Blaze is a retro/minimalistic styled sci-fi first person flight/shooter action game. The game can be played almost single handedly with just mouse. It's about shooting a lot of alien things (in semi-randomized missions?). The alien things are trying capture all your base, and have already captured at least half of it. You have to defend the base and capture the alien controlled areas back. Or something like that...

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Playing through the "Level 001".

Forgot to make my own teleport effect, and there's still some text characters left from Doom.. everything else is new. The enemy model should be replaced... and there should be some gib models when they're gibbed, now it's just 2d particles.

About all the graphics also use a 256 color palette.. the health items are the only ones that don't. Also not sure about the particle effects, but I tried to make them have similar colors as the game palette.

The enemy (and some other) sounds may be a bit uhh.. I need to record sounds in a better time, when I can properly yell and bang stuff. They were recorded in the middle of the night...

Probably these enemies shouldn't fight with each other as they're so similar type of enemy. I have thought there could be few different versions of each enemy, like these have "Normal", "Shadow" and "Boss" versions.

No idea yet how high player should jump. Now he can jump quite high and has lots of air control.

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