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Real Robots Live - real life online robotics game - call for ideas! Ideas & Concepts LewisRRL drpayback - read

1hour 20mins ago

Programmer/Designer Looking To Collaborate With [2D Pixel Artist] [Volunteer Collaboration] Recruiting & Resumes Traslogan Traslogan - read

1hour 47mins ago

Freelance concept and 3d artist looking for work Recruiting & Resumes spukeanimation spukeanimation - read

3hours 14mins ago

What is everyone working on? #2

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Pimpage & Posing Stuffie 6,771  VirginRedemption - read

4hours 35mins ago

Professional 2D artist look for work (paid) Recruiting & Resumes ogereye ogereye - read

5hours 19mins ago

LOOKING FOR - Special Effects Artist Recruiting & Resumes Mikael_Segedi Mikael_Segedi - read

6hours 51mins ago

In the Best Way To Repair the 360 Ring of Death can You Be Fascinated? General Banter TamoraPierce TamoraPierce - read

9hours 25mins ago

I want to have a good team Recruiting & Resumes Vlad_Krushenitsky chaoscauser - read

10hours 17mins ago

Lets Make Beutiful Games! (artist seeking programmer partner) Recruiting & Resumes sashak sashak - read

10hours 28mins ago

I have ideas but don't know where to go. Development Banter Mauerea Mauerea - read

13hours 25mins ago

Team Needed for Indie Game [Payment Possible] Recruiting & Resumes Drexanz 20  Drexanz - read

13hours 26mins ago

Anime/Manga Illustrator 2D Graphics toukairin28 toukairin28 - read

15hours 31mins ago

Senior 3D artist available Recruiting & Resumes Thomasg_art Thomasg_art - read

16hours 38mins ago

I Want To Represent Your Game At RTX Recruiting & Resumes FSFBlake FSFBlake - read

17hours 9mins ago

Parkour Cat [iOS & Android] [FREE] General Banter joraanpe joraanpe - read

17hours 57mins ago

IndieBound - Indie Games Resource Development Banter LobbyBY LobbyBY - read

May 4 2015, 12:02pm

Mount and blade: warband: Full Invasion 2 dev team looking for: 3d modelers, coders, mappers Recruiting & Resumes nicholosity nicholosity - read

May 4 2015, 11:49am

[Paid] Unity C# Programmer Looking for Work Coding & Scripting PlanMan PlanMan - read

May 4 2015, 11:48am

LOOKING FOR UI DESIGNER - PAYED JOB Recruiting & Resumes Mikael_Segedi Mikael_Segedi - read

May 4 2015, 10:45am

Get Players Beg to Buy from You Development Banter Jero.Juujarvi Jero.Juujarvi - read

May 4 2015, 9:23am

Republic at war mod Switch Mandator back to Executor Support SSDGuardian SSDGuardian - read

May 4 2015, 7:41am

Star Wars Galactic Warfare PC Gaming hundzsek90 milor12 - read

May 4 2015, 5:16am

[iOS] [FREE] Football Planet Mobile Gaming rikcyandrea rikcyandrea - read

May 4 2015, 4:08am

Game Awaiting Authorisation Support tjheldna feillyne - read

May 4 2015, 2:44am

Professional 2D artist looking for work (paid) 2D Graphics ogereye ogereye - read

May 4 2015, 1:51am


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