Daedalus is an open source engine specialized toward mazes. It allows creating, solving, displaying, and analyzing mazes of many types and algorithms. It features a scripting language that can access and drive all its features and settings. Therefore "Daedalus" refers to both the program itself and the Daedalus programming language it implements. Daedalus is architected around bitmaps. Daedalus has a simple ray casting rendering mode that's defined by a list of bitmaps: Where blocks are placed is stored in one bitmap, the color of each block is in another, the height of each block is in a third, textures to display on the sides of blocks are in other bitmaps, etc. The Daedalus scripting language uses macros and events. Events call macros and are fired by the program when things happen, such as when the mouse is moved or clicked, or when you move the viewing point (e.g. your character) from one location to another. Daedalus scripts are plain text, and easily modified in text editors.

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The new version 3.1 of the Hunger Games Simulation is downloadable here, and includes the following additions over the previous version 3.0 that was released in September 2014:

  • New Arenas: Play in tropical island arenas, ruined city arenas, and even compose your own custom arena bitmaps (sample arena of the 12 Districts included). Beware the moving firewall of lava that forces remaining tributes together.
  • New Actions: New commands to propose an alliance (which may or may not be accepted), and free fellow tributes from Nets. New map which only shows other tribute locations. Net objects can be set on the ground as traps.
  • New Visuals: Movie of each day's fallen tributes is projected into the sky at night. Your movement in game smoothly animates showing intermediate frames. Tribute graphics show item worn when looking at them. Nine times as many chat responses, depending on personality and relative strength.
  • New Settings: 26 new options for customizing the play environment, such as number of Mutts and when they're released into the arena, difficulty levels that don't indicate who died when the cannon fires, and option to automatically give tributes random District appropriate names.

The Hunger Games Simulation: Version 3.0 Released

The Hunger Games Simulation: Version 3.0 Released

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus) 2 comments

A new version of the Hunger Games Simulation has been released, featuring new landscapes (such as clock arenas), actions (such as destroying items), gear...

The Hunger Games Simulation: Version 2.5 Released

The Hunger Games Simulation: Version 2.5 Released

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus)

A new version of the Hunger Games Simulation has been released, featuring new landscapes (such as mountains and swamps), actions (such as climbing trees...

You don't have to be a tribute in "The Hunger Games"

You don't have to be a tribute in "The Hunger Games"

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus) 1 comment

The Hunger Games Simulation features an option to play as the "Audience". This mode allows you to act as a Gamemaker or sponsor.

Interesting ways to modify "The Hunger Games"

Interesting ways to modify "The Hunger Games"

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus) Client Side Coding 3 comments

The command line in the Hunger Games Simulation can be used to change settings beyond that allowed in the standard interface, allowing pre-game alliances...

Add game Games
Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus)

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus)

Turn Based Tactics

An accurate simulation of "The Hunger Games". You're a tribute, fighting intelligent AI in a "battle royal" to be the last person standing. Inspired by...


I would just like to say that I've been using this program off an on every since I found it back in the late 90's. I found it because of my love for the movie Labyrinth, which I find that the creator, Walter D. Pullen, also loves (check out his page, he reeaaaaaalllllly loves Labyrinth and mazes!). This program has many features and many different types of mazes to complete. Some days I'll power through some randomly generated mazes in a bird's eye view, but I absolutely love going in first person and trying to figure them out.

This is always one of the first programs I install when I get a new computer. May it live on forever!

Thank you Walter for keeping up with this for so many years.

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Cruiser1 Creator

Cool that you're such a long time user of Daedalus! :) You should appreciate the new version 3.2 that's just been released, which is described at Astrolog.org - You can now create and explore Mazes with over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cells, instead of "only" 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 cells. ;)

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download ??

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Cruiser1 Creator

The download link for the new version 3.0 of Daedalus is on this page: Indiedb.com

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Made this video of a 1st person walk thru a Chartres Cathedral pattern Labyrinth, rendered in Daedalus. :) Youtu.be #daedalus

Apr 17 2017

Happy Full Moon! Kathy Pullen, artist for "The Labyrinth Oracle" deck, has a new Facebook group: Facebook.com :) #labyrinthoracle

Apr 11 2017

Equinox blessings! New version 6.20 of the free astrology program Astrolog is now available: Astrolog.org :) #astrology #astrolog

Mar 22 2017

A behind-the-scenes look at the process of drawing the cards for "The Labyrinth Oracle": Kathypullen.com #labyrinth #labyrinthoracle

Mar 14 2017

I made this video of an Astrolog astrology wheel chart animating in 3D, rendered in Daedalus. :) Youtu.be #astrolog #daedalus

Feb 2 2017

On Dec 30th I was on the Susan Harmon Hour, talking about astrology of 2017, and the Labyrinth Oracle card deck: Soundcloud.com :-)

Jan 11 2017

Now available, my Maze/Labyrinth themed divination system: "The Labyrinth Oracle: Cards for the Spiritual Path": Thegamecrafter.com :-)

Dec 22 2016

"Resistance" is the nature of physical exercise as well as spiritual growth, as seen in my new blog: Mazelabyrinth.blogspot.com :-) #resistance

Nov 5 2016

New video of someone playing the "Hunger Games Simulation" app that comes with "Daedalus": Youtu.be :) #daedalus #HungerGames

Oct 24 2016

We can work toward change without getting obsessed by the "new", as seen in my newest post: Mazelabyrinth.blogspot.com :-) #newness #realchange

Oct 5 2016

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