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Freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist for hire oliverryanart oliverryanart - read

Dec 5 2014, 7:49pm

Looking for a programmer to add to the Metamorphic Team ryanbehnke ryanbehnke - read

Dec 5 2014, 4:50pm

Domen (Concept Artist, Illustrator) Domen-Art Domen-Art - read

Dec 5 2014, 1:38am

Freelance Concept Artist Available - Tucker Cullinan LoveBelow LoveBelow - read

Dec 4 2014, 10:24pm

Looking for some volunteer work. cdi3 KaGe_RaNCiD - read

Dec 4 2014, 9:11pm

Looking for an active pixel artist ThriveGames ThriveGames - read

Dec 4 2014, 2:26pm

Sci Fi GameDev Team looking for: 3D Artists / 2D Artist / Story Writer probotec probotec - read

Dec 4 2014, 7:12am

Tri Dev Studios Looking For Concept Artists [Unpaid] - read

Dec 3 2014, 7:30pm

recruiting for Omni Studios! TerronDaShawn TerronDaShawn - read

Dec 3 2014, 6:48pm

Small Indie Dev Team In Need Of Concept Artists [Unpaid] - read

Dec 3 2014, 3:23pm

Seeking C# Programmer for Fully-Designed Game karaokelove karaokelove - read

Dec 3 2014, 12:16am

[2D Pixel Artist] [Unpaid/Profit Share] Artist for basic pixel characters desired Jakssoul Jakssoul - read

Dec 2 2014, 6:59pm

[Translator] Professional, affordable English-German localization for your games Thomas_R Thomas_R - read

Dec 2 2014, 5:30am

2d artist needed(profit sharing) Kickstarter launching in 2 weeks markeus1989 Jakssoul - read

Dec 1 2014, 6:25pm

Wandering Star needs java programmer NicotineFiend NicotineFiend - read

Dec 1 2014, 6:18pm

Looking for 3D Artist, Character Modeler/Rigger xNomaD xNomaD - read

Dec 1 2014, 1:21pm

AUDIO Experienced Sound Designer/Composer Looking for Work Matthewdeargameaudio Matthewdeargameaudio - read

Dec 1 2014, 5:36am

Composer Looking for Paid Work titanicpiano14 titanicpiano14 - read

Nov 30 2014, 7:04pm

[Unity Programmer Rookie] looking for teammates for learning project[Unpaid] Leo.Basil kr_dev - read

Nov 30 2014, 12:10pm

Catwalk Studios Recruiting - Project Victor NichyC NichyC - read

Nov 30 2014, 2:26am

[Unity Level Editor] [Unpaid] Level Editor Position for someone with no other skills Jakssoul Jakssoul - read

Nov 29 2014, 2:42pm

[Shared Profits] Looking for 2D Sprite Artists alphabeta1998 ThriveGames - read

Nov 29 2014, 10:33am

PenDraig Music SmaugPenDraig SmaugPenDraig - read

Nov 28 2014, 11:15am

Looking for an experienced programmer, and two more pixel artists (Shared profit) sincerest-wish Mistergeorge - read

Nov 28 2014, 8:08am

Mufftopus Studios looking for staff! KaGe_RaNCiD KaGe_RaNCiD - read

Nov 28 2014, 6:45am


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