Cosmicomics* is an atmospheric 3 dimensional abstract puzzle game, that takes place in a beautiful, mysterious, and isolated world. While the world is ambiguous, and the player is uncertain of any backstory, or understanding of how they came to be, the lush environmental aspects of the puzzles, and the interplay between sci-fi aesthetic, mysterious atmosphere, and player fueled environmental interaction should be an engaging and pleasant experience; The game sets you, a nameless individual, in the midst of a mysterious and ethereal world, where game elements and themes of exploration and abstract puzzles are balanced to give a satisfying experience. Currently, the direction of the art and the storyline is player and environmental interaction to solve puzzles and discover more about the underlying mystery of the game. Cosmicomics is in an early stage of development, and is this developers very first game.* Cosmicomics is the project name.

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My first update in a while: I explain my temporary absence, and discuss several cool updates, some of which I have mentioned on my site and in my blog.

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Hey all,
So, this is my first news article in a while - for those of you that have been following my resurgent blog posts this is old news, but firstly, this project is not dead. As many of you can attest too life can get in the way, and in this case, schoolwork, and then a sudden bout of illness, kept me from putting serious work into Cosmicomics for a while now. However, I am back and if anything, my past experience only hardens my resolve: I am determined to keep working on my game!
In that vein, I have brought you a bunch of smaller updates that are the fruit of the last couple of days of work. Over the last several posts both at my indieDB page, and at my new website, I outlined a series of smaller updates; these updates were on ancillary aspects of the game, such as music, webpage, and other miscellanies. Anyhow, I have implemented those and a few other updates now in-game. Here’s the list: I

  • wrote some new music, available for listen/download here and on my website (see below) here, which I am utilizing in Cosmicomics.
  • constructed my new website which will now serve as my primary vehicle for posting updates or thoughts – though, I will seek to post every update on indieDB that I post here, never fear!
  • created a simple Main-Menu using UnityGUI (specifically, OnGUI), and added it to a new scene I’ve been putting together also in the last few days - the scene's importance to the game shall remain mysterious for now. This is also where I added the music that I recently wrote, as music for the opening screen – It’s not perfect certainly, but it’s functional enough.

  • A still shot of the main menu (it is a rotating – perhaps I should do a video instead).

  • looked at some features from the game, implementing (finally!!) another feature of the spheres – they boost jump height now. I will soon go back and rewrite the jumping a little bit, to remove the artificial limit on jumping I placed in it before, so as to make the entire level fully accessible.

Beyond these updates, I have a few others going on that aren’t at presentation level yet. Anyhow, I suppose that’s all for now; thank you for reading this short update (the first of mine in a while). I will continue polishing various aspects of Cosmicomics, and start thinking some more about the world design and story in the main world.

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