2DEvolved is Side Scroll Studios in house game engine built by Kai Kubicek aka valcan_s the creator of Corpses ‘N Souls and Side Scroll Studios. The 2DEvolved engine is a powerful modern multi core game engine that takes advantage of modern multi cored CPUs, modern GPUs and multi GPU configurations. From pushing a Physx like dynamic particle system that is not GPU specific to dynamic lighting, normal mapping, shadows, post FX and a host of other modern techniques. All of which is running @ a base line of 1080p 60fps to a staggering 5760x1080 in multi monitor configs. The 2DEvolved engine is ready to evolve 2D games to the modern era. For more information please visit www.sidescrollstudios.com

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title dec snow fx light

Today I am introducing the new snow FX, lighting, procedural detail and night time light mechanics that I have been working on and have completed. Next I will be discussing what I have been working on in the past months and what is planned for 2017. Some of the topics covered today will include:

  • New snow FX
  • New dynamic lighting
  • Procedural detail
  • Night time light mechanics

As you can see in the video below the new snow FX bring more immersive weather FX, detail, interactivity and a overall immersion to the world of Corpses 'N Souls. With the massive leaps and bounds I have progressed on the 2DEvolved game engine that powers Corpses 'N Souls I am able to push new FX and allow these new FX to be enjoyed on lower powered computer hardware and configs.

During the last couple of months I have been focusing on optimizing the game engine for different hard ware configurations, re worked/wrote many systems, made the engine more efficient and even added new features. The benefit of optimizations is it may uncover new features, FX, or make X system severely more efficient and faster which in term allows for a greater detail and feature set. This was the case during the last couple of months I have made major progress on all fronts. What you see in the video below and GIFs was not possible 6 months ago for it would MAX out even a high end computer.

After the video link in this article I will continue in detail on the specific topics listed above and discus more about the progress I have made over the last couple months.

New Snow FX & Lighting

* Please make sure you select : 1440p or 4K @ full screen for the best quality and experience in YouTube *

cns title vid 4k 30fps

* View this in video @ 1440p if you have a low powered computer & GPU *

Corpses 'N Souls : New Snow FX & Lighting

It is recommended to watch the videos in YouTube's expanded [Theater Mode] or is best in the [full screen] mode on a big screen HDTV at the 4K or 1440p setting in YouTube.

new snow fx

Here are some GIFs highlighting the new snow fx which includes a whole new interactivity and persistence.

I have completely re wrote my interactive particle system that is very similar to Nvidia's Physx particle engine minus the GPU constraints and performance bottle necks. In this GIF you can see the massive amount of particles and that they are persistent when they hit the ice, this could not be achieved in the older builds of the game and engine. Also you will notice when you walk the player leave persistent snow trailer on the platforms you walk on, again this is a new feature and adds a nice level of detail.

cns snow 9

Here we see the snow trails and how the snow falls to the ice and is persistent. Also you will note when you brush against the Soul Crystal snow falls off and lands on the ice and is as well persistent.

cns snow 3

The falling snow has received an update and is lighter in volume and increased randomness in size and rotation as well as more layers where added. You can see the snow trails and the snow falling to the ice in a persistent state. The dynamic lighting plays nicely with the snow and ice features.

cns snow 1

Here we can see that snow clumps that fall from platforms above now react to the player and it rebounds of the player when it collides and then lands on the ice in a rest state.

cns snow 2

New dynamic lighting

Here are some GIFs highlighting the new dynamic lighting which includes a whole new lighting model, efficiency, performance and blending effects.

In this GIF we can see the light source from the shield's projectile reacts to the surroundings like the snow, ice, and basically anything in the current layer group that is part of that area that light has been defined to reflect on. In this case you will notice that the background layer sections are not receiving any lighting from the projectile. There are complex rendering rule sets and GPU work to get this effect to look correct and stay controlled, but as you can see is well worth the effort.

cns snow 13

Here we see how different light source give off specific colors and dynamically tint and color the sprites like in real world lighting. Each light source has its own parameters as to how it should react to certain sprite layer groups.

cns snow 10

Here we see the sword projectile that give off a nice purple/pink light source that reacts tot he ice and snow which gives off a nice effect. Also you will note the actual projectile hits the falling snow clump and can now react to those particles. Projectiles and other items have been added as a new interactive object to the dynamic interactive particle system.

cns snow 15

Again the shield projectile producing a nice light blue glow as it passes the sprites in the current sprite layers. Did you notice the shield projectile also gives of its own shadow, this is a nice effect that compliments the dynamic lighting. Also added to the engine is that the dynamic lighting now reacts to the ice and water and produces some really cool lighting effects.

cns snow 14

Here we see another example of the dynamic lighting reacting to the ice layer below. The ice and water has been completely re done and no is 100% complete and reacts to all the games dynamic lighting and has several other effects that will be discussed in another article.

cns snow 5

Procedural detail

Here are some GIFs highlighting the new procedural details for any of the sprites which includes a new level of detail and dynamic detailed objects.

Here you can see the new procedural generated detail in the form of icicles and ice that can be layered on top of any sprite. In the GIF I am toggling it on and off to show the difference. The algorithm takes the sprites dimensions and ignores the transparencies as the safe zone to cover the sprite in the extra detail. The amount, size, sprite texture used etc are all configured at creation time and each individual object is also programmable at run time and can be interacted with by the player.

bandicam 0135

cns snow 7

title til night time mech

Here are some GIFs highlighting the new night time light mechanics which includes a new light system and lighting.

In this GIF I show off the Soul Globe for the very first time. The Soul Globe(SG) is like a flash light or torch in other games. So when you are in dark areas or the night cycle kicks in you will want to have acquired a SG and also have killed a bunch of enemies and extracted their Souls. The Souls of your dead is what powers your SG(your source of light). Its a cool light mechanic that synergies with your fallen foes that you have killed and brings light to the dark and symbolizes a re birth.

Here I am activating the Soul Globe that has already absorbed some Souls for fuel.

cns snow 11

The Soul Globe provides an awesome lighting effect and atmosphere but is also a practical way of negotiating the dark in dungeons depths, dark areas and the night cycles while above ground.

cns snow 12

In this GIF we can see the dynamic lighting kicking in as the Soul Globe moves toward the frozen water fall and ice and snow features. It is quiet an effect to behold at full 1080p HD and at 60FPS or even at higher resolutions.

cns snow 16

title top whats next

During the next few months will be working toward a GreenLight concept page and the main GreenLight campaign. I am also working on two other major things that I can not mention at the moment but will be very exciting and allow the fans and future players to experience something a little closer to heart than just GIFs, images and videos.

I am getting closer to my major mile stone that I will announce and talk about at the start of the new year in 2017.

This concludes this months updates for Corpses 'N Souls. I hope you enjoyed the article and it gave you a small glimpse of the advancements I have been making and that things going very well and moving forward.

Remember to stay locked to indieDB and @SideScrollSTUs for all the latest info on Corpses 'N Souls and stay tuned for the months ahead for more news about Corpses 'N Souls development.

Remember to follow us on twitter for the latest updates and news: thanks

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