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The new DLC character pack for Tripwire's hit co-op zombie-killer Killing Floor is now available for purchase and download on Steam.

Posted by Henley on Jul 25th, 2009

The new DLC character pack for Tripwire's hit co-op zombie-killer Killing Floor is now available for purchase and download on Steam. The pack contains 4 new playable characters for you to enjoy. The four characters are:

  • Agent Wilkes: One of Horzine's own security guards, still in his uniform, enhanced with Horzine's own Mark 7 combat suit.
  • Foundry Worker Aldridge: A welder who managed to survive the zombie onslaught inside the Foundry, still in his working gear.
  • DJ Scully: Ex British army soldier, moonlighting as an underground DJ when the apocalypse hit.
  • Dr Gary Glover: Sent in as part of the emergency response team, Dr Glover managed to survive infection inside his Hazmat suit.

These characters will be available in the character selection screen in-game once purchased. For more details, head for Store.steampowered.com. And the FREE new map (Foundry) and weapons (AK-47 and the Katana) will be available soon!

Character DLC Character DLC Character DLC Character DLC Character DLC

Alan Wilson
Vice President
Tripwire Interactive LLC

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Cece Jul 25 2009, 3:13am says:

Best DOLLAR well spent imo.

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Afnopo Jul 25 2009, 3:20am replied:

Two dollars.

But yes, best two dollars well spent.

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Herterich Jul 25 2009, 3:33am says:

Better then a few candy bars. pfft ppl complaining about $2 for 4 skins. Keep up the good work TWI!

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InStars Jul 25 2009, 5:16am replied:

i prefer candy :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Extirpation Jul 26 2009, 3:08am replied:

I prefer hookers myself,
but character models tend to give me less itching in my nether-regions.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DFrost Jul 25 2009, 3:53am says:

Who's complaining? D:
Sheesh, that isn't much to pay for that.
(though i do miss the beret dude and the woman characters)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Cece Jul 25 2009, 5:12am replied:

If they did this and people buy it (ive seen a lot of people with it since release) they will most likely deliver such characters :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Daishi2442 Jul 25 2009, 4:35am says:

Why would people complain...for the price of a latte you can have 4 new characters to kick *** as.

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SinKing Jul 25 2009, 6:03am says:

Cool Characters and good pricing. Brings some diversity to the players and adds variation to the looks. I do miss a new woman character, though, she was always one of my favorites.

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RocKRebel Jul 25 2009, 8:42am says:

The one in the third and fourth screenshot looks like Dark Vader xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Frozencloud Jul 25 2009, 10:18am replied:

You mean Darth Vader? lol.

+2 votes     reply to comment
bomthret Jul 25 2009, 9:53am says:

Skeletor and the ironman wannabe look like super villain failures. The other two are alright looking. The welder should raise his shield when not welding though considering he would be blind firing his gun.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RockerFox Jul 25 2009, 12:37pm says:

And have the chancs of either getting melted by a bloat or have your face eaten by a clot? no thanks lol. but yea it was worth 2$, like really the only people who whould cry about this are the same people who cry about things like l4d2

-2 votes     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 7:50pm replied:

Your logic is heavily flawed.

+1 vote     reply to comment
manhunt0r Jul 25 2009, 8:47pm replied:

uhm what? there was logic behind THAT?

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Kitsunami Jul 25 2009, 12:38pm says:

Dollars for 4 charecters...

Not worth it for me.

Beret dude and Female Army girl are all im interested in, not two wannabe superheroes and two wierdos.

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medve Jul 25 2009, 2:10pm says:

useless dlc

+3 votes     reply to comment
Tex1090 Jul 25 2009, 2:29pm replied:

When has DLC ever had to be useful? It's a DLC adding optional 4 characters. People who want a new look can get it and like it, others who don't think it's worth it don't need to get it.

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manhunt0r Jul 25 2009, 8:48pm replied:

all of the f3 dlc, unlike horse armor, were full of win(and usefull loot). also gta4 dlc is quite good, pretty much like an addon.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RockerFox Aug 13 2009, 1:29am replied:

may i remind you that the same company who did the horse amour stunt also made the fo3 dlc? I like it this way, you get the real game changers (ak-47, katana and foundry map) for free and you have the option of getting the player models if you want.

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Extirpation Jul 26 2009, 5:45am replied:

I agree, this isn't a new map pack that forces you to have "less game" unless you pay. This is a dirt cheap character model pack. If you don't buy it, your not going to have any less fun with the game.

Unless your the type of person that frets over the appearance of your character model in 1st person games, or your the type of person who genuinely is concerned about the opinions or random people in online matches.

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Mkilbride Jul 25 2009, 3:14pm says:

Well, it'll be easy to just replace models if you want. :P

I think even if it's just 2$, to pay for basically what is more model slots, is stupid.

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Snarboo Jul 25 2009, 3:36pm says:

Will players without the DLC see players that do have it, or will they look like the default characters?

+1 vote     reply to comment
CSargeP Jul 25 2009, 4:20pm replied:

Players without the DLC will see players using the new skins. That patch on Friday added the models and textures for everyone.

My friend bought the DLC before I did and I could see him as the welder.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 7:58pm replied:

Yeah it isn't like old quake games and UT games where when other player Downloaded skins they just showed up as defaults to others without them/, because this was a pack made by the devs, and put directly into your KF whether you bought it or not. Buying it just lets you use them ;D.

+1 vote     reply to comment
phipe Jul 25 2009, 3:37pm says:

I think this has a chance too be featured at the end of the year in Pcgamers "Deal Of The Year". Last year the winner was Half-life 1 when it costed only 1 dollar. Sure, this piece of DLC is not much, but its the cheapest labeled DLC i know at least!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jul 25 2009, 4:09pm replied:

Lol, ok, that now is expecting to much. Deal of the Year is obviously going to be the 10$ Orange Box that was out for awhile. I mean you got HL2, EP1, EP2, Portal, TF2, ect, and access to all the mods for 10$? That's a REAL deal. :P

Sides, this DLC, as said, isn't anything major, so I don't see this as being a deal. If they had just allowed custom content replacement, this wouldn't matter at all, but no, they wanted to find ways to get more money out of you, so they make you pay for it, instead of unlocking Custom Content.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 7:52pm replied:

The complete tools are out and it is already possible for people to make their owns character models/skins/etc. Where is it you get your facts again? Oh yeah, your own ***.

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Herterich Jul 25 2009, 8:49pm replied:

You do know they need they money to support the game so we can get free updates for weapons maps etc. Its not like the $15-20$ you pay for this game is going to keep them going they are not slaves to do our biding on everything no matter how small to be free. Besides the big stuff is free they said only cosmetic stuff that don't change gameplay will cost money to support them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Terminal58 Jul 25 2009, 6:52pm says:

what a ******* milk, I regret buying this game and the fact more people are wasting money on it is kind of scary

-3 votes     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 7:57pm replied:

lol mister "I don't have 2 bucks"

It isn't like your forced to buy them. You will still get the new weapons and map u fool.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Herterich Jul 25 2009, 8:52pm replied:

Milking? you don't seem to understand they need to get paid to give us free updates its not like they are making it where you have to buy it or you wont be able to play it doesn't make you any better in the game its just looks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RockerFox Jul 26 2009, 1:14pm replied:

Ok i will admit to some comments being stupid (even my own at times), i will admit to people crying over things being stupid, i have said that some things that i will no longer bring up are stupid to support BUT YOU SIR HAVE TAKEN THE STUPID COMMENT AWARD FOR THE WEEK. Ok i can even see where the l4d2 boycott ppl were going now when it just came out and blah blah blah (history now a days) but you regret buying the game because you don't have 2$ to get player models? COME ON, like its not like ea who has millions of dollars to support their games, no its a small company that needs the support so they can pump out the free dlc. Now if you regret buying it so much don't f***ing come back and play it when they add in the Ak-47, katana and the new map. *goes back to eating cold pizza from last night*

+2 votes     reply to comment
AJ_Quick Jul 25 2009, 6:55pm says:

what are you rambling about Kilbride? Players can make and use their own skins, so long as they set up the UPL files, and code it to work as a mutator.

Someone is working on a KF Total conversion ffs.

If you dont want to buy the characters, then dont. In fact, you should probably save up all the $2 you can find and just buy yourself a f*king clue. It gets abit tiresome listening to your misinformed negativity over and over again

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LongBottom Jul 25 2009, 7:11pm says:

Regardless of DLC price, only greedy go down the road of charging for DLC, just shows Tripwire's true colours now. Spit back in the face of modders they once where.

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SupaNinjaMan Jul 25 2009, 7:33pm replied:

not really dan. . . .

people need money to stay afloat too, they're modders that make games. but to make games, one needs money, VALVe can do it because they've had odd amounts of success, but after two games, I doubt you have that much of a bank acount going.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cece Jul 25 2009, 8:07pm replied:

You fail to address the fact that Tripwire is releasing a free update with a map and two weapons soon. You dont NEED the cosmetic update to enjoy the game, its there for the people who want them and wish to support the devs.

There is a lot of QQ in this post D:

+5 votes     reply to comment
Dra6o0n Jul 25 2009, 7:37pm says:

Next thing you know, Katana for 3 dollars! Flare Gun for 5!
And then they start a friggin item shop like microtransaction mmos...

-3 votes     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 7:55pm says:

I like how the actual gamechanging content is free, but extra eyecandy of such costs less then a bottle of pop. 2 bucks well spent, and I hope to see more of these extras in the future! I'm hoping good sales in such DLC will get the mods working towards updates more often ;D. They should get some more voice actors to really give the characters more of an individualism.

Great work tripwire!

(PS the biotics lab live camera esq Monitor is a nice touch XD)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Herterich Jul 25 2009, 8:57pm replied:

I agree TWI is a good company this model works best big free updates and cosmetic things for money. I hope they will keep adding more characters including female ones someday.

+2 votes     reply to comment
vfn4i83 Jul 25 2009, 9:27pm says:

Big cias are going for small bucks and small cias weren't; I dont like to for pay DLC, but in that case, and for small and indies can't see no harm in it.

That hasmat is awesome.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jul 25 2009, 9:56pm says:

YEah, as a mutator for custom content. Which means it doesn't just show up on any server you join. It's a terrible idea these days. Most games are now allowing you replace player models, weapons, skins, ectera, because people like it and it extends the life of the game. If the server yer on doesn't have the mutator, oh, no custom sounds, no custom player models, no custom weapon models, ect. You can't have anything, everyone has to have the same stuff.

Now they can do the pathetic "Well, that's just how UT2004 works.", but you know? They had an Engine License, they could code custom content to work like any other game, but they chose not to. Because then they'd actually have to modify the Engine beyond the bare basics, and then stuff like this wouldn't sell.

Again it doesn't matter if it's 2$ or 20$, the fact is, it costs money for something that should have been free and games have been giving for free for years now. It's like paying for air.

For me, style is a big part of the game. Alot of the default models for weapons are just modeled so badly...(Yet some others, such as the Remington, are modeled so awesomely...), that it actually hurts the gameplay experience.(Bullpup for example.)

It feels like the models were made by one good team and one bad time, right down the middle. Now I wanna replace those models with one I like, that say I found on a Skin site, but oh no, I need a mutator, and if the server doesn't have the mutator, I can't use my CUSTOM CONTENT.

It was a huge fuss on the forums. They said it's to prevent cheating, but honestly, in a game where it's all versus NPC's, what kind of cheats could you really do? Make all the heads bright pink and the bodies dark black or something? Stupid! It only stifles the modding community, which is ironic considering their roots.

TWI is a Trojan horse, mark my words. Great on the outside, devilish on the inside.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 25 2009, 11:06pm replied:

I'll address each quote paragraph with a paragraph.

When you download custom content like playermodels that other players do not have, then WHY would they see them? Why would they need to? It works just fine that the player who wants it can see it and only others who got it as well can see it. It is a simple and good concept. As for these being DLC and full new characters, anyone can see them regardless of it they have the pack.

What other games just let you replace all their hard work all willy nilly? I haven't seen many that do that, at least none that I can remember. All quake and UT games do it this way, and it works very effectively. So your saying they should have gone out of their way to make custom content able to replace actual content so people can see eachothers skins?

How is paying 2 dollars for some professionally made extra characters supposed to be free like air? They are completely not needed in any way and was simply something extra the tripwire team did for anyone who wants them. It is hard work that, if they can make a few bucks off of, will do again to give the community more content for the game. Be happy that everything that actually has an impact on the game is free.

The models are fine, especially to the engines standards. Go look at the guns they are based off of.

Do you know what he even meant when he said they can be implemented by a mutator? Or did you just research UT MUTATOR and base everything your saying now on that?

Where was this huge forum fuss? I haven't seen any, let alone haven't seen you involved in anything but complaining.

You are a buffoon. You look just as stupid and clueless as you are.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jul 26 2009, 2:13am replied:

Any Source game allows it.(CS, DOD, L4D, ectera) Stalker, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2, Medal of Honor, Crysis, So those are no name games? I mean it's fine if you don't personally like them, but they're quite popular.

Honestly, you saw no forum fuss? Go look at the developer section for KF, a topic was made that got hundreds of replies about custom content only being allowed if the server has it also, maybe they deleted it? I wouldn't know, I don't go there anymore.

The way it works is, say you replace the Bullpup with a good model, it'll only show up if you use a mutator, and if you join a server, that server needs to have the mutator. So you won't get it. Now say, you have your own server, and load up your own custom models via a mutator, now everyone who joins will be forced to use them.

How can you even argue this?! The DEVS THEMSELVES SAID IT A MILLION TIMES ON THEIR OWN FORUMS! When everyone was crying about how they couldn't replace models and whatnot, and they responded because you need to make a mutator for it, and the server you join needs it also for it to be visible. Therefore, severely limiting your selection.

0 votes     reply to comment
AlCool Jul 26 2009, 1:37pm replied:

How come I've never seen it in source games? Or any of those for that matter. Also UT can have a lot of these things put into the map.

Do you know how few developers there even ARE in the Tripwire community? Most of what it has are mappers.

The bullpop IS a good model, go look it up. If YOU use a replacement model only you can see it obviously because it is does nothing to anyones game, but if you use a mutator then it is ADDING to the games regular settings therefore the server would HAVE to be running it. It is quite simple to not join a server using the mutator, as it SHOWS the mutators each server is running. Same thing happens in source games where a server is running any mod, your forced to DL it and play it regardless of if you even have it. The point of DLing the mutator IS USING IT. Why would someone join a server that has one, but not want to use it? That's just a stupid argument.

On regular UT replacing models does pretty much nothing to anyone but yourself, and its quite useless to do when there are NO DUSTOM MODELS DONE ANYWAYS. I'm sure the devs appreciate you overwriting all their hard work with work that wasn't yours. Have you seen the AK mutator? It is used widely in many servers, but now its being added officially! A new model with custom scripts sounds and everything! Oh look lets complain about it because now we can't use our AK mutators!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Herterich Jul 26 2009, 3:35am says:

Mkilbride fails to understand that game company's like valve have made it big with success with all of their games and have the money to spare on DLC etc. TWI is a small company that has only 2 games they still need support for their work. It doesn't really matter though people will still complain I guess they don't like the idea of new weapons maps etc to be free while cosmetic items that doesn't change gameplay one bit to cost $2 that's not much, and there's no label or "small print" that says you have to pay in order to pay for the DLC to keep playing.

+2 votes     reply to comment
RockerFox Jul 26 2009, 1:01pm replied:

here is how i look at the character dlc. It shows you are not a cheap *** that would sit around and just get all free stuff. It shows you supported Kf, even if its a small bit of support. So to show gratitude they give you 4 player models for supporting them and say "have fun and keep watch for the new free dlc". That is how i look at it, almost like a supporter badge.

Ps. that's why other player can see, so it shows you supported kf, duh

+3 votes     reply to comment
DOLBYdigital Jul 26 2009, 6:18pm says:

Well I personally would have rather given the dev team 30, 40 or even 50 dollars for the game and have them release updates for free than to pay 20 dollars for a game and then have to pay for each update.

However they did release the SDK for the game (i think) so people can techinically make their own custom updates, skins, mods etc for free. So I am not bitching about this mainly because this is an indie team and the DLC is not needed for full experience its just some extra characters.

However it abhors me when I see the big names charging out the @ss for small map packs or things that could have easily been updates that start to split the communities and encourage sloppy and quick cash ins. Its actually becoming common to hear about DLC 'updates' right after the release of a game which leads one to believe that they are simply stripping or leaving out the 'updates' just to charge for them a month later. This is just me ranting about the big names though and not the indie scene since I know they are working their *** off.

On a completely separate note since I am in rant mode ;)
I REALLY don't like the changes made to the knife animations. The middle click knife attack was a really great change up and combo starter so its ashame that it has been removed or changed to be like the normal attack. I am actually very disappointed in this because I am one of those melee freaks. Just my opinion but I have noticed that I play less ever since that update :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
RockerFox Jul 26 2009, 9:34pm replied:

just to reply to that the dlc for the ak-47, katana, and new map is free if you didn't know or if you knew but didn't mention it. Also they just changed the animation not the attack itself, its just a powerful slash in the other direction.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mr.John Jul 26 2009, 10:38pm says:

Shud be free... :/ especially for KF owners.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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