OverDose is a class, team& objective based multiplayer game set on a post apocalyptic Earth, were the Confederate Marine Corps and Marauders battle it out for supremacy over the destroyed cities of a war torn world. Using idTech2 as a base, we are writing our engine from the ground up to take advantage of modern day graphical options and details levels to bring you eye popping class based multiplayer mayhem. This isn’t just war... Its an all out apocalypse!

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Real Time Light Shafts
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SinisterExaggerator Nov 28 2011 says:

A very nice feature gives a level with detail more feel and generally looks kick *** :). Loved how it works on animated models.

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xalener Nov 28 2011 says:

I'm so glad the light itself doesn't need to be on screen in order for these to work. Post processing lightshafts are cool and all, but make no damn sense.

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SneakySoft Nov 28 2011 replied:

PP light shafts actually makes sense if it is foggy. Your Eye reacts like a lens of a camera. You will see light shafts almost like you see it in a pp effect. Light shafts like in this scenes are also logic compared to real life, because then they will show up when there is a lot of dust in the air or when it is foggy.

Nice sweet done btw :)

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[Berserk] Nov 28 2011 replied:

Unfortunately we will likely end up doing a post-process for directional lights (like the sun light), because they're huge and this ray traced approach would be stupidly slow there.

I hate it when it disappears because the light source is no longer on the screen, but I guess we'll have to live with it :-(

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Hell_Diguner Nov 28 2011 replied:

My biggest irk with post-process directional lights is they tend to have strange artifacts when a complex object is partially on, partially off the screen. As an example, sun streaming through a tree, which you aren't looking directly at, but still have some foliage visible on the screen. The artifacts are most annoying while the camera is in motion, which is even more unfortunate.

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xalener Nov 29 2011 replied:

Stuff like that with the sun is fine imo. lightshafts from the sun never made too much sense to me anyway. There are only really rare occasions where they'd appear in the fashion they do in most games... most of which would result in extreme atmospheric haze along with the effect (which is never the case). Crysis and Gears 3 would be the biggest offenders of this.

Having this effect in dark dusty areas like you have been showing in this demo is great though.

When it comes to outdoors lightshafts, I would prefer it if there were small volumes of the effect around the ground (15 ft at it's highest) to simulate pockets of not-quite-settled dust. Would make more sense, though I have no idea how it could be done.

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[Berserk] Nov 30 2011 replied:

They DO happen in real life, but it's not something I care about a lot TBH. I still want to support the feature and let the level designers decide if they want to use it or not. Since it's still a quite expensive feature, users can of course disable it for better performance anyway.

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xalener Nov 30 2011 replied:

Oh, I know they happen in real life. I do see it quite a lot :P

What I mean is that they're usually featured in games in environments where they would never be. It's like lightning with no clouds.

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[Berserk] Dec 1 2011 replied:

Yeah I see your point. But what game is 100% realistic anyway? :-P

As long as the effects are not overdone and very exaggerated and everywhere, that's fine for me.

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xalener Dec 3 2011 replied:


So what you're saying is you won't go Crysis 2 with it? :P

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[Berserk] Dec 5 2011 replied:

What I'm saying is... erm... well I haven't played Crysis 2 so I don't know what you mean. I didn't like the first so I didn't bother with the second.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Dec 6 2011 says:


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anathema22 Dec 24 2011 says:

Cutee..4 or 5 years was it. That im looking in your site..since Quake 2 evolved. I think im going to be a father before this is finished..but hey team blur its only about 1 coder

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Real Time Light Shafts

Nov 28th, 2011
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