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Jun 1st, 2011
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I re-rigged the stock units, and select few ground units to have more bones and I added a test mod to field them before you try the models in your own mod.

=====Lord Link's Enhanced Model Pack=====

Ugh, I thought I would never get this out. I kept stopping and postponing the publish of this pack because I wasn't satisfied with some of the rigs, or how I coded the test mod...Forgive me for the delay...

Summary: A pack of space based (And a few land models) units rigged to have additional bones for more diverse combat.
Included with the pack is a test mod to field these new models with additional bones. I did many a favor and created new icons for the SSDs while keeping the old ones in-game.
This pack also contains the Lusankya model with a DEATH Clone of which I forgot to do when I created it (But only recently figured out how to link bones and meshes...) and a patch for my "Texture pack" which I forgot to delete transparency for the Arc Hammer texture.
All PTW proxies and stealth meshes are exported as Hidden so, for instance, the Nebulon won't have a flashing red particle on the sides if you don't code it with the Power to Weapons ability.

Included are (* denotes model, **denotes similar models or further editied models with other capacities.):


*AT-ST Walker (Now has a missile launcher bone on the left.)
*AT-AA Walker (Now has a few bones for blaster point as it was stated that some were modified to carry additional weaponry.)
*Pod Walker AT-AP (Now has additional blaster points, renamed some of the original muzzle bones for realistic code. Ex: The big cannon is the primary cannon.)
*Broadside-class Cruiser (Given more bones and fire-points.)
*TIE fighter (Now has engine glow with additional bones.)
*TIE Bomber (Additional bones.)
*TIE Interceptor (Now has engine glow with additional bones.)
*TIE Defender (Now has engine glow with additional bones.)
*Slave 1 (New muzzle bones with flash meshes. I can't UV map so I had to copy existing flash meshes to apply to the new fire bones.)
*Interdictor-class Imobilizer 418 Cruiser (Given more bones.)
*Arc Hammer Factory Ship (Given additional bones and tweaked the collision mesh and shield mesh.)
*Acclamator-class Assault Ship (Given additional bones and new PTW proxies.)
**Acclamator Assault Ship death clone
*Victory-class Star Destroyer (Given more bones with some allowed fire-points and new PTW proxies.)
**Victory SD death clone
*Venator-class Star Destroyer (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
**Venator Death clone
*Imperial-class Star Destroyer (Given more bones, and includes a separate model with stealth mesh and new PTW proxies.)
**Thrawn's ISD (has been rigged, and includes a separate model with stealth mesh and new PTW proxies.)
**Black ISD (Retains new bones but given a black hull texture, and includes a separate model with stealth mesh and new PTW proxies.)
**Imperial-class Star Destroyer new death clone
*Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught (Totally the largest rig of the pack. Given nearly 400-500 new bones while retaining the ATTACK animation for the superlaser ability.)
**Eclipse SSD death clone (Finished construction version.)

*I re-sized the stock Venator to appropriate scale using the ISD as a base. I made sure to include the HP attachables. Code the unit in and set the scale at 1 to have a cannonly sized Venator. (It may look bigger than the ISD, but that is because it's higher in level on the feild than the ISD, making it look bigger, but it really isn't.


*T4B-Tank (Given more bones for additional weapons.)
*T2B-Tank (Given more bones for additional weapons.)
*Z95 HeadHunter Wing (Given more bones.)
*Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter (Given more bones.)
*BTL Y-Wing Bomber (Given more bones.)
*RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor (Given more bones.)
*Millenium Falcon (Given more bones.)
*Marauder-class Cruiser (Given more bones.)
*EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
*Dondonna II-class Alliance Assault Frigate (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
*Mon Calamari MC80 B-class Cruiser (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
*Mon Calamari MC80 A-class Cruiser aka Home One (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
*Lusankya Rig (No new bones.)
**Lusankya death clone (Modded vanilla SSD DC).


*Interceptor IV-class Frigate (Given more bones and PTW proxies.)
**New Death clone.
*Interceptor III-class Frigate Pirate Ship (Given new bones and PTW proxies)
**New Death clone.
*Vengeance-class Frigate (Given more bones.)
*Kedalbe-class Battleship (Given more bones.)
*Krayt-class Star Destroyer (Given more bones. This model has the most bones of any of the captials, sans the Eclipse which has the most.)
**Krayt-class Tyber variant. (see above.)
*Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught Prototype (Imported mesh with new bones and retains anims.)
**Eclipse UC SSD death clone (Prototype version.)

And that is all. This pack may have additional addons later, or if I can figure out how the hell I slow the anims down for the DCs of my new designs I may release a addon and if I can redo the walk anim for the AT-AT... The test mod is fully tested and hopefully bug free, so play that first for a general idea of how the models are in-game if additional HPs are codded in.
The new DC for the Acclamator is slower and basically it splits in half and falls back slowly, with end explosions and the chunks disappear unlike other fan-made DCs. >.>
The Victory DC imitates the ISD dc but isn't exactly accurate as it may seem, I had decided to recreate that anim.
The Venator DC tips downwards and drifts down exploding as it goes until the end of the anim where it is totally destroyed.
The Eclipse DCs do the same as the Venator dc only it doesn't have any mid-way explosions, just end explosions.
The Pirate and Interceptor frigate dcs fall forward similarly like the Venator DC only it rotates slightly as it falls and explodes at the end.
The ISD DC does the same as the Eclipse DC (Done out of request).

The animations are a little too fast for my likeing. I tried slowing them down with the "Toggle length" button in Max8, but when I view the anims in-game or in the ALO Veiwer, they're faster than I wanted it to be. Anyone who can help me with that would be greatly appreciated.

I made Icons for some units, they're free release with the conditions of the pack. Meaning, credit me if you use the icons. Includded are:

*UC Eclipse
*Executor (For the mass produced SSDs.)
*ISD Black
*ISD Blue
*ISD Red
*ISD Green
*Interceptor IV
*Pirate Frigate
*Venator (Big button only for stock icon.)
*Lusankya (With two different BIG icons. 100x50 and 100x100.)
*Daala (Can't remember if I made it or if I got it from someone else...If it's your icon, I take no credit. My memory isn't the best...)
*Victory II-class Frigate (Originally made for a mod project that I am part of, but I decided to release it for anyone's use.)

Fixed the GroundInfantry.xml file so that it wont crash when you play the test mod.

As I said with the release to my Model Pack, there were likely to be addons or patches. This is basically a patch that fixed the Death Clone's speeds and a texture issue I noticed about my Black ISD custom DC. I figured out how to make long slow anims, make the more frames. Of course, this method makes larger anim files, but the animations are more realistic. Also, I added in the smaller engine glows for the ISDs and the VSDs. :) I also further edited the VictorySD to have a better collision and bones on the wings. So now, if you code hardpoints into the wings, the projectiles will not totally miss it in-game.

Additionally, I tried, and probably failed miserably to make an ISD-class I model from the Stock ISD, which as we all know is the ISD-class II. Hope it's not a disappointment. Contains all the bones from my ISD rig. Included is a Death Clone close to as possible the original ISD for the new ISD MKI model. I even made another Venator without break-offs or emmiters loaded with the same bones from the other. And this model has a dc just like the ISD's and is scaled to the same length of the last EV_VenatorStarDestroyer model I uploaded. :)

I also coded in the new ISD I-class for the Empire. The difference is that it's an ISD I head and carries TIE/ln fighters instead of the better TIE/ln interceptors that the ISD II-class carries. The ISD I-class is also cheaper.


*Place the models, textures in Data, art, models. Place the Mod in the MODS folder in the Forces of Corruption directory and copy paste the shortcut to the desktop. Double click to play the mod. Use the MTD Editor to add the icons to the MT_Commandbar file in the Textures directory for your mod. (You may need to extract the original from the .MEG files to add the new icons to the standard Forces of Corruption game.)
*Uninstallation: Remove the models and mod from their designated folders.


*Petroglyph (Original models.)
*Lord Link Coding (War_Lord_Link) for rigging, textures, movies, coding, main menu and new DCs (Death clones).


You may use these as you see fit, but credit MUST be given to me for the rigging and anything involved in this pack must be given credit to me and Petroglyph. If you use anything from the Test mod, all credit goes to me for the base mod. Please (Not neccessary, but professional curtisy is much appreciated) contact me and let me know if you use these models in your mod, do not steal as I will have your work removed if I do not recieve credit.

Enjoy! :D

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Lord Link's Model ReRig Pack
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Opinionator Jun 1 2011 says:

I wait for more deleoped version, keeps ups the good work matey...

+1 vote     reply to comment
The-Dark-Lord-Link Author
The-Dark-Lord-Link Jun 2 2011 replied:

This is the full version. :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
NovaRaptor Jun 3 2011 says:

Thank you so much for rerigging the stock Eclpise. I've been waiting since forever for someone to do this. Seriously thanks alot.

+2 votes     reply to comment
The-Dark-Lord-Link Author
The-Dark-Lord-Link Jun 5 2011 replied:

Always a pleasure! Enjoy!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guardian14 Jun 6 2011 says:

YAY!!! Good work Link!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
RADIALTHRONE1 Nov 2 2012 says:

An eclipse with the superlaser AND 200+ hard points?
So... Much... Win...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Altair87 Jul 16 2013 says:

This is vor vanilla EaW? if it's not, please make for vanilla EaW!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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