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List of good Books/Blogs/Tutorials on Game Writing? smartyMARTY dixonjammi - read

Feb 23 2017

Looking for script writers for a fan made YouTube series megamindz megamindz - read

Feb 18 2017

Experience Writer looking for work JoshuaFr JM15 - read

Feb 18 2017

Creative Writer -- Will Write for Credits! TITOSUPREME JM15 - read

Feb 18 2017

Writer Needed nikoolavo Guest - read

Feb 1 2017

Story Writer looking for work SigmaNova Guest - read

Feb 1 2017

Would you buy a concept album with a booklet containing artwork and a story? DJHillMusic DJHillMusic - read

Jan 30 2017

Eloha Chronicles, Histories of peoples. chungsie chungsie - read

Jan 20 2017

Looking for someone to help fix my story (Kaiser and the Chaos Clockworks) burningleos GeneralJist - read

Jan 15 2017

Native english writer needed to polish game description iiley iiley - read

Jan 7 2017

Need someone who can help with dialogues Ned11 INtense! - read

Jan 1 2017

Desperate writer seeking a quality project dreamland85 Ned11 - read

Dec 21 2016

Game Writing/Storytelling Resource Syfro Syfro - read

Nov 20 2016

Looking for a writer to rewrite my story[medieval] [Psychological] [Action] KidDev3154 The_Good_Guy - read

Nov 4 2016

Writer looking for experience! Will for for credit! angel6171 Guest - read

Oct 31 2016

Need Writer for Walking Simulator Game in Style of Firewatch de1234 codegeassstella - read

Sep 30 2016

Writing A Shadow of the Colossus Type Project SanoofFlowers SanoofFlowers - read

Sep 14 2016


Sep 7 2016

Writer for hire.Looking for Sci-Fi work (primarily) cpkeyes cpkeyes - read

Aug 16 2016

Advice For Writers jjc_uk mortt - read

Jul 28 2016

Looking for a cyberpunk story to be written stuartberry Thr111 - read

Jul 26 2016

Russian localization Localization Localization - read

Jul 20 2016

Building a Writer's Portfolio MCoorlim DarkForestCrow - read

Jul 10 2016

Practice preparing for my own project Shine_Klevit GeneralJist - read

Jul 8 2016

Native english-speaking player needed to proofread my mod Doryann34 Doryann34 - read

Jul 3 2016


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