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Jun 4 2005, 6:10pm Anchor

Our website uses these huge sigs...guess we have pride or something. I will adjust this one for you as not to offend.

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Fitz720 The ModDB Bulldog
Jun 4 2005, 6:38pm Anchor

Ah, thats better, and welcome to ModDB :)

TheRambo Hello.
Jun 5 2005, 10:50am Anchor

welcome to moddb, tazoa! Enjoy your stay :)


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

Jun 6 2005, 5:33pm Anchor

it wasnt offending, just too big. imagine posting a lot in a certain thread and when people scroll down they mostly just see huge sigs taking up lots of space.

welcome though :thumbup:

TheRambo Hello.
Jun 7 2005, 5:08pm Anchor

yes this is somewhat annoying (seen it in other forums). But the funny side is that if everybody has a huge sig and you have one little sentence explaining why you have no big sig, everybody is secretly grateful for it and some people will start deleting their sigs.


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

rebd121 Gamecube Master
Jun 14 2005, 2:29pm Anchor

Hi. My name is Nathan, and I'm an overweight slob to a limit. I like to play Gamecube games, especially Tales of Symphonia and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. My favorite games are ones that have much blood and gore, because those are awesome. So, yeah, that's me. Peace out.

TheRambo Hello.
Jun 14 2005, 4:12pm Anchor

Hello and welcome to modDB :)


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

Jun 15 2005, 3:24am Anchor

Hey all,

My name is Pogue Mahone and I run a Half-Life based gaming site with Mod dedication @ . We are a log in free dl and up load site. Been gaming in clans and online for around 7 years and looking to old man it by helping others have a place to enjoy.

Pogue Mahone

PraisetheWarMachine Uncle Macracken's Corn Cobb Pipe
Jun 26 2005, 1:11pm Anchor

hey im new to mod db obviously.i like alot of games mainly call of duty and HL mods.My friend was the one who gotme to join.his name is hat3reed on here.also im looking to pitch a few mod ideas. i also try tomodel but my skills with that are developing


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Jun 26 2005, 3:56pm Anchor

You got my name wrong you retard I sound like some asian now :(


Cj_the_Dj I like eggs
Jul 11 2005, 3:36am Anchor

Hello, i'm a nub, and i like cheese.


Quote:A tale of two stalkers: he saw the picture in her profile; looked up the host. He haxx0rz3d into server to acquire logs and IP address of user who uploaded picture. Then he had friend at ISP look up address. He showed up at her door with her favorite flowers and discovered she was... married. Moral: start research by looking up marital status.
chis Old man.
Jul 11 2005, 4:20am Anchor

According to your forum title, you like eggs



Dragonmaw modDB Ninja
Jul 11 2005, 5:01am Anchor

I'm new to modDB.


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Jul 11 2005, 5:36am Anchor

im new to the forums O_o (took me some time)

so the name is Tobias (aka tobbe, aka KICKIT)
so im 13, live in finland, shorttempered, gameaddict, yet i still have more strength then most in my class, ill kick you with my leg, and hit you with my fist if you irritate me, and theres nothing better than a good fight, so i dont mind fighting stronger peoples, its funnier that way....

yellow belt in TaeKwonDo (had to stop because of my toe problem)
i love rugby, but the teachers dont (what a bunch of lameos)
in socer the guy that helps the goalie (sorry i dont know what its called) but not better than my friend "Great wall of china" O_o

ive had something wrong with my leg (i was 5 at the age, dont remember the problem) cus i slipped at a ladder, and weirdly hanged there about 12h, now i always feel intense pain in my right leg...
i have a genetical problem with my toe, but im going to operate it.
I nearly drowned in winter because of fever (and possibly cus i fell asleep =))

ok, lets move on. i play games, i drumm, i make food(and theres noting like mexican), im a noob at modelling with softimage and im a noob at mapping.

currently owned games:
mace griffin bounty hunter
fallout radioactive (1,2&3)

played games:
too many to list

opinion of games

opinion on steam

yeah, i also have a site

i could go on.......



Tomato-Killer thats what yo mama said
Jul 11 2005, 5:54am Anchor

Hey my names t-k and I'm a n00b to most things I do, hello everyone :P


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Dragonmaw modDB Ninja
Jul 11 2005, 5:06pm Anchor

^This guy makes me excited in the pants.


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Jul 13 2005, 11:00am Anchor

hey. Im louise, and im a noob. how is everyone?

Jul 13 2005, 2:24pm Anchor

ive had worse days, welcome.....



lhavelund Ninjas! Ninjas I tells ya!
Jul 13 2005, 2:36pm Anchor

I'm Lasse (don't dare try and pronounce it :P), and I reside in the south of Denmark. My interests are mapping for HL/HL2 mods and graphics design. I'm also quite interested in history.

I'm a feature writer/file approver here at modDB and has been so since Sunday.


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Jul 14 2005, 2:17am Anchor
Louise wrote:hey. Im louise, and im a noob. how is everyone?



i like biscuits

Jul 14 2005, 9:01am Anchor
ForK wrote:hahahahahaha

-_- laugh it up, having fun at the conference?

Edited by (in order): Louise, Louise, Louise

Jul 15 2005, 8:29am Anchor

Sure am babe! =p I think we have spent 99.9% of the time at a bar or with a beer in hand


i like biscuits

Jul 17 2005, 6:50am Anchor

Hey guys, I'm whoopingpregnancy and have been on moddb on and off for the last 3 or so years as 1KB (I forgot my password and can't get it back). I haven't been playing mods in a while (again, on and off for the last 3 years or so) but I'm starting again by the looks of things after going to freeplay with shortcutman, who I believe glances at this forum every now and then

I used to make the music for a few mods back in the day, only none of them were ever finished. Pity...

Krycha ♥♥♥
Jul 17 2005, 9:04am Anchor


The 1kbmusic man? :D


Mod DB 1337 Polsky Man™ /// still here, lurking!
User Posted Image |User Posted Image

Jul 17 2005, 8:46pm Anchor

Yep :D Too bad 1kbmusic is dead now, but I've got a few remixes that are actually going to be released...

(I've known about you through audioscrobbler :p)

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