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L.U.R.K. Team

L.U.R.K. Team

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The L.U.R.K. team is a culmination of members of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community, dedicated to create the essential Shadow of Chernobyl experience. It began...

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Nalike Dec 23 2011 buried:


Holden i dont have ur email, so i wana say something important.
Lurk 1.2 should be loaded with a weapon pack of call of duty MW3.
stormy days and nights shud decrease the detection range. while shiny days and brighter nights shud make stealth kills/sneaking peaking difficult.
and there shud be an option about hud. i like 1.05 hud alot. i dont like 1.1's idea.
Good luck

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TehCourtJester Jan 27 2012 replied:

Not sure if trolling, or just foreign.

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stefen99 Jan 13 2012 replied:

10/10 post would read again

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Oilman Dec 18 2011 says:

Hey Holden, if you ever need any menial coding done, like you got me do for 1.05 with the weapon balancing, I've got plenty of free time.

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D3@DM4N Mar 22 2011 says:

hey i read your comments on the School Shooter removed news. Now while i agree with freedom of speech, its still wrong to yell fire in a crowded room (and theres no fire). This game, poked fun at the school shootings, idolized (yes idolized) the school shooters, and attracted some of the most troubled people ive ever met.

I did everything i could to get this mod off of Moddb, because yes i agree, School Shooter is wrong, and ruins the face of moddb. But im not going to be an extremist and threaten to shoot/maim/murder anyone just because i have a different viewpoint. This terrible idea deeply affected me and i just dont think its a good idea to have it on this website. A mod like that brings out the worst in people on any side of the issue.

Also please dont counter with the Amendments, bill of rights, Rockstar Games, or the Mod team behind the Postal series. Im aware of all that, and it has very little to do with my stance on this mod, or the way anyone else feels about this mod.

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holdenmcclure Creator
holdenmcclure Mar 24 2011 replied:

Sorry guy but I can't say I give a **** about how you support the thought police. Moral of the story is that INtense says he supports Freedom of Speech but doesn't in practice. That's the ending issue and while I'm disappointed that he effectively told the media that shooters are bad and should be censored it was ultimately up to him to shoot us in the foot simply because we gave him all that authority.

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D3@DM4N Mar 30 2011 replied:

ah sorry, didnt mean to drag this out further. Thanks for the reply, and thanks for not voting me down!

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[TZP]LoNer1 Feb 23 2011 says:

Like the guy here, dont bother those many haters. Awesome mod. Point.

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ShadowFear Feb 18 2011 says:

Never feel that you should feel disappointed about what you have created (and your team). Feel disappointed that so many people expected a EXTREME COWADOOTY TIER 1 MEDAL OF HONOR piece of ****. As a serious Project Reality player you have made a mod that turns STALKER into an awesome display of sheer manliness and I say that because it's slow paced cause I see slow-paced realistic shooters as manly games in comparison to call of duty where ***** aren't given are 12 year old ********. Not knowing how many rounds I have in my mag when assaulting bandits is an insane thrill and the pitch black darkness at night is one of my favorite parts solely for the stealth factor.

You must find it in your heart and realize that the serious LURKERS outnumber the trolls. **** the complete 2009 fans that trolled the LURK comment section, **** the butthurt "WHERE'S HEALTH WHERE'S AMMO COUNTER ZOMG CARRY LIMIT 35!?" bitches. This ******* mod that you and your team made; made STALKER into the gritty serious hardcore REALISTIC kind of gameplay it should've been when it was released in the first place.



You must stay motivated or you will lose and all will be lost. Shun the whiners, if they can't handle LURK then LURK is not for them. It's not for everyone.

Now here's what some of the Project Reality community had to say about LURK:

That is all.

-A true LURK fanatic that operates

inb4 tl;dr

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Epidemic12 Nov 20 2010 says:

dude I love your mod, **** the haters continue working man.

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