Critical Point: Incursion is a standalone game created with Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit. Incursion is a semi-realistic, arcade-like first-person shooter combining tactical gameplay with arcade-style speed.Utilising a wide variety of modern weaponry and set in fantastically rendered locations, the Mercenaries and Special Forces meet at a critical point! In a rush-based mode as seen in first-person shooters such as CoD4, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike and TO:AoT, teams are given level-specific objectives in round-based scenarios! CP:I is aimed at a large player base, offering a huge platform for competitive clan and league play, allowing individuals to shine and capture their glory regardless of how many hours they have played. It accentuates skill vs luck, aiming vs spraying, etc. We differ from the competition by having no unlockables, no RPG's, claymores, tanks, jets or other vehicles. Just PURE infantry combat action!!

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This month we are proud to show some WIP shots for one of our levels still in development, which will ship with our public beta! Read on for more details...

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Dear community,

Last month we revealed hi-res images and videos of our Swat Male and Female characters that were developed by mmt and Striker. This month we are proud to show some WIP shots for one of our levels still in development (80% finished), Frostbite along with various individual assets that have been created.

All credits will follow.


Deep in the heart of Russia where the temperatures are dropping and trouble is brewing, a factory has been cleared out and being used by mercenaries as part of their underground network.
Reports are still sketchy, however we hear that an unknown number of mercenaries have seized and kidnapped a group of high-profile businessmen (yet to be disclosed) whom are now being held hostage.
The SWAT team have been brought in to rectify the situation, to bring an end to this seize and account all those responsible.

Level Design by Pleun "Ssswing" Meuwissen
Environment Created by Peter "pAldred" Aldred
Additional Assets by midwinterdreams, kev2m, kaze369 & Aragao

Shot 1:

Shot 2:

Shot 3:

Shot 4:

Shot 5:

We are pleased to say this level will be shipped with the public beta! We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts here as well as on our public forums

On another note, our code department is very busy.
Drakk Lord has been intensively working on the weapon code, updating our existing setup and implementing an advanced system to handle weapon pickups, weapon cycling, throwing, reload/clip handling plus all the weapon values that will be tweaked and balanced through the course of development. Great work and we look forward to giving you futher updates in the near future.

Kolby is back in action, currently getting his teeth deep into the objective system, fine tuning how the buyzone, hacking and rescue scenarios work - including rules, what ifs and other factors that affect team wins. This includes announcer sounds being played and so on. Very involved!

Over all, things are moving very well at a good pace we are happy with!

Your TA Team

Tactical Assault requires a license for adobe photoshop! Your donations will be much appreciated, thank you
Click here to lend your support to: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and make a donation

Coming Soon....
Our next media release
A pre-view of Matt "mjl86" Lefevere's level accompanied by some exhilarating artwork from our texture and modeling department!

Stay tuned...

Garyn Dakari

Good levels!

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Nice are they all custom assets?

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a2ny Author

All assets are custom made, from the skydome to the floor.. everything you see is TA content, nothing used from UDK or UT3 default packages.

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That map is looking really good, just some more work on it (adding more props, like boxes, on the outside area would make it better IMO and making snowing [weather]) and it should rock!

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a2ny Author

Thanks for the comments, just so you are aware as per the news text this is about 80% finished, requiring some finishing touches here and there, including level music which is being created as we speak by JTMarrin.

There will not be any snowing effect, simply as we dont want it. ´However there are some other effects ingame, whichyou cant see from still screenshots, such as snow blowing off the mountains, from the floor and off tops of roofs etc..

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But why no snowing? It would be so great.

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a2ny Author

we have reviewed a few things and are looking into making some very light drizzle of snow effect :D

happy? :p

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Looks great, can not wait. :D.

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looking sexy!

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