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Apr 23 2005, 7:57pm Anchor

mr.spammer is dah gangsta


|_( hp )¯| p00nst3r

RatoN We're going to the Winchester
Apr 24 2005, 2:48am Anchor

I'm RatoN, also known as Sean Bowman, age 17. I have a serious passion for gaming, and a strong interest in game developement. I'm currently working on becoming a texture artist, level designer, sound engineer, and music composer. My favorite games consist of Descent, Half-Life and Silent Hill. I first came to the ModDB community in October, 2003, and recently joined the Staff here hoping to make the community a better place.

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TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Apr 24 2005, 5:35am Anchor

I like to leap and see dreams. I like hugging and kissing girls. I like to play instruments. I like to ride my bike. I like to run. I like to drink cannabis tea and orange juice. I like to eat pizza with cannabis. I like to drink hot chocolate with cannabis. I like to eat fresh cannabis. I like cannabis. I like to break the law. I like to kick male law enforcers between their legs. I like to be as unfriendly as possible with all law enforcers. I like to hate law enforcers. I like to watch movies. I like to play games. Looks like I like to do all kinds of stuff.

Muffpuppet* 3d Apprentice
Apr 24 2005, 10:27am Anchor

I'm the oldest guy here, my friends call me Muff, my parents call me Muff. My favorite games are HL, COD, Max Payne, and most of the EA Sports franchises.
I work as the Asst. Director at a camp for disabled kids on an island here in Ontario Canada. I'm hugely proficient at building, fixing, paddling, driving, and subsequently crashing boats. I love the outdoors in the summer and rarely step foot out there in the winter except when I go skiing or snowshoeing.
My goal is to punch at least one hockey player in the face for the greed that they're showing by being on strike and taking the game I love down to new lows.
Other then all that, I'm just like ^^^^ that guy. :)

mr.spammer More Than A Woman
Apr 24 2005, 10:30am Anchor

LOL your parents call you Muff? haha, how old are you just out of interest?

chis Old man.
Apr 24 2005, 10:42am Anchor

Yeah, muff in britain means vagina



TwinBeast Full Metal Bionic Wizard
Apr 24 2005, 10:45am Anchor

Muff muff muff... MUFF!

Muffpuppet* 3d Apprentice
Apr 24 2005, 11:33am Anchor

I'm 37, it means the same thing in Canada, and Jimi get off the stuff. :)

Apr 24 2005, 12:00pm Anchor

Yeah I am Chris, Im 16 and I am in a Christian metalcore/deathmetal band! I pwn at playing the guitar (kinda)....annnnndddddddd.... I really like sniffing aerosol products, well no not really, well I do like the smell, but I don't like sniffing them and stuff... but honestly I really do like river otters because they are like dachsunds and I have two of those and they are totally kick ass! Well not really one is really fat and old and lazy and they other is really tiny and annoying... why am I talking about my dogs?? Oh well here are some random ingredients from a bottly of Mary Kay's Skin Management For Men! (don't worry my stepmom sells Mary Kay stuff, its not mine) Water, Alcohol, Denat.,Polyquaternium-10, Panthenol, Balm Mint Extract, Linden Extract, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Disodium Edta, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Silica, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #4... yeah thats all of them... also if you really want to know more about me *wink wink* you can go to my xanga kthxbai!


dEaThMaStEr modDB Pile of Twigs
Apr 24 2005, 12:14pm Anchor

I'm dEaThMaStEr, been here for nearly 2 years now. Im a basic coder, scripter, aspiring texture artist, hope to learn animation and music art, and specialize in particle effects. I'm currently working on my first but hopefully far from last commerical game, Shadow Lore. And I should be able to give moddb a demo on it within a couple months. ;)

Apr 24 2005, 1:08pm Anchor

dude yey ShadowyishLore looks teh pwn :O


Dragonlord Linux-Dragon of quick wit and sharp tongue
Apr 24 2005, 1:28pm Anchor

omg... shameless plug ^_^


User Posted Image
Leader, Head Programmer: Epsylon | Drag[en]gine Game Engine

User Posted Image by Salohcin

Apr 24 2005, 2:27pm Anchor

Muffpuppet* wrote:I'm 37, it means the same thing in Canada, and Jimi get off the stuff. :)

lol my friends call me poon and it also means vagina. lol.


|_( hp )¯| p00nst3r

dEaThMaStEr modDB Pile of Twigs
Apr 24 2005, 4:22pm Anchor

Dragonlord wrote:omg... shameless plug ^_^

Actually, wasn't intended to be. Noticed other mentionings of works, so I did mine. ;)

Fr3@k 0\/\/I\I
Apr 24 2005, 6:51pm Anchor

im jimmy im 13 and have a freakin huge great dane puppy (a puppy man they are big puppies) i am a serous gamer and am curently learning how to play SOCOM II online if u have the game plz pm me ur screen name
(ps fitz and i are budies)
AND I USUALLY DON't call him fitz

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User Posted Image
If you know me find me on SOCOMII my name is Fr3@k

Apr 24 2005, 6:53pm Anchor

I'm Henry and I think China owns GLA in CNC Generals.


|_( hp )¯| p00nst3r

Fitz720 The ModDB Bulldog
Apr 24 2005, 7:55pm Anchor

mirrorofbrokendreams wrote:
(ps fitz and i are budies)

Good god dude do you have to put that in your post. It has nothing to do with introducing yourself.

Apr 24 2005, 10:44pm Anchor

I dont actualy need an introduction, you can just bow like the rest of them


i like biscuits

Obsydian now with zero tolerance for stupidity!
Apr 29 2005, 2:45pm Anchor

bow to the powerpuff girl fanatic!!!!

I'm obsydian. I've been here for two years though my post count doesn't reflect it. I'm the one that chills in the background. The silent one in your group of friends who makes a sarcastic/witty remark when the opportunity arises. I don't think I have a legion of minion, but I do know alot of people respect me for my music tastes (:wub: Krycha.), my political opinions, and my boldness in speaking up when I need too. You want to now me? find a cosmos thread that is political. i'll be there. Then you can judge for yourself if you like me.

all my details are in my profile, just don't spam the e-mail. If you haven't noticed, my favorite game is Halo, and you can find me and my clan, The HBO Lekgolos, on Xbox Live. Gamertag is the same as my name.

welcome you loveable little newbs :wub:


User Posted Image

frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
Apr 29 2005, 6:29pm Anchor

I'm The Administrastars and I'll ban you if I have the chance.


User Posted Image

Apr 29 2005, 6:41pm Anchor

So will azz0r, you just have to ask.

Me, I'm here, but I don't really do shite.

Apr 30 2005, 12:28am Anchor

Here it goes. I'm David. I own and design poorly made websites (unless i try hard). Check out all my sites at

I like most FPS games with huge enviorments. I am an ammauter coder and have been mapping for a few years, although my lack in immagination leads to regular looking and wacky maps (nothing realistic and professional looking).

I am most famous here for the award winning total conversion mod "David's Key Fun". It was taken off since it made all the other mods look pathetic and useless.

Some of my favorite bands are Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Coldplay, Korn, and System of a Down.

I also love making movies and running dedicated servers. I suck at reading manuals and written tutorials.

If there is anything else you want to know, just ask....

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Fr3@k 0\/\/I\I
Apr 30 2005, 3:05pm Anchor

hi im jimmy and i suk at blackjack...


User Posted Image
If you know me find me on SOCOMII my name is Fr3@k

deathmedic3rd Metal Head
Apr 30 2005, 3:10pm Anchor

im ben, i've been here 2 and a half years.
i'm 21 in a month, and i work in a Oxfam charity shop.
i lurked for the first half of my year at moddb.


running a hot rodded mac mini

TheRambo Hello.
Apr 30 2005, 4:18pm Anchor

I'm Clemens, i have been active around here for about 6 months.
I have turned 18 about 3 weeks ago. I live in Dresden, Germany.
I dont have a job jet, but im planning to work eveningshift at the opera house, standing at the door telling people where to sit.
I am a pretty talented musician, and am planning to either become professional some day or open up a soundstudio, since i have excellent hearing.
Oh yea and i also suck at blackjack, but i pwn at poker :P


OMG it's teh Raaaaammmbooo!!!

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