The IFSCL (code lyoko supercomputer interface) is a fan destkop simulation game. It reproduces exactly the Supercomputer of the animated show : CODE LYOKO, and put you as an operator guiding his friend to fight monsters.

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The software gives a detailed simulation of the interface of the Supercomputer (and its OS) from the french animated television show "Code lyoko." The simple commands allow for professionally designed images and animations. Though some features are missing, the amount of features has grown over those 2 years. the absense of features is more than made up by the outstanding features already put in. This version brings in a lot and is worth a 4 month wait. The show was clearly studied prior to the creation, and is truely a work of living genius. the only other functional interface allows for only the superscann, virtualisation and vehicles. this, however, brings to life more in-depth aspects. I truely believe that this is the best simulation of an interface out. Needless to say, the next version is already anitcipated by many fans. Every respectable fan MUST own the latest version of this remarkable software. GOOD JOB!!

realy cool

This person is AMAZING I dont know how he dose it every month its just amazing i love code lyoko and i love it more now that i have this!

Really great simulation of Code Lyoko supercomputer! If you are a fan of the series, download it! You will really love it, trust me. :P

Amazing! Does what it's supposed to and has impeccable quality!

best game/program ever!

me mola mucho

Absolutely impressive! Once you grasp all the commands, its a blast! Operates almost practically like the real thing! :D All there is left are just minor things they need to add to the system, but other then that, i'd give this game a major:"15/10". Game is great!


It's great

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