Fluidia is a novice game developer with basic programming experience with Java, a little Javascript, (and a reader's knowledge of HTML and CSS) currently pursuing a degree in mathematics. He is also working on his first game, an atmospheric 3-dimensional exploration and puzzle game presently titled Cosmicomics, written with the Unity engine.

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Alright. I admit it - I am absolutely lousy at keeping a schedule at posting updates. I feel truly awful about it - most of it is that I have been more busy than I imagined, part of it is just that I am fairly lousy at keeping to a firm update schedule, especially when I get stuck working on issues that are hard to translate into a solid blog post. For instance, most of what I have spent my sparse time working on Cosmicomics relates to either refactoring and cleaning up old code, or to trying to figure out why my "character" rigidbody-figure in Unity continues to fall through the platforms I imported into Unity, as well as why raycasts don't seem to hit solids I generate in unity. It's a frustrating set of impediments, in that it seems like it should be solved so simply... Anyhow, other than that - I have cleaned up various aspects of the graphic/music elements, as well as tweaking parameters for movement and motion to get an appropriate sense of motion.

Less related to Cosmicomics, I got through some pretty challenging finals at my University lately finishing the semester with straight A's, and, I had the pleasure to introduce my kid brother to writing html and css when he asked me if I could show him how; that was pretty awesome! I also set him up with the tutorials at Codeacademy - I think they're structured ideally for beginners. I have also taken on some summer work, so hours have been busy; complicating that is internal family and health issues that have required time, and things have been.. crazy lately. But, it seems things are slowly returning back to normal, and I am finding niches of time in my schedule when I can work on Cosmicomics, as well as scheduling time too.

Back to Cosmicomics: I am going to dedicate myself to posting an update at least - and regularly - every two weeks to my website (I will probably post them here on indieDb as well, of course), as well as trying to post less-comprehensive updates as they occur. We shall se how this works, but I think I can make it happen, and I think it will be a good thing.

By the way, if you've not heard of Gorogoa it is just about the most marvelous thing ever, and I firmly recommend trying out the free demo - it's fantastic!

Fluidia Creator

Haha, oh gosh, sorry - I just read my code, and there are some unorthodox lines in there that I am not actually using, like:

if( !collision.rigidbody.tag != "WalkableGround" )

which is certainly not how I would implement it - if anyone is curious, I will post another blog post with the entire code (the commented section was a outline that I found on an answers post somewhere - unfortunately, I had about as much luck with it as I had with my own version.

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