Cocos2d-X is a game engine framework based on Cocos2d-iPhone, which consists of expanding supported platforms, with multiple choice of programming languages thats shares the same API structure. Programmers can choose to use their preferred language to achieve their targeted platform Native branch written in C++, with a little Java and Objective-C. Lua and javascript are binded as scripting language. HTML5 branch, also known as cocos2d-html5, is written in Javascript, that focuses on desktop browsers XNA port, is written in C#, focus on Windows Phone 7 and XNA. All the branches above are released under MIT License. With cocos2d-x framework, developers can easily create or port their games onto iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry Qnx, Marmalade, WindowsXP/Windows7, Linux and Windows8 Metro.

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Best Upcoming App of 2013 Players Choice

Best Upcoming App of 2013 Players Choice

Dec 23, 2013 2013 App of the Year Awards Event Coverage 8 comments

The votes have been tallied these are your picks for Upcoming Apps of 2013

Raking up the points with Tilt & Sprout
Tilt & Sprout

Raking up the points with Tilt & Sprout

Oct 24, 2012 Tilt & Sprout Article 0 comments

A shiny new Tilt & Sprout update, optimized for iPhone 5, is now available and ready to dig up!

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