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['2D Artist'] Artist needed for adventure game (profit share) dos4gw82 xxJered - read

Dec 13 2014, 3:29am

Free Time Project... any one welcome MitchDev MitchDev - read

Dec 12 2014, 11:03pm

Need artist(s)/C# programmer for 2D-scroller project [UNPAID] FrecoDev FrecoDev - read

Dec 12 2014, 5:47pm

Experienced Composer/SoundDesigner Taking on New Projects! seriallab seriallab - read

Dec 11 2014, 4:45pm

Founding a new Development Team - Rev-Share SivretProductions SivretProductions - read

Dec 11 2014, 3:10pm

Character modeler looking for PAID work. KaGe_RaNCiD KaGe_RaNCiD - read

Dec 10 2014, 2:43pm

Will compose music for your games with cheap rates! galangs galangs - read

Dec 10 2014, 12:12pm

Artist looking for voluntary work vgreksa chaoscauser - read

Dec 10 2014, 2:54am

Experienced and highly qualified sound engineer/composer avaliable reuben_s reuben_s - read

Dec 10 2014, 1:17am

[PROGRAMMER] Battle system for mobile prototype HyperEXTurbo HyperEXTurbo - read

Dec 9 2014, 10:42pm

[PROGRAMMER] Deferred Compensation - Superhero Card Game DigiLusionist DigiLusionist - read

Dec 9 2014, 2:33am

Looking for help on an HL2 mod PumpkinPants PumpkinPants - read

Dec 8 2014, 5:42pm

Free epic/battle music for your projects stygianapothegm stygianapothegm - read

Dec 8 2014, 12:32pm

The Music of Monstrum: A Breakdown TeamJunkfish TeamJunkfish - read

Dec 8 2014, 11:43am

[Programmer][PAID] Part-time C++ game programmers wanted studioho studioho - read

Dec 8 2014, 11:11am

2D Concept Artist and Illustrator available for work chuchuan27 chuchuan27 - read

Dec 8 2014, 10:55am

Looking to form a small team to develop games! Remixful PumpkinPants - read

Dec 8 2014, 9:27am

AUDIO Experienced Sound Designer/Composer Looking for Work Matthewdeargameaudio Matthewdeargameaudio - read

Dec 8 2014, 9:08am

Looking for hard working C# Programmers and Level designers! 18 Man team. Green Thumb Studios! :) Joshua-Classen Joshua-Classen - read

Dec 8 2014, 4:07am

Producer/Project Manager dayostudios dayostudios - read

Dec 7 2014, 9:38pm

[game designer] i offer my experience and ideas sokafootball GeneralJist - read

Dec 7 2014, 2:00pm

2D artist [Profit Share] Sk1ddySide Sk1ddySide - read

Dec 6 2014, 11:35pm

Looking for a writer to proofread and review a visual novel script. ZenDavis ZenDavis - read

Dec 6 2014, 9:15pm

3D Artist [Unpaid/Profit Share] A Cartoon Style Project gothicsyn gothicsyn - read

Dec 6 2014, 6:35pm

Project in need of 2D game artists VentureInitiative_ VentureInitiative_ - read

Dec 6 2014, 3:53pm


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