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"Inspired by fantastic movies and TV series... explore, learn and survive..."

Please, check the FAQ for more information.


=== STORY ===

In the age of kings and wars, the strongest army needs to have the best equipment, the best strategy... and the best technology. When the Zenith islands were found, a place in the sky in flying islands, many kings tried to build some kind of flying machine, with no success.

After many years... the time has come. A briliant wizard and engineer built some kind of baloon machine capapble to take villagers and soldiers to these islands. And this new technology reached the hands of all the four kings, of the four Kingdoms in Tameldor lands. Everyone want a piece of what these islands has to offer.

Big prizes were offered to those who bring the best magic, the best treasure... or the best discovery. Many went to this island searching for these treasures, only a few came back... with incredible stories. All kings are offering good amount of gold to those who brougth good treasures and/or spices.

But these islands has much more that men can think of... mountains and forests are home to thousands of living creatures, small and big, quiet and dangerous. Young explorers may fall during hard encounters... but experienced warriors may find beautiful treasures.

You are a son of a King's Lord, your father is lost somewhere in these flying islands. When your trip to there exploded, you see yourself trapped in the middle of one island. Your men died... you can only start over and try your luck exploring this new world... and maybe discover what this lands has to offer.

Build your new home, put your men to work for you while you explore for treasures and try to discover the truth behind these islands. Your city can become a very good trade point, hosting feasts, travelers and more.

Below Zenith, things are not going well... the kingdoms are fighting for more power... a new war is comming...

Good luck, explorer...


>>> FEATURES <<<

Some of the features below will be only present in the final version.
Each release download will be available here and in the development blog.

- Sandbox environment to explore Zenith islands;
- Fast character evoluition using skills and magic;
- Resource management in medieval-fantasy cities, control villager tasks and guards;
- Main quests based in a rich story about flying Islands created by Gods;
- Random side quests, get to know your villagers and help them;
- Your characters needs to eat and rest to complete dailly tasks;
- Build dozens of different buildings, all can have interactions;
- Give direct orders to your men and make your city grow;
- Trade zones that will increase your city visits;
- See your city gain life with daily tasks from your villagers, bandits and warriors;
- Keep your villagers happy and they may compensate you with great quests;
- Many places to explore: ruin cities, villages, forests, etc;
- Day and night cycle means different dangers and quests;
- Intense battles with lots of soldiers and warriors;
- Random events for your city and side quests;
- Find treasures, random placed each time you play;


=== FAQ ===

What happened to this game last year?
We had to stop its development to finish some comercial projects and our first mobile game. Now we think its time to take this back again and change some plans for EoZ. But expect good news ;)

What is EoZ?

A RPG Game with strategy elements, where the player explore flying islands in a medieval and fantastic plot and at same time defend your city from bandits and monsters. See your city grow, many treasures to find, rare items, all this with the main plot full of mysteries.

Is there multiplayer mode?
We planed this in the past, but for now, only single-player. More info about this anytime.

How much this game will be?
No information about this yet.

When will the game be released?
When it's done ;)

What is the system requirements?
No info yet, expect something for a good PC (but does not need to be very high).

How can you/we help?

Please, support it with feedbacks and comments, spread the word and help us to know if this is fun or just not :)

Copyright (c) 2012 - Odin Game Studio
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==== Update for Explorers... only! ====

Hello explorer,

Long time no see, huh? Well, we are sorry for the lack of updates, but Odin Game Studio is gaining strength and we need to focus in commercial projects for our own good... we have to pay bills, as everyone.

We will try to keep updating EoZ, but at the moment we cannot afford to continue developing it, we just dont have time and I cannot make false promises to the community.

Please, I invite you all to follow us in our website, we will update it this weekend with our new identity and our current games. EoZ is a private project of the team, and so we cannot put in our website for now as a current project.

Facebook page:
Website (updating this weekend):

I felt compelled to say this update for you all the were following EoZ, we could not get a real stats to raise funds for this game... for now!

We will release an iOS/Android game soon and one big PC/Mac/Linux game also, probably we will post in IndieDB too. These ones are "somewhat" financed and will get released. I will keep everyone update (of course, for those who are interested).

Thank you again, as soon as I have more news about EoZ, I will post it here :)


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hey i tried to play but when i tried to spawn enemies, nothing happened?

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xandeck Creator

Hey :)
Press K, the enemies will spawn not where your character get born, but near a guard tower, right of the main tent...

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Hm, I remmember my idea of survival on iland game, long before minecraft was known. I mean - minceraft was something close at idea, but I didn't like style. Now - finnaly something more close. ;)

But let's not fill comment with gibberish.
First of all: GREAT WORK!
Second: Can't speculate on graphic meaning, cuz I don't have god'ol computer :P.
Third: Haven't read anywhere - any crafting planned? Nothing fancy, I mean, just simple thing.
Fourth: I understand idea of combos, but what with bow? Lethal ranged skills, or, may be, sneaking (another thing I wanted ask)?
Fifth: If there would be building ,making system.. then, what 'bout loosing them?
Sixth: Map? Or, for more realism, making map from something?
Seventh: Any chance to, em, relocate minnion (sorry, can't name them villagers :P) paths. I mean - they're gathering and find path by themselves. But, what if in path of far far gold mine is bear lair? (Speculation)
Eigth: Fast/quick weapon swap? Bow is good, but in close combat, using inventory for replace bow with sword, aint pretty comfortable :(.
Nine: What's difference of patrol and guard? I mean, in game, not in word meaning.
Tenth: Kepp doi'n GREAT STUFF!

I'm really into to track you're work, even share it and most of all - propoganding it to those, whoo'm I can reach XD.

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xandeck Creator

Thanks for the feedback, really. I will try to answer all of your questions.
- No crafting planned yet, we want to focus the game on a few things only, like exploring using a few survival elements, good role-playing and sharing this with friends online... adding crafting may raise some problems for the game, like players complaining about "not possible to craft this or that"... so, we are still thinking about it.
- It will have skills for bows too. Anticipating a little bit: for skills, players can choose each 5 levels what is his path: close combat or ranged combat skills.
- Probably we will add more buildings to the game (not only tents and towers, and also interiors on each building, players will be able to make a home for it... the story will tell more...). Enemies will probably try to destroy it, but not often, according to story, they want the camp for themselves :)
- What you mean making map for something? Anyway, the map will be part of the story, but with many sidequests and a possible editor for these quests. Main quests cannot change;
- Good suggestion on seventh :) we will study that, thank you. The meaning to have villagers (names may change during development) is that, according to story, they know the location of past explorations, thats why they know the right paths.
- Swap weapons are been checked yet. Lets try to make this move for next updates.
- Warriors may patrol the camp to look for thieves and enemies. We want some elements of the game to be more realistic, you will not have some kind of horn to warn every soldiers about enemy presence, only if your men really saw an enemy :) To check for enemies, they need to guard and patrol

Thanks again and we will keep you updated, I just say to everyone to be patient about releases...


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Oh, thanks on reply ^.^. I'm really into in watching youre progres! XD
'bout map - never mind XD.
I understand 'bout crafting - sounds logical.
Ok, for now, I'll leave some questions for future. Let's see, what You have under sleeve.
For now - good luck!

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Game looks great, tried it on a MBP core2duo, with the discrete (low performance) graphics mode activated, real laggy , but I guess its ment to be played on a better gfx card). 2 things I noticed so far, thought to give some feedback on them :
1. I put a villager to gather ore, he was standing still (maybe there's no ore in the alpha? :) )
2. If you player dies and the enemy is still alive and gets near your player's spawn point, its a little bit hard to revive since you're getting killed the instant you're revived (as a workaround I created a warrior by reviving several times and giving the commands one by one).

Keep up the good work :)

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xandeck Creator

Thank you for your feedback :)
There will be better options to lower the graphics, but yes, you really need at least a 256 MB graphic card that supports a 1.0 shader.

For the villager jobs, yes, there is no ore gathering at v0.0.3a, sorry I forgot to post that
About hero respawn, it will have another way to do so.


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Trying alpha :
Very nice graphics, without hero's head ! ;)
Too much smoke when I walk I think, it's like I'm a buffalo !
Jump is a little exaggerated too.
This game make me think to Sacred 2, but with more interactions and possibilities like eat, sleep, build a camp, create a team, ...
It's very good !

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xandeck Creator

Thanks for your comments :)
What do you mean whithout hero's dead?
Hheehhe, lol on buffalo... we will change that for sure, there were other complaints about this.

Some animations are just been created again or fixed, jump is one of then.

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Not hero's dead, hero's Head ! Lol
The head is a little ugly for me but the corpse is really well done, same for clothes !

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xandeck Creator

oooh, lol... sorry, I swear I saw dead...
Yeah, I'm aware of that... but you know, without a decent budget, thats what we got now... anyway, the texture from head will be changed (not everything, but something like old style RPG - eyes only maybe)...

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In the game, most of the time , we see just the back of the heroes, not the face, or we are very narcissistic ! It's not a major problem, don't worry.

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xandeck Creator

Yeah, its because of the camera is planned to be like this way for now... but as I said, we will listen to everyone, and thank you again... we hope to make a very good game

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