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Posting your job ad. - READ ME FIRST TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 27 2014, 5:17pm

The Job Board jacksonj04 jacksonj04 - read

Apr 10 2009, 8:48pm

Looking for a C# Unity dev in San Diego Vehementwan Vehementwan - read

1hour 45mins ago

Cyberpunk RTS team is looking for new recruits! BearBarney BearBarney - read

7hours 59mins ago

FoS - Looking for Modelers & Animators Chris*101* Chris*101* - read

10hours 4mins ago

Music Composer/Producer Available sdjknights sdjknights - read

13hours 54mins ago

3D Artist seeking paid work plantagoarthur plantagoarthur - read

15hours 7mins ago

I'm looking to start an indie team. (And go bigger from there) Deadman1020 15  ccbytes - read

22hours 19mins ago

3D/Concept Artist/Designer ShadowXX91 ShadowXX91 - read

Mar 5 2015, 2:14pm

Looking for team to help make a basic game client PROTOASSASS1N PROTOASSASS1N - read

Mar 5 2015, 2:12am

3D & 2D artist, sound engineer or animator WANTED for RTS game! ce7ec ce7ec - read

Mar 4 2015, 3:09pm

I'm looking for help with making a game. Deadman1020 gamedeveloper - read

Mar 4 2015, 11:18am

ImmortalThought | Dynamic Voxel MMORPG | Devs, Artists, 3D etc. MiiAUWz MiiAUWz - read

Mar 4 2015, 10:43am

[Scriptwriter] Interactive CV Available jjc_uk jjc_uk - read

Mar 4 2015, 7:49am

SF bay area TerronDaShawn ccbytes - read

Mar 4 2015, 12:02am

[EN/IT] Free translator available! QuentinVance QuentinVance - read

Mar 3 2015, 12:00pm

Coders, 2D Artists, 3D animators Wanted @ Tiberium Secrets RTS GeneralJist Reborn:X - read

Mar 3 2015, 8:26am

[Composer] PenDraig Music SmaugPenDraig SmaugPenDraig - read

Mar 3 2015, 5:38am

Looking For a Composer IncubatorGames IncubatorGames - read

Mar 2 2015, 4:47pm

Recruiting for "Half-Rats - Man out of Place and Time" (Royalty) Half-Rats Half-Rats - read

Mar 2 2015, 3:22pm

Recruiting for Homeworld universe remastered mod LeviathansWrath LeviathansWrath - read

Mar 1 2015, 9:46pm

[3D modeller & Animator] Small Hungarian team looking for teammates for free TPSMMO AmphDev Deadman1020 - read

Mar 1 2015, 4:13pm

Modeler Available, Looking for a Small team. GamerWolfOps GamerWolfOps - read

Mar 1 2015, 2:20pm

Music for your video game Concept7UK Concept7UK - read

Mar 1 2015, 6:05am

artist seeking new projects spyVspy musa96 - read

Mar 1 2015, 5:33am


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