Weather aspect of L.U.R.K.. Expounded upon in 1.1. System is overhauled yet again for the upcoming release.

Posted by holdenmcclure on Feb 2nd, 2010

L.U.R.K. wants to provide the most atmospheric experience from S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and one of the most important aspect in immersion and atmosphere is presentation, and we by no means plan to overlook such an aspect. Weather plays one of the largest roles in providing an aesthetic experience that will immerse the user into The Zone.

Immersion has always been an important aspect of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., if not the defining characteristic that separates it from any game in it's genre. That's why it was important to us to craft a convoluted, deep, unpredictable, realistic, and most of all, appealing weather system.

The first defining characteristic if L.U.R.K.'s weather is it's dynamic flow. We've kicked up the cycles from one static, repeating 24 hour cycle, to seven hand crafted 24 hour cycles, shifting between one another in real time.

Nights are more dark and foreboding then ever before. Cloudy nights obscure any source of natural light, and bathe the world in complete darkness. With only your flashlight and your PDA Map to guide you through the Zone's treacherous paths.

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DucTTapE Feb 2 2010 says:


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ciastoludek Feb 2 2010 buried:


Like I wrote before I don't like the hills on the skybox.
There are no hills in the real Zone.

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Darkenneko Feb 3 2010 replied:

You have obviously not played call of Pripyat. :)

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DaveW Feb 3 2010 replied:

Who cares, really? Stalker isn't terribly accurate to the real zone, so what does it matter?

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ciastoludek Feb 3 2010 buried:


I played CoP..
There were only small hills but on the skybox they are much higher.
It's just my opinion and it would add realism to the game.

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JohnYukon Feb 3 2010 replied:

Well there are hills in the vanilla game, cliffs even.

But, you probably know a lot more than a team of developers who worked their *** off on this game for 6 years.

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ciastoludek Feb 4 2010 buried:


C'mon I just gave a suggestion!
Why not make the game better if you can do it?
If the developers wanted to achieve realism they should also think about this...

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JokerOnee Dec 17 2013 replied:

There are TONS of hills in the real Zone.
The Exclusion Zone isn't just Chernobyl, it's Pripyat, the Red Forests, it extends from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, from Korosten in Ukraine, to Mogilev in Belarus, Kimovo in Russia.
So, you're REALLY telling me, out of those THOUSANDS of miles that there isn't one, single hill in that area?
There are hills, and most of them the Red Forest sits ontop of.

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kev11106 Feb 2 2010 says:

Wonder if they can port it to the directx 11 capable update...

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dave_5430 Feb 2 2010 says:

I gotta remind ya that last time the night darkness was nearly impossible... unless in an extremely dense forest.
There's always 'some' light, be it not much, but not completely pitch black like it was before.

Did you fix the 'retardation' AI effect when it turns dark yet?
Ya know, that they only see you when in any other game it'd count as a TELEFRAG kill.

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Mars_3K Feb 3 2010 replied:

A telefrag is when you spawn inside someone, thereby instantly killing them. What does that have to do with omniscient AI?

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Ptolemaeus Feb 2 2010 says:

Have you guys made a moon light-source? Everything looks nice, but the lack of a moon night light source has always annoyed me in-game.

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Lymphatic Feb 4 2010 replied:

I can only imagine how awesome such a thing would look....

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Platinawings Feb 2 2010 says:

looks great!

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SRQ Feb 2 2010 says:

Lookit' dem' gradients!

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Daemonion Feb 3 2010 says:

Look fantastic.

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DaveW Feb 3 2010 says:

My only comment would be to try and make the skybox higher resolution, at the moment it looks very blurry which gives the effect away. If it was higher resolution it might look more convincing.

The big, glossy cracks on the concrete ground texture also look a bit exaggerated and shiny. I think you could tone down the spec. map on those or something to try and make them a bit more realistic.

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kukiric Feb 3 2010 says:

Is it me or the first photo on the last line is from a CoP map?

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Clear_strelok Feb 4 2010 says:

The Weather system are just Epic ! OO
don't wait ! don't wait! x)

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CommunistCake Feb 6 2010 says:

that's awesome! Will the moonlight be a source? It could still be scary. be it's just not realistic if the nights are pitch black.

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TheTarman Mar 24 2013 replied:

You must live in the city.

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ataru58 Feb 10 2010 says:

I've got a question, which map does this pic come from? I don't recognize the location.

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Teemuslayer Feb 24 2010 replied:

Seems to be a part of Call Of Pripyat's Pripyat-town.
They were discussing about importing CoP and CS maps to LURK, plus LURK will be released for the CoP as well, if I recall correctly.

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matheusspm Mar 22 2010 replied:

Dude, if they make this it'll be so awesome that I'll never stop to play Stalker with this mod!

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CrazyMcCookie Dec 20 2011 replied:

This picture is indeed in pripyat. The tank is where your sniper sits when you attempt to ambush the monolith in order to capture the Gauss rifle.

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YourAverageJoe Jun 20 2010 says:

Terrain still isn't bright enough relative to the sky, I see. Seriously, I live in Bumfuck, Iceland and despite the high angle to the sun here (66°), I've never seen a day where such a bright sunlight could reflect so poorly upon the ground I stand on.

Anyone who does not realise this has not stepped outside in at least a decade.

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L1mited1 Oct 1 2012 says:

Sieht richtig Geil aus :)

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