The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you.

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FIX: Forgot a VERY important texture file, sorry guys. I always seem to botch something on mod release, gah. The new file should have it included and this should work better. Even works with some conversion mods I learned, such as shifter/biomod. I sincerely, sincerely doubt this mod is going to need any patching unlike poor ol' iron man. This has a grand total of 0 affiliation to mass effect, the name itself is a bit of a slip up, but the mod is well-worth excusing that tid-bit. This mod focuses on crafting your own weapons and ammo very in-depth and is as similar in that sense as it is related to Hatchet, this is no matter of coincidence. One of my personal favorites and now the 2nd file in an unknown length series being dubbed "Markistan The Missing Files", Enjoy.

MTMF: MSMassEffectF

I can't summon the item with "summon MSMassEffect.MSMassEffectMutator",
are you sure the name is correct?
Iam using yet again BioMod, but I doubt this makes a difference.

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WCCC Author

That summon code is completely accurate. I regret to inform that this mod is not as compatible as the Suit mod as far as total conversion mods. For the player's perspective it doesn't make total sense, but they chance a lot of things around in those kinds of mods, lowers cross-compatibility drastically, even though shifter attempted to think ahead for the most part when it comes to compatiblity. Mod is not compatible it seems, thanks for the feedback and of course, your continued interest in my work. If you have any secondary installs of deus ex or could make one in a new location, you can probably play around with this and other mods while keeping shifter/biomod as your main play style. That's about all the friendly advice I have, wish I had more!

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WCCC Author

WOAH. Wrong here. SO WRONG. I feel awful, was originally going to package this mod with a possible candidate for the 3rd in the series, MSBorderlands, which is a procedurally generated loot system but is also radically unstable. It DOES however, share the same special effects file, a text file. This wasn't included when I packaged them seperate. In fact, I just tested this a tad in shifter, and you can summon the item and PROBABLY work out everything in the mod. Sorry for the inconvenience, I swear I find a new way to screw things up every time. Let me know how the patched file works, please. Sorry once again.

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I played a bit around and I think this mod is not so much compatible with Shifter/Biomod after all:

-Freshly crafted parts dissappear magically in the PartsPack, sometimes even infront of my eyes, but only if the crafted part created a new stack/was not there before;this only happends to fresh parts and sometimes the parts just stay like they are supposed to

-Crafted live-fire ammo almost allways doesn't appear, I was only able to craft ammo 2 times so far from many tries(lots of non-special-parts + one time explosive armor-piercing which once it ran out dissappeared in my ammo inventory so when I tried crafting it again it just failed;I can't remember explosive being very explosive though, I have to check that out if I ever get to craft special ammo again)
I want to mention I was able to have both ammo types at once in my ammo inventory aswell was able to change from my stock ammo to my E-AP rounds while holding the gun (Didn't test from E-AP to stock, oh well)

-When using UNREAL difficulty setting (shifter easter egg, right click on realistic after new game) no (0) scrap is awarded (the reason is obvious, just wanted to mention)

-Guns don't make any sound when shooting

Iam well aware these problems are not your fault and Iam thankful for these awesome muts you made, I never would have expected to find mods like this in Deus Ex.

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