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Posting your job ad. - READ ME FIRST TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 27 2014, 5:17pm

The Job Board jacksonj04 jacksonj04 - read

Apr 10 2009, 8:48pm

Looking for Programmers, Modelers, anything game related to make a Horror/Thriller Game. No upfront pay. Daxabyte Daxabyte - read

5hours 33mins ago

Composer available and huge libraries available at a discount Bonixmusic Bonixmusic - read

5hours 47mins ago

Looking For Team - CryEngine 3 Expholio Niteshade - read

7hours 43mins ago

[game designer] i offer my experience and ideas sokafootball sokafootball - read

16hours 58mins ago

Mufftopus Studios looking for staff! KaGe_RaNCiD KaGe_RaNCiD - read

18hours 56mins ago

Void Wars looking for a StarCraft 2 non-paid coder SteelRainAlphaMod Niteshade - read

19hours 36mins ago

['2D Artist'] Artist needed for adventure game (profit share) dos4gw82 dos4gw82 - read

23hours 35mins ago

Void Wars looking for a StarCraft 2 non-paid coder SteelRainAlphaMod SteelRainAlphaMod - read

23hours 57mins ago

["Sprite Animator"] for 2D Puzzle/Action Platformer (PROFIT SHARE) JeysonMcFly JeysonMcFly - read

Nov 24 2014, 8:32pm

["2D Artist"] Pixel Artist Needed for Platform Fighter (Unpaid/Profit Share) Crocodoctopus Crocodoctopus - read

Nov 24 2014, 7:16pm

AUDIO Experienced Sound Designer/Composer Looking for Work Matthewdeargameaudio Matthewdeargameaudio - read

Nov 24 2014, 7:40am

Looking for a coustom Brutal Doom Fatality creator and coder (that works for free) Brutaldoomisawesome Brutaldoomisawesome - read

Nov 24 2014, 4:08am

Concept artist looking for small team DwarfBiscuit DwarfBiscuit - read

Nov 23 2014, 2:23pm

[2D Artist] Searching for friendly team (unpaid) aquila_marin Mar1n - read

Nov 23 2014, 7:37am

Pixel artist here (free) pavlos8 TheHyde - read

Nov 23 2014, 2:06am

["2D Sprite Artist"] Needed For A 2D RPG! (Free Or Profit Share) TheHyde TheHyde - read

Nov 23 2014, 1:39am

The Frag Nation (An Arena FPS Clan) DooMNukeM DooMNukeM - read

Nov 22 2014, 9:34pm

Starcraft, The Seed, Dream Flight Composer Available for Hire Sgt.Tuna Sgt.Tuna - read

Nov 22 2014, 9:25pm

[Writer] Looking for Free or Paid work thePrimarch thePrimarch - read

Nov 22 2014, 5:34pm

Composer / Producer / Guitarist - Available ernzo ernzo - read

Nov 22 2014, 10:25am

[Looking for 3D Artist / Unpaid] Tobinatore Tobinatore - read

Nov 22 2014, 8:38am

3D Character Artist looking for work(Paid) X32Lapis X32Lapis - read

Nov 22 2014, 7:37am

Job Hunting as a Composer dabeatmaster123 AshtonMorris - read

Nov 22 2014, 1:48am


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