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frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
Jul 19 2005, 5:38pm Anchor

You're Daniel's friend :O


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Jul 19 2005, 11:26pm Anchor

omg frosty i love you!


guess who

frosty-theaussie Sonny Jim
Jul 20 2005, 2:20am Anchor

Um... Richard Steven Horvitz?


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Jul 20 2005, 8:45am Anchor

Louise wrote:omg frosty i love you!


guess who

Nah it was just me


i like biscuits

Adam_S Real Englishman
Jul 20 2005, 10:30am Anchor


Lol.. I'm pretty new here and I never introduced myself. so I'll do it now...

Hi, my name's Adam.. i'm 13 and I like doin stuff.

Done. :)

Jul 23 2005, 5:08pm Anchor

hello im new here

peace out!;)

Jul 23 2005, 5:22pm Anchor

Haha omg that is the craziest avatar I have ever seen... well its not crazy really, crazy would be like epilepsy (gah I know I spelled that wrong) Its just cool. Oh yeah and welcome! :D


Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Jul 23 2005, 7:15pm Anchor

Actually, Hate, you spelled it right! :O

Jul 25 2005, 9:41am Anchor

hello guys! im new here and its really nice to be here :)

Jul 25 2005, 3:29pm Anchor

hi guys im Jasmine and im glad to have joined here.
this is nice & neat board that i found. glad to stick around.

to the rest of my "newcome boardmates", welcome to you too :)

lhavelund Ninjas! Ninjas I tells ya!
Jul 25 2005, 4:04pm Anchor

Welcome aboard. Hope you're gonna have a blast here at modDB.

Over'n out.


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Jul 25 2005, 11:49pm Anchor

special thanks for frosty-theaussie
i had a hard time checking the forum where i could start my introduction.
Thanks for the heads up dude!

You can call me Denise... oh and I am female.
I love chatting with friends on board.. reading really interesting topics and browsing cool pics..
I play Xbox in my free time.. BTw, I just had my birthday last week...woohoooo!
Hope to learn alot from you guys!

lhavelund Ninjas! Ninjas I tells ya!
Jul 26 2005, 12:50am Anchor

Hey, congrats. Oh, and I don't think we see a lot of babes in here?

Oh well, there's always the ModDB Babe Topic. Anyway, "Welcome to ModDB (City 17), it's safer here".


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Wraiyth That Guy Who Does Those Things With The Stuff
Jul 26 2005, 2:40am Anchor

I'm Matt. I've been visiting ModDB for a while but just been too lazy to sign up at the forums :P
I'm 16, working on a HL2 mod (NightFall) and also my own game and game engine

Edited by: Wraiyth

Jul 26 2005, 3:13am Anchor

Bringing alot to the table, welcome to teh moddb forums mr.wraithy d00d :O


lhavelund Ninjas! Ninjas I tells ya!
Jul 26 2005, 3:55am Anchor

Welcome to ModDB, Wraiyth - It's safer here.


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Ye_Darke_One Abyssal Master
Jul 27 2005, 2:32pm Anchor

Hi everyone, i just joined today. i can be a real nut if you get to know me. i'm happy to be part of ModDB! this is the best mod site i have found for certain games. i'm a person like wraiyth, i have been visiting but never bothered to sign up till now... *scratches head* guess i can't say much more :P

Jul 27 2005, 5:52pm Anchor

lol....knowing your age's makin me feel nearly on my 20's:P

Jul 27 2005, 6:28pm Anchor

Hey im a newbi just wanted to say hey

Ye_Darke_One Abyssal Master
Jul 28 2005, 11:48am Anchor

@gchick: i'm 5 months from 17. so i am probably only but 2-3 years younger :P

Bojangles The man with the plan...
Jul 28 2005, 12:45pm Anchor

Hi everyone im new here. My name is James, just look at my profile for all my information. Im glad to have joined, and i hope i enjoy it here!


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necrobarbarian Lord and Master
Jul 29 2005, 2:09pm Anchor

it's not my first time here but its my first time signing up...

Sticky I'm pretty awesome.
Jul 29 2005, 2:11pm Anchor

Necrobarbarian is pure EVILE. XD

Edited by: Sticky

Ye_Darke_One Abyssal Master
Jul 29 2005, 11:26pm Anchor

any ModDB admins or moderators know what mods are specifically for C&C Generals?

also i see some confusion about PoE and i'd liek to know too: is it for BF:V or BF2?

Spector WWIII
Jul 30 2005, 12:16pm Anchor

goto the mod's page and filter C&C Generals, and it will list all the mods you need.

and welcome :D

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Some guy in the space time continuum.

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