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BrainCandy Sep 14 2010 says:

Thanks a lot for watching Fray! We are always available to answer questions if you have any. We should have news updates once a week so stay tuned :D. Cheers !

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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Mar 17 2008 says:


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Squeebo Feb 12 2008 says:

Fancy seeing you here..

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Snarboo Creator
Snarboo Feb 12 2008 replied:

This is where I learned about PVK 2 from. I've been here a while though. :)

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Halloween4 Online
Halloween4 Dec 5 2007 says:

Seeing that you've finished the PARANOIA mod I wonder if you could help me out as I've stuck at the end.

I've got to the lab part & killed all of the zombies, gone along to the end of the corridor, to the lift & pressed the button but it does not come.

I think this might be because I haven't killed that spider monster thingy yet, but I can't find it. although I can still here a lot of banging noises comming from the lower leve's, so I think he's down there somewhere, but I don't know where to go to set him free, or how to set him free.

Please help.......;)

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methy Sep 4 2006 says:

Well posted. I like the way you think. Jaded? Sure, but absolutely right.

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Snarboo Creator
Snarboo Aug 31 2006 says:

From what I've played of Half-Life 2, I must admit it is fun at times. I can see the appeal of it, and why so many like it. I still prefer the original game, however. I feel that the original game was more a labor of love, while the sequal was a labor of business. Once Valve saw the success of the Half-Life formula, they didn't hesitate to expand upon it.

Is it wrong of Valve of to be a business and make sequals? No, but I don't understand the mindless worship and admiration behind it. I'd say most people are jaded by sequals, but people welcome new chapters in the Half-Life saga with open arms. Not to mention that Half-Life 2 was padded out with unnecessary gimmicks, such as boring, endless driving sequences.

I'm not jaded enough to call Half-Life 2 a physics demo, but when the majority of the game focuses on physics that serve little value outside of looking pretty, crate stacking puzzles and has you wielding a gun for 2/3 of the game that screams "Look, we have physics!", something is wrong. The best they could come up with are driving sequences, the "gravity gun" and endless variations on box stacking puzzles? Even the highly controversial and flawed Trespasser put it to better uses. Hell, there are many free games that use it better. I heartily recommend you go to to see many examples of physics being put to better use than even Valve can do.

There's a joke some people make about Valve saying they've only ever made two full games, and simply repackaged them over and over again with new content. This is still slowly becoming true. Valve has pretty much proven that they only make a full game every 5 years or so, padding it out with mods, expansions and engine tweaks until they release the next cash cow, which will undoubtedly be a sequal. How many various commercial packages of Half-Life and its mods have we seen? I'd say atleast 3 dozen, maybe more.

Some will argue that projects like Portal and TF2 still shows the creativity behind the team that made Half-Life. Frankly, I disagree. TF2 is yet another sequal, to a mod no less, that just has a fresh coat of paint. Portal is a different animal altogether. Once again, it's a sequal or expansion to the Half-Life storyline, but it suddenly came out of nowhere around the time Prey was to be released, and it's obvious to me that it served one purpose: gameplay gimmick.

Not only did they steal the thunder behind a promising commercial project just days from release, but also snapped up budding game designers for the sole purpose of produing a money making gimmick. It was a very tasteless thing to do. After the initial buzz of being hired by Valve subsided, I'd probably feel rather used, my values compromised, and instantly become jaded.

I don't know why I'm surprised by this, as Valve has done this time and time before. Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Gunman Chronicles: all projects Valve has snapped up to quickly turn a quick buck. It seems Valve has a habit of either assimilating promising mod/game developers with which to churn out more sequals or leaving burnt out, forgotten husks behind.

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Squeebo May 7 2008 replied:

I don't mean to be a giant Valve fanboy, but, I don't think that Valve really stole from Prey, they apparently got their idea for portal from a game called Narbacular Drop(An environmental puzzle video game developed by Nuclear Monkey Software; It was the Senior game project of students attending DigiPen.) It works kind of the same way(Almost exactly the same way, if you ask me, although I've never played Narbacular Drop.
Most of the people who made Narbacular Drop were hired by Valve to help make portal(Or so I've heard.) So that's not really stealing their ideas, is it? If the creators still had a hand in making Portal.

And Team Fortress2 is a lot like the original(That I remember... It's been so long.) But polished to a mirror shine, the art style is fun, and unique, compared to most releases, lately, the gameplay is similar to the original Team Fortress, but still, very polished, and to me, it's just fun to play.

I do agree that the Fun-motion stuff is pretty cool, and I do think the gravity gun is a little over-used(I mean, I think it's cool and all, but I wouldn't mind having a a CHOICE between it and well... Another cool gun.)

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Snarboo Creator
Snarboo Oct 4 2008 replied:

Honestly, I wrote that so long ago I can't even remember why I was so mad. I still don't hold Valve up as the paragon of gaming, but having the chance to actually play both of those games and see just how much work, effort and creativity went into them changed my mind. I still believe that Portal's announcement was a tactical business one, since both Prey and Portal sort of had the same mechanic going, but in the end both games were vastly different.

As for TF2, the new visual style really grew on me, and I much prefer it now over the gritty, brown "realism" that most games have fallen into these days.

While the gravity gun has overstayed its welcome, I believe Valve realized this, hence the creation of Portal. I like the idea of a weapon that can do more than shoot bullets into enemies' heads. :p I am looking forward to Fracture's environment morphing gun for this very reason.

I guess my anger stemmed from my feelings that Valve are the "golden goose" of the industry, a golden goose who can do no wrong in the eyes of most people.

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methy Aug 29 2006 says:

Just like to say I agree with you to a certain extent about Half-Life 2. I mean, it's a great game, fun and has a great storyline (albiet with terrible characterisation), but I'm shocked about how worshiped VALVe are at the moment.

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