You are sent to war-torn Africa to assassinate The Jackal, a mysterious arms dealer who has rekindled conflict between local warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfil your mission you will have to play the warring factions against each other, identify and exploit their weaknesses, and neutralize their superior numbers with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, brute force.

Post addon Report content PirateCove1.0 - by R6_Eagle_9
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Jan 9th, 2009
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PirateCove1.0 - Submission for the map design contest under the "what the?!" category. Medium size, All game modes (CTD recommended), 12-16 players.

ARRR me Buckles...All hands on deck, ready your swords and roll out the cannons. There be hidden treasure in this cove, but only the more swashbuckling pirate crew will survive to collect the gold. In this map "PirateCove1.0" two pirate gunships battle for dominion over the lucrative cove, while their unquenchible greed also seeks to rob any valuables that might be found in the enemy captains quarters. The battle rages as cannons bombard the lower hull, and men fight face to face on the decks above. Board the enemy ship and challenge their crew, or climb up the mast to the crows nest and observe the onslaught below. One can also escape to the shore or nearby island to leave the imediate danger, or occupy one of the flank forts and catch the enemy from behind. CTD is the recommended game mode, but all are supported. Fighting is relatively open close quarters, so teamwork is a requirement for success. If you like pirates than this map is sure to shiver your timbers! Enjoy, Yarrr! (map submission for contest under "what the?!")

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PirateCove1.0 - by R6_Eagle_9
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paradoxmp Jan 10 2009 says:

Very, very, very nice. Well done my friend, can't wait to try it in a real match.

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zahlenbechk Jan 10 2009 replied:

I never suspected there to be 3 pirate ship maps. Looks good anyway.

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Otreum Jan 10 2009 says:

woohoo, someone who actually used wooden planks to make the pirate ship, very nice pirate ships :)
Not sure about those cannons on the land though, gotta make sure your first shot is an accurate one or you blow yourself up.

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R6_Eagle_9 Author
R6_Eagle_9 Jan 10 2009 says:

haha thanks guys, yah, I didnt know others were making pirate ships too, I started mine awhile ago, yarrrr! the cannons are tricky, but they are carefully placed as to target specific locations so that they arent too effective and be a GL fest. and yes, if your not careful it just might backfire on you xD. Trick with cannons is to use the iron sights, aim high, with sight at or near top of black barrel, and try to arc your shot over, like a cannon =). u need to get a shot through the window in order to damage foes inside other ship, so it requires some learning how to use it right and skill. Almost every cannon has a counter cannon, so watch out xD!

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Spooboy Jan 10 2009 says:

Eagle you are f'n amazing at making your own stuff, keep it up.

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twcrash Jan 11 2009 says:

wow amazing map and concept. Good luck in the contest I think you have an excellent chance. Great job

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Jan 11 2009 says:

wow man! this is some real good stuff! i was surprised when i saw pirate stop the first time, but im even mroe surprised that was a more common idea!

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Jan 11 2009 replied:

This map is fun, very well thought out, although i think it could stand to e a little deeper, i dont know how much that might take, but i think overall this map is very good. i love the cannons! XD

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R6_Eagle_9 Author
R6_Eagle_9 Jan 12 2009 says:

thnx Trend. ya know, i considered making the water deeper, if thats what you ment, but i decided that it would make the game too easy if u could swim under the ships. If that were true, then the diamond carrier could just swim under both ships and not be exposed for others to hunt down. but i agree the water should look/feel deeper, but then again, it still works as "water" the way it is =). Thank you for the suggestion, and for playin with me xD.

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Otreum Jan 12 2009 says:

gosh, this so doesn't deserve only a 5.8 score, i'm gonna bump my vote up to 10 to try and make the score better, even if it doesn't count, it can turn people away from good maps like this.

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twcrash Jan 12 2009 says:

me and a few friends played this last night and its well done and plays really well. Great job. Not only does it look good but plays good as well. I don't understand the 5 rating unless it's someone who made a bad version of this excellent map.great job!!

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Jan 12 2009 replied:

i senses jealousy much. someone is trying to bump the vote down out of envy :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
f0u Jan 12 2009 says:

Weird ladders placement... but in general it looks really good. 8/10.

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R6_Eagle_9 Author
R6_Eagle_9 Jan 14 2009 says:

I'm glad many have tried this map out and had fun. Thanks for the comments.

fOu, u referring to the ladders on the masts? A little strange yes, I was trying to make it easy to access those areas from either side and still leave room to move around on the sails. I figured they would be fun areas to climb to. I know all the ladders don't really "look" right, but they help add to the game play. Thanks again, i appreciate your time in checking it out :)

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Mar 23 2009 says:

what did you use to do the ropes on the masts? that is awesome that you found a prop for the job.

+1 vote     reply to comment
R6_Eagle_9 Author
R6_Eagle_9 Mar 31 2009 says:

lol judo, believe it or not them ropes are telephone/power lines. the wooden posts are hidden within the hull of the boat. worked out well =)

Them sails tho aint gonna take the ship no where, they're hard as rock xD

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