The Dead of Night

I am the developer of the new game The Dead of Night. I have worked on the game for about 4-5 months to get it to release stage. The game was one I had previously released without it being very good, I then later removed the game from my website and decided to continue working. The game is free to play. I hope you enjoy The Dead of Night and don't forget to leave a review as the game is still an ongoing project. I am determined to keep working on it even now, after it has been released. The Dead of Night also includes a Launcher which has a link when new version are available. Here are some game details.

Screenshots (Click to enlarge images) (These are images of Version 1.6):

Enemy list:
Railgun in action:
Defences (Turret and Barricades)
Character Customisation:
Character Customisation


in the year 2039 a meteor shower hurtled towards our solar system. Our orbital defence stations tried to destroy the meteorites but it was too late, around 800 of the small meteorites managed to get through the defence grid and entered the atmosphere. These where not any ordinary meteorites, they where carrying a bio-toxin to incapacitated human beings. Within minutes the gas had spread across the entire planet, within hours the gas had infected most if not all humans, and within days they where all lying on the ground, dead. The entire planet had come to a halt. 3 months had passed since the chaos at the hands of an unknown enemy had fallen upon our planet. The dead began to rise. They where still very much dead but animated. Luckily some humans had a natural immunity to the virus. You are one of those people. You must defend humanity's survival and fight off the infected. If you fail, man kind could be lost.

Game Features:

Infinite waves (The game never ends, just gets increasingly difficult),
PvP Multiplayer (With unique weapons and equipment),
Character Customisation,
Turrets (Placable Defence Item),
Mines (Placable Defence Item),
Turret and Mine Upgrade (4 Turret Levels and 3 Mine Levels),
9 (Nine) Weapons,
8 (Eight) Enemy Types
4 (Four) Single Player Maps
Game Saving and Loading.

The Dead of Night 1.4


-Horde Zombie, Your average zombie (Wave 1+)
-Shadow Zombie, Fast agile zombies which will jump over barricades (Wave 1+)
-Exploding Zombie, these zombies have been decayedfor years and gasses have built up inside them (Wave 1+)
-Skeleton, Similar to horde zombies except they are slightly faster and will ignore meat (Wave 3+)
-King Zombie, High damage and health, Recognisable by his bone crown (Wave 5+)
-Mole Zombie, The mole jumps around the map flying out of the ground trying to strike you (Wave 10+)
-Demon, demons are flying creatures with ranged attacks, they spawn in groups of 4 (Wave 15+)
-The Grim, The boss of all zombies, he spawns in horde zombies at double the spawn rate of the first wave (Wave 20+)


-Meat, Acts as decoys, zombied will always go for the meat because it will not run away.
-Wooden Barriade (Barricade 1), these are good defences against zombies, Hold "Q" to see where it will be placed, release "Q" to place
-Metal Barricade (Barricade 2), these are better defences than Wooden ones, Use the same as Wooden Barricade just use "Z" instead
-Turret, there are 4 types of defensive turrets, Cannon, Launcher, Railgun and Static.
-Mine, There are 3 types of mines Blast, Napalm and Static. Static mines last 5 explosions before being destroyed

Version 1.4 Changelog:

-Price of Titan Blade Decreased
-Price of Mine and Mine Upgrade Decreased
-Static Gun Price Decreased
-Damage of Static Turret Increased
-Mutiplayer Kill Count Fixed
-Multiplayer Fully Working and Tested
-All Multiplayer Back Buttons Fixed
-Sniper Rifle in Multiplayer Nerfed to Balance Weapons
-New Saving System Added
-Multiplayer Equipment Added (Grenade,Mine,Turret)
-Multiplayer Rank Armour Added (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Demon) (Get armour by completing single player waves)
-Fixed many errors (Multiplayer equipment, draw errors, sprite errors etc...)
-Launcher Added (Automatic updates havn't been added yet. Please look at the scrolling text for the next update)

The Dead of Night 1.4

The Dead of Night 1.4 Preview Video:

This is a video I uploaded to my youtube channel for my subscribers. The game has now been released Download Link Above (Video will be replaced soon).

Game Over

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