AN for the war's duration, but no action has been taken and she remains part of JG 92 to this day as its flight lead. There has also been speculation within military circles that Zweig might have been a part of the South Belkan contingent to stop the nuclear detonations, but this has yet to be proven.

Further analysis of her combat tactics suggest that she may have participated in the development of "Zone Of Endless" combat AI, but that remains unconfirmed.

Yuktobanian Air Force. Alexey Shinin. By John_Silver

While Southern Operations Theater of Belkan War always draws more attention due to both location of the Belka-Ustio border and the infamous B7R airspace, the Northern Combat Theater mostly operated by Osean-Yuktobanian Allied Army has had it's share of heroes.
Before the Belkan War Alexey Shinin was a member of a small airclub. Like most members of YAF he was conscripted in the military service.. Upon learning of Belkan War, he requested transfer to the 121th IAP, which was a part of YAF sent to the Northern Theater.
Shinin has proven himself to be an exceptional pilot, rising to the ace rank in the very first month in combat service. Later in the war, when 121th IAP was disbanded due to casualties, he was tasked to take lead of 1st MIAP (aka 1st International TFW "Falcons"), formed from survivors of 121th and OADF 24th TFW.
The Falcons participated in many Northern Theater operations, which forced Belkan High Command constantly reinforce northern border instead of sending valuable assets to the Southern Theater and effectively cut off all naval communication with Belka's allies from Usean continent.
Shortly after the official conclusion of Belkan War, 1st MIAP participated in one last operation before its disbandment. While most details of that operation are classified, it is generally assumed that the Falcons were on of the squadrons involved in assault on Avalon Dam.
Shinin was shot down during that operation, but managed to eject and return safely to the Yuktobania. He is now continuing to serve in YAF in the rank of Aviation Marshal.
(Shinin is actually based on a real person. A bonus to those who can guess who).

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Strangereal Untold Stories part 2
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laZardo Mar 17 2013 says:

Oh gee, I wonder who Mr. Shinin is based off of. XD

Also, I'm curious as to what your pilot might have been doing during the war against Osea fifteen years after?

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John_Silver Author
John_Silver Mar 18 2013 replied:

Why, he was investigating the mysterious disappearance of the head of the state, along with few other high officers in Yuktobanan military. You don't rally believe that one secret service major, an ex-POW and a few rebels could figure out a government conspiracy all by themselves, right?

+2 votes   reply to comment
laZardo Mar 18 2013 replied:

True dat. Maybe I could chronicle his adventures or something. :D

Also wouldn't the Major be more like GRU rather than KGB/FSB?

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