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Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Dec 10 2006 Anchor

Alright, after the hijaking of the last thread, I was given permission to make another one.

Only names and setting up games are allowed, if you want to discuss the PS3, it's games, or it's features, there is the grubby mitts thread you can do it in.

Mine is Spitfire051, I have resistance, and I am available most nights after 5pm EST

Icemage Substance > Hype
Dec 26 2006 Anchor

PSN: Icemage_999

I have Resistance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I'm not online much at all (still futzing around trying to get an ethernet connection sensibly to my PS3, but that should be fixed soon - but even then I don't have a ton of time to play :) )

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Mar 17 2007 Anchor

PSN: HerrMaestro

Just like my Xbox 360 name. :D I don't have any PS3 games right now (except for potential downloads), but I will be renting Resistance when I get back to school tomorrow. I can't wait to try it out. Too bad I only have an SDTV.

Hope to see some of you online.

EDIT: I just bought Resistance online for $36. Can't wait to try it out. :D

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aaaaaallllllllllllll Master Beef
Mar 21 2007 Anchor


I have Resistance and Motorstorm. I learned the hard way that the songs I'd like most and one of the best tracks were in the demo. Disappointed. But I am active with Resistance online. I played Assault for the first time on Resistance today. It was pretty good.



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Ice_Cream_Man Man etches fate anew.
Mar 23 2007 Anchor

HEY! We just got our PS3 a few hours ago. We'll be establishing our online name later on :).


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onemic shinra/foxhound operative
Mar 23 2007 Anchor

you european bastards.:P Every person who lined up for a ps3 in the UK got a free 46" bravia. And I was hearing all these europeans saying that sony hated them.


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Wilhelm_III Who the hell do I think I am?
Mar 24 2007 Anchor

Actually, the first 150, and only in london... Great to see a few new names here since I last checked, I'll add you both tomorrow.

l0d1z das uberstein
Apr 2 2007 Anchor

My name is l0d1z01... I have resistance aswell.... but I am doing a lot off folding@home so I won't be playing so much...


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