Imagine a world where the villages of humans were scattered along mountaintops, and the world below was completely blocked off by an impassible wall of clouds. In a world like that, advancements in air travel would precede both land and sea. This is the kind of world that Aero Empire is set in. In this world, the player can rise through the ranks, from a lowly gunner manning a turret aboard an airship to the commander of several airships, ordering the crew of your own airship and the captains of the airships in your squad. Aero Empire is a cross-genre game, incorporating elements of role-playing games, shooters, flight simulators, and squad combat. Production on the game started November 25th, 2008, and is scheduled to release by the end of 2010, and a potential sequel focusing on nation management may come later. The single player version will be free to download and play, with no restrictions.

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Glassy Red Moon
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Awesome! Could you have two moons? one white an other one red? as an homenage of sorts to the Dragonlance series of books (if you haven't read them I highly encourage you to do so)?

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Timmon26 Creator

The Elder Scrolls did that too ;). Two moons is a bit of a creative cop-out. When it occurs to a world builder that their story doesn't take place on Earth and so shouldn't have a single grey moon, their first thought is to add another one "to make it weird".
We did too, until we realized how common it was. Our planet instead has one moon (tidally locked like Earth's) and one set of rings.
I've never designed a night sky before, but I intend to do it well. Expect more environment-related news in the weeks to come.

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The new stone textures work really well with the general art style.

Making a unique "alien sky" is a hard call, simply because it's been done so many times before. The only thing I can't remember having seen is a moon with a moon. Keeping it simple seems like a good choice. The really strikingly origonal things are those that are similar enough to what we're used to to stand out.

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the style reminds me of Titan. I'm not sure about the red color. That implies some sort of atmosphere - well not necessarily - but my asosciations tend to go that way. I think a moon should be using cold colors.

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Screenshots of the new moon.

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