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Carnage17 Feb 28 2008 says:

hey do you have cnc3, if you do, can you tell me why my mods section isnt in the game browser? thanks

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SAAj Jan 16 2008 says:

Online arguments are not very high on my To Do list, so let's let this be. You believe I'm being borderline disrespectful, and I could say the same of you. I'll concede that perhaps you just have a very blunt approach, but your posts come across as condescending, and it rubbed me the wrong way that you deemed my concept unworkable just because Warcraft units stop entirely when another unit crosses their path. That's a little excessive, and while I should have thicker skin that that, I don't believe you should write off an entire game based on the behavior of one potential engine. I have been doing what I do for a long time, and I try hard to be as in-depth as possible and give collaborators as much as I can to work with. If I'm being persistent, it's because I have invested some serious energy into my concepts and want to collect as much information as possible to make them workable.

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Dulac Dec 17 2007 says:

Have you toyed with UT 3 yet?

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Karuto Jan 8 2007 says:

Lol, I totally didn't know you replied to my message. It's kinda difficult to see what you said when you only message back in your own profile. ^_^

But that's okay. Thanks for the heads up. There's really nothing to look that forward to with the Wii.... I'd rather own a PS3 for the booming homebrew community, not to mention the aforementioned White Knight Story, MGS4, FFXIII, etc. I'm down with that. :)

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Icemage Creator
Icemage Dec 28 2006 says:

I love my PS3. If you've got a TV that can take advantage of it, it's far and away the most visually and audially appealling of the 3 next gen consoles. I like the Wii's controllers, but the graphics leave a lot to be desired. I like the XBox 360 for its online environment, but comparing the technical performance of the two systems shows the PS3 to be clearly superior now that I actually have one and played with it.

Even if you don't have a HDTV with 1080p though, it's still an awesome system. Not sure it's worth the $600 price tag right now, but if you're looking to get one in the future, it's definitely going to be worth the buy once more of the big gun games release next year (White Knight Story, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, et. al.)

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Karuto Dec 28 2006 says:

I'm deciding whether to save up and get a PS3 or not. How do you feel about yours?

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Icemage Creator
Icemage Dec 22 2006 says:

Ah, I see what you're getting at. It wasn't immediately obvious (and I was distracted today) but you're probably right. :)

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Karuto Dec 22 2006 says:

Icemage wrote:The correct spelling is "Dr. Seuss"

I think he was trying to say Dr. SueUs, as in the legal troubles he would face as a result of using someone else's property.


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Babuzaa Dec 7 2006 says:

Done, thanks a bunch. If you see any dead mods you can allways let me know.

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Icemage Creator
Icemage Dec 5 2006 says:

Feel free to archive it, actually. It's not going anywhere at the moment, and if it does come back at some point I sincerely doubt I'll be using the CryEngine environment for it.

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