Savage 2: A Tortured Soul takes the best of the FPS, RTS, and RPG genres and blends them seamlessly into an extremely addictive and complex experience. Anyone who's seen the game in action knows that each match is full of possibilities for epic moments and amazing displays of skill and strategy. Take the reigns as your team's commander from an overhead RTS perspective with superior strategic insight -- or join them on the field from a mixed action RPG and FPS view with a wide array of powerful classes and carve your path to victory.

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Project Zomboid Wont launch silbersmith silbersmith - read

Jun 5 2013

certificate error when logging in to desura steveyg777 EnforcerSP - read

Apr 29 2013

Cat Lady wont launch Quartz.dll problem pls help shieldvh996 shieldvh996 - read

Mar 19 2013

Game won't launch from Desura, does from terminal. mikexl NothingMuchHereToSay - read

Dec 1 2012

Having trouble running under linux? shocksofmighty oceania - read

Jul 10 2012

Login in-game Error Evie Evie - read

May 24 2012

Just a small Bug n3wu53r n3wu53r - read

Apr 27 2012

Savage2 and Xubuntu Mobai 11  shocksofmighty - read

Jan 19 2012

[Hotfix] Create Account rohezal2

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