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This is a tutorial for beginners who want to know how to mod weapons for CoD2. In this tutorial, we will conver singleplayer weapons.

Posted by Snafu7 on Nov 23rd, 2005
Basic Client Side Coding.

This is a tutorial for beginners who want to know how to mod weapons for CoD2. In this tutorial, we will conver singleplayer weapons. Firstly, I reccomend you have the program winRAR, because that's what I'm goingti be using in the tutorial, but you can also use pakscape, and probably winzip.

[page=How to script Weapons for CoD2]
Ok, first, go into your Call of Duty 2 main folder, and open up your iw_13 .iwd file.

After you have that open, highlight the weapons folder.

Once you have it highlighted, click on the extract to button at the top of the page, and extract the folder to your desktop.

Now open up the folder, and you will see two more, mp and sp. For this tutorial we'll modify the single player game, so double click on sp.

Now you'll see a bunch of different files with the names of weapons in the game, for now, just open up the file called "thompson."

Right now, you'll have to open up the file with notepad, or some similar word program.

Many of these options are self explainitory, here's a brief explination of what some of them do.

maxAmmo-The maximum amount of ammo you can carry in the gun.
startAmmo-The amount of ammo you will start with when you spawn with this gun.
clipSize-The amount each clip can hold.
fireTime-How fast the gun fires, the lower the number, the faster the gun will fire.

Now lets just change the clip size of the thompson from 20 to 30. Then save the file, and go back to the sp screen. Once you are there, delete everything besides the file you edited, in this case the "thompson" file. You should also delete the mp folder.

Ok, now we have the weapons folder sitting in your desktop, and we still have to turn it into a .IWD file. So, since there is no way to create .IWDs(as far as I know anyways) just copy and paste one from your main folder(in this case copy iw_13 and paste it to your desktop).

Now, go into the copied IWD file, and delete everything except for thw weapons folder. Open that up and delete the mp file. Now go back once more so you can only see the folder "weapons."

Now drag your weapons folder that is on your desktop into this screen, and allow it to overwrite all the files it needs to. Then close the .IWD file, and right click, and rename it. Lets call it zzz_mymod.

Now open up your main folder again, and place the zzz_mymod .IWD file in there. Now that the files is in your main folder, close it and start up your Call of Duty 2 Single Player game.

And there we go! The thompson now had 30 rounds in it's clip! Congratulations on completing your first Mod!

If you have and comments or suggestions, or if you are having problems with your mod, feel free to send an email to me at

Good Luck, and happy modding!

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meowmix4jo Dec 20 2005 says:

actually you cna make iwd files and it is very easy,if you do it right,you need winrar and all you do is selet the files you want it to have in it,and right click on them,add to archive,name the archive whatever.iwd(no spaces or game will crash) and(very important) MAKE SURE YOU SELECT STORE AND NOT COMPRESS IF YOU COMPRESS THE FILES THE GAME CAN NOT READ THEM...otherwise thats it just move the iwd file into your main folder...

im working on my own COD2 mod right now for multiplayer...there will be several new guns and guns that only come out in single player now available in multi...however for new guns theree wil be no new models...i cant figure out what program yhou use to open if nyone knows email me :)

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meowmix4jo Apr 22 2006 says:

well ive gotten several IWD files from pple askin for help so heres a little update...i found out that you can only use ZIP, so make sure you dont use RAR, the just change the extension, and also you can compress, but the game wasn reading mine before because of another problem, but i didnt know at the time so thought it was that, but yeah email me with any questions, you can donwload the latest public release of ym mod here

im gettting ready for my final release of that one wich is almost done and has tons of new features :D

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kmg0 Jun 29 2006 says:

The game won't read zzz_mymod.iwd even though it was "stored". Would you know why?

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yeskay May 28 2008 says:

thats nice man :)

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Un_dead Jun 1 2008 says:

what do i open it with


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Un_dead Jun 11 2008 says:

dude r u sure that its number 3 and not another one

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dvd604 May 29 2009 says:

what do i open iw_13 with :( note pad or what like

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explo32 Feb 22 2011 replied:

To opem IWD's you need Pakscape or winrar (or similar program).

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jnoonfelt Apr 13 2012 replied:

It can be opened with programs like winrar, pakscape, and winzip. I use 7zip.

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