Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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Jun 19th, 2011
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A very early demo, so please be kind! Surviving isn’t just about blowing zombie’s heads off. Depression, starvation, trust issues, loneliness, illness, insanity. These are just some of the things you have to deal with in Project Zomboid.

Make sure you have latest Java installed from here

At this time the paid version is still down. We’ll get it back up ASAP as soon as we figure out how to secure it. For now the public demo is the most current version. (0.1.4c)

In the meantime, you can buy and receive your username and password, and your support will be massively appreciated, but be aware that you won’t have anything different to the demo to play for a couple of days.

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Project Zomboid Tech Demo 0.1.4c
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Renay Jun 19 2011 says:

Someone give feedback, too lazy to test myself

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Otreum Jun 20 2011 replied:


However there is so much that the game does that it's really difficult to try and put it in a 2000 character review.

I believe the developer is trying to create a proper zombie survival simulator, using the Zombie survival guide as a reference, as opposed to the generic run and gun, hack and slash games that currently are in the zombie theme.

Some things to note are:
- Open World
- Day/night cycle
- Need to eat/sleep/rest
- Need to search for supplies
- Need to barricade buildings to create shelters/safety, as well as creating barricades in the streets and alleys to create a safe AREA.
- Items permanantly disappear once collected (there's no respawning items here!)
- Some food can go off/out of date/rotten, which later will be important, but right now you can eat food all the same.
- Custom weapons/items by combining items.
- Having to AVOID zombies, instead of mow down through them like other games. There are also large random zombie hordes roaming the game world.
- Every building is able to be entered, barricaded etc.
- Fire in a household can result in the house burning down and spreading (however I don't think it's fully fleshed out just yet).

- Full body damage system + infection system. (don't let them bite you groin!)

- One life policy (Once you're dead, you're dead or turn into a zombie, then you need to start over again. I believe this game is designed with the old arcade games in mind with high scores etc to see how long it is before you die (losing is fun!)).
(NOTE: You WILL die alot while working out the kinks)

The graphics are exactly as you see them above, sure it's nothing special, but for the type of game it is, I think it's pretty cool :)

Give this game a whirl, it is difficult, it CAN be frustrating, but it's really fun and i'm looking forward to seeing what further implementations the developer will add.

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Guest Nov 21 2015 replied:

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C-zom Jun 20 2011 says:

It is overall damn good and you will be surprised this is pre-alpha, I think of the dev team stays consistent they will have a masterpiece zombie game on their hands. Its a lot like rogue survivor, just a lot better.

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supabayde Jun 20 2011 says:

best game ever cant wait for more updates!

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XManXHunterX Jun 20 2011 says:

pretty awesome but really hard
i guess this gets the true feeling of a zombie invasion ,i mean not just go out side and kill every one

this is very complex and i like it would be awesome to have some allies
i hard to put ai but it would be awesome

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AydinDubstep Jun 20 2011 says:

Finally, someone who gets it! Gonna jump right on this :)

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Arxae Jun 20 2011 says: are some things noteworthy for me:
- As azerty player, it was quite awkward playing the game. Maybe a preliminary control scheme window?
- When you had to go get soup, there was a zombie in the house. hitting it was a bit problematic (character didn't swing weapon until i moved around a bit more, zombie didn't attack)
- The beginning was a bit stretched too long if you are trying to figure out the game. I noticed it could be skipped with the escape key. But it skipped all text. Could be handy to just skip text sentence per sentence.

Also, probably was ment to happen, but omg at the fire :p

I give the game a 7/10 in its current state (and i didn't judge it as a techdemo but as an actual game ;)) which is really good :D Looking forward to next versions ^^

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-(TBS)-Jericho Oct 18 2011 replied:

*spoiler warning*

found out the fire is avoidable if you just turn off the stove...

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bambuzled Jun 20 2011 says:

Was really cool I got her out of the house but after a bit the game crashed. Are you not supost to get her out?

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EvilRunner Jun 20 2011 says:

It's really a good game !

keep working and update, it can be famous.

Plans for multiplayer ?

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AydinDubstep Jun 20 2011 says:

Music department done a great job! Everything about it works really well, keep up the good work guys, I'd defo play this game for hours when its done!

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Tibyon Jun 20 2011 says:

You just wasted my entire monday.

Damn you.

But seriously, it's a great game, and I'll probably purchase it when you get the members only version out.

And this is old, but the new interface is a huge improvement, I really like it.

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PsychoEliteNZ Jul 2 2011 says:

I like putting the pillow over the wife's face.
But THEN... i starved.

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AUG_DUDE Jul 18 2011 says:

Can't play the game, when i reach the "THESE ARE THE END TIMES", the game freezes and crashes.

Any help?

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dyrvere Jul 28 2011 says:

I absolutely loved this demo, it's better than alright IMO! Wonder if Dead Island will play more like this as well. Anyway, this surely teases me to pre-order this game. Now: Still trying to figure out what is needed to create a molotov cocktail, makes sense one could destroy a lot more zombies by luring them into a building and set one off, seems there's no way to do that in this demo, or should I keep trying different combinations of booze and rags combined with the lighter? :)

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hydremajor117 Aug 8 2011 says:

I do like this a lot but here are a few things I'd like to submit as ideas...

- a "Beginner mode" with just a health and hunger bar to make players be able of scouting out the map and get to know what each item does and where to find it

- a skin tool for one to make his own characters/skins

- a mod tool for one to make his own additions such as new weapons and new features (like RPG mode or vehicles or anything a modder would care to implement)

- a level editor for one to make his own maps

And I think this covers most of my of the ideas I had while playing...

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Chippothehippo Sep 4 2011 says:

Well I make it out of the house on fire with kate, Carry her like a crazy long distance. Go to put her down and she disappears. Also I was surprised to find more humans then just Kate and I, Not going to say anymore to not spoil it for anyone. :P

Great game and can't wait to see this when it is complete! :)

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-(TBS)-Jericho Oct 17 2011 says:

can anyone help me out, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, I've DLed it and extracted it, attempted running the .exe, the mouse seems to notify that it loads for just a second and nothing happens, attempted running it in compatibility mode as well, would really love to play this; please any kind of help would be appreciated

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-(TBS)-Jericho Oct 17 2011 replied:

nevermind... needed to update Java... stupid me

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ozka420 Nov 23 2011 says:

this is very well made and i love these kinds of sandbox games, the graphics doesnt really matter as long as the gameplay is stable and fun. I am looking forward to the full release of this, and I'm also looking forward to be able to jump over fences lol :P

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DidierGlz Nov 25 2011 says:

how to play i only have a white screen

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Kanedoom Dec 1 2011 says:

I was freaking out when I couldn't find the vote button.

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SpecklesIV Aug 15 2012 says:

Okay lets see..

I'll be gentle since this is in alpha.

Once i 2xclick the exe it opened as a window, i like this as i hate going fullscreen and having to do it windowed if i multitask.

The intro was very nice aswell with the music in it i thought i would see a town full of zombies as the words came up but its stiil good.

Point and click kind of a game, i used to love PAC games when i was a kid so playing another gave me some good memories (:

I like the sims kind of needs you need to do to make your self stronger or better at surviving, adds realism to the game..

Some bits of text are sometimes not right. 'See what i can See' I would thought it would be 'See what i can find' But thats just me :)

No footstep sounds or voice acting?

I dont have a problem with this since its still in early testing so im sure you will deliver soon :)

Jumped a little at the suprise attack plus like the 'Shocked' feeling, that made me laugh at the face. (:

I dont know how to drop items,
i must of missed a instruction tab or im stupid, i will find out after i get used to the controls (:

Speaking about controls.

Very simple. WASD to move, Shift to run, Mouse to interact and move around.

Right now im still playing as im typeing this in but right now im enjoying this and will update soon (:

(Sorry for any Spelling or grammer errors. Had a rough night yesterday)

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KillerXDLZ Aug 18 2012 says:

This is going to be a multiplayer game or singleplayer?

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pronkyou2 Nov 8 2012 says:

As there is already some good feedback, I'll just chime in with a few immersion design issues that irritated me, whether or not you already have them planned.
-the lack of a quick click for putting items into a storage container like fridges and other things, even though you can quick click them into your inventory. Drag and drop is an unnecessary old design; you know where you're putting things, and the game should too.
-Why can't you kick down locked doors or break windows and crawl through?
-in an area where there is so much rain that it can soak you, where are the rain coats and umbrellas?
-where are the gardens? Seeds and things that you could grow if you live longer than a year? Why can't you survive to old age?
-Because it's possible to live a year or more, where's the save?
-Why does electricity still work months in? Who's running the power plant?
-What about seasons? Hot and cold weather?
-The Walking Dead raises a good point: Guns are loud. Wouldn't zombies be attracted to noise?
-Where is your family? How did the character not notice the outbreak until there were herds?
-Zombies seem to spawn as the game goes on, rather than having a set amount, which both causes lag from bodies and seems a bit unrealistic since towns only have so many dead.
-Zombies get into houses after they've been cleared, and yet the doors are closed.
-Rogue Survivor has some design ideas that may be worth a look.

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comodeath Nov 21 2012 says:

this is a funny game you know, but i hope we can play multiplayer on it soon and build houses of wood and stuff.

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Guest Dec 11 2012 says:

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cakeman1and2 Jan 12 2013 says:


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Threeamigops Jan 25 2015 says:

It won't download when i go to game front.Someone help meh pls.

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indiegamerx Jul 29 2015 says:

its good that the creator has made a sandbox survival game even though the game is in early access its game play is quit addicting I hope the creator makes a full game out of it sometime

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orrensanders Sep 30 2015 says:

how do I edit the textures?

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