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Posting your job ad. - READ ME FIRST TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 27 2014, 5:17pm

The Job Board jacksonj04 jacksonj04 - read

Apr 10 2009, 8:48pm

Orb Soundwerx - Custom music and sound for games orbsoundwerx orbsoundwerx - read

1hour 41mins ago

[Programmer and Artist/Animator] Recruiting indie team ViktorEisenmann ViktorEisenmann - read

4hours 37mins ago

Music composer available and huge discount on fantasy music Bonixmusic Bonixmusic - read

11hours 42mins ago

3d artist/modder/hobbyist looking for new projects ThorC3050 12  ThorC3050 - read

12hours 17mins ago

[Composer] Make your game sound awesome! TrackstmRecords TrackstmRecords - read

12hours 19mins ago

Matthew Dear - Audio engineer/SFX & Dialog Artist/Composer Matthewdeargameaudio Matthewdeargameaudio - read

21hours 32mins ago

["Tester"] Looking for a group of testers DavanJe DavanJe - read

23hours 20mins ago

Eternal Codex : Game, Vector, Dynamite etherflows etherflows - read

Jul 26 2015, 1:58pm

SERVER side programmer wanted Xaith ashiswin - read

Jul 26 2015, 6:59am

Professional trailers at indie prices. ChrisCorr ChrisCorr - read

Jul 26 2015, 4:27am

[Programmers and Animators Wanted] 3rd Person Shooter Voxel Game Vulture7 Vulture7 - read

Jul 25 2015, 10:37pm

Artist wanted. Kickstarter payment. Other positions listed. brandnew01 brandnew01 - read

Jul 25 2015, 9:21pm

Voice Actress - Demo, Rate Sheet, and Resume inside! Katabelle Katabelle - read

Jul 25 2015, 1:26pm

[2D Artist] Professional Pixel Artist is looking for work artemneva artemneva - read

Jul 25 2015, 5:58am

Looking for team PatrickEgli ViktorEisenmann - read

Jul 24 2015, 7:39pm

Concept Artist - Illustrator Experienced MezioPleo MezioPleo - read

Jul 24 2015, 3:50pm

[2D artist] for collaboration on 95% complete game - Dungeon Bash stefoid Dracowyr - read

Jul 24 2015, 7:26am

Experienced Music Producer Available sdjknights sdjknights - read

Jul 24 2015, 6:34am

Skyrim-like command-line RPG, open-source, LF team tastyfish1425419111 sdjknights - read

Jul 24 2015, 6:34am

music composer looking for a project space-eel space-eel - read

Jul 23 2015, 9:05pm

Great music for modders / game devs Bonixmusic Bonixmusic - read

Jul 23 2015, 6:23pm

[2D Artists] Nukige Visual Novel Looking for Artists Zo_ Zo_ - read

Jul 23 2015, 6:01pm

Award-winning Sound Designer for hire (Transformers, Guitar Hero, many others) Craft_Media_Group Craft_Media_Group - read

Jul 23 2015, 1:42pm


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