Operation Flashpoint takes place in the 1980's. Player must fight soviet forces on 3 large 100km islands as an American NATO soldier. Man vehicles such as aircraft, cars, tanks, and boats are driveable and commandable. A mission editor and other tools are also available or already built into the game itself.

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Operation Impending Doom

Operation Impending Doom


Hello, I want to start a an Invader Zim mod for Operation Flashpoint called, Operation Impending Doom. I know what you are thinking, that it is a ridiculous...

Stargate: The new civilization beta info

Stargate: The new civilization beta info

Stargate: The new civilization

Beta release is really close. Everything is done and last thing to do is to set up gameplay difficulty....

MP mission "Operation Venkov"

MP mission "Operation Venkov"


CSLA Studio is currently developing the new sandbox MP mission called "Operation Venkov".

Operation Flashpoint 1.99 Update 2011 (ARMA Cold War Assault)

Operation Flashpoint 1.99 Update 2011 (ARMA Cold War Assault)

News 4 comments

The tenth anniversary of Operation Flashpoint has come! A free update of ARMA Cold War Assault for original owners of Operation Flashpoint, and a Steam...

WW4 Modpack 2.1 Release

WW4 Modpack 2.1 Release

WW4 Modpack

After a very long time since the original release, a now up to date work is now released as WW4 Modpack 2.1, while i continue work on the future version...

Sinai Peninsula v1.4 Released

The Lost Brothers 2 comments

On behalf of the Lost Brothers mod team, I would like to announce the long-awaited release of our updated Sinai Peninsula version 1.4 terrain for Operation...

Lost Brothers: Arab Insurgent & Civilian Pack

The Lost Brothers 1 comment

The Lost Brothers mod for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance released their Arab Insurgent/Civilian pack. It includes the following:18 Arab militant models...

AddOn Pack #1 Available for Download

The Lost Brothers

AddOn Pack #1 for The Lost Brothers mod for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance v1.96 has been available for download since June 15th, 2004.You will need...

Desertwar 1942 screenshot pack.

Desert War 1942

First off,Merry christmas to all the modding community from the DW42 team,we hope you all have a good festive season and down plenty of pints and generally...

Deltas Soon done

Tales of War

Our Delta soldiers are soon done. They will come with new weapons, models, scripts etc.

LegaWarz Beta 1.1 Released!

Lego Warz

Visit to download our latest LegaWarz beta release, version 1.1! There are just too many new additions and fixes to list, so here's a sample. Vehicles...

LegoWarz Beta 1.1

Lego Warz 4 comments

Greetings Earthlings! In 1 week, on Saturday, June 14, 2003 @ 00:00 PST, we will be releasing beta 1.1 to the public for testing. Screenshots of what's...

bzzz....do you read?..phzzztt

Lego Warz 3 comments

Some great news! Maruk Spanel, the team leader for Operation Flashpoint and Resistance, contacted me a couple days ago and told me, among other things...

Lego Warz Q/A @ modDB.com

Lego Warz

My latest interview is up from the just released "Lego Warz mod. The "interview is just a click away! modDB.com: Explain how the player classes will work...

LegoWarz Beta 1.0 is OUT!

Lego Warz 8 comments

Our first public beta has been released and is available for download at our website. Here's a brief rundown of what's included in this release: Vehicles...


Lego Warz 2 comments

You know you've been waiting for it! Now it's here!!! LegoWarz' first video preview is available at our website - Click the image below to hit our website...

A Week of Flashpoint

Lego Warz

It's been a week since we started development of LegoWarz in Operation Flashpoint and we've got some more screens to show. Things have been going so good...

Lego Warz Updates

Lego Warz

Lego Warz gallery is once more updated. The modDB profile is here, and the Lego Warz site is just a click away!

Lego Warz Updates

Lego Warz

The Lego Warz team has worked hard and the talent and the screenshots tell the story. Make sure you check out the movie on the site.!

Important Help Wanted!

Lego Warz 2 comments

We've just learned that our game game concept (Lego-based War Sim) is going to be presented at a showcase in which EA will be attending at the end of...

New Website

Lego Warz

Things are a happenin. First of all, yes we do have a website now and yes it is for LegoWarz. At it you'll be able to learn all about the project and...

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